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Cuck Needs Humiliation On Skype! Now! Skype Id In Topic.


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Super horny and need some verbal humiliation on Skype.

I only have a cam no mic. I will only respond by typing back to you.

I will not be camming back only listening unless you can show me you stroking to pics of my friends.

I have pics of friends to send to you.

I'm looking for verbal humiliation on Skype.

Call me names: loser, cum eating cuckold, little dick loser, tell me the only thing I'm good for is licking the cum out of my friends pussy so they don't get pregnant. Then after they suck you off tell me they don't like to swallow so they spit your load in my mouth and make me swallow it. And after you blast your load all over their face she makes me lick her clean.

Skype ID is: brittw1992

I'm on now and available!

If you respond and I don't respond on Skype send me a message here.

My skype gets funky from time to time.

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