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How has COVID effected dating?


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Great question and I am curious to hear what others have to say, but it my own case, I got stuck away for work and this has been the longest period of time I've been without a couple since I first got started with couples.  I hope it hasn't been as dramatic for everyone else, but also hope people are being safe.

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I posted this in another thread about this subject....Been having sex, but avoiding crowds haha. Met a woman who’s husband’s a cuck, they moved to my area about 6 months ago. Hubby has been working 12 hour night shifts at an ethanol plant that has converted to making hand sanitizer at the moment.





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I'm not sure my girlfriend will ever actually cuckold me like my ex-wife did, but the lock-down here in the UK did bring about a situation I couldn't foresee. We don't live together and she was self-isolating anyway, so I was only seeing usually seeing her one day a week when I'd go shopping for her and deliver it for her door-step, always keeping 2m apart.

On the first Saturday of the lock-down she chanced upon an internet virtual clubbing site catering for the "old school" garage music she loves. Since then she has been visiting the site every weekend, made a few female friends on there and also got chatting to one of the black DJs. This has extended to them following each other now on Instagram and by my acting all cool and relaxed about this, she has become quite open about their friendship, happy to bring his name up in conversation.

Whether anything becomes of this we will have to wait and see, but with my cuckold past the prospect is very arousing.

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