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Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer.  Soon boating season will be here.

The bang boat will be operating this summer out of New York City.

What is the bang boat?

The Bang Boat is a sailing yacht that that is available for charter by cuckold couples or females with cuckold partners.  Bang Boat cruises can be as short as 4 hours or as long as two weeks.

A scenic trip up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany with stops along the way for on shore sight seeing, and great food while the cuckoldress is well plowed daily can be a wonderful vacation for her either alone or with her cuckold.

A round trip from NYC to Albany can be completed in 8 days, but a more sedate pace of 14 or 15 days is suggested to allow for more shore time, exploration and possible play with folks discovered along the way.

The number of gentlemen available to see the cuckoldress is well fucked can be anywhere from one to six.

As Captain of the Bang Boat I have a small group of gentlemen experienced at gang bangs as well as solo play with a cuckoldress either alone or with her cuckold.  These are gentlemen who have done gang bangs with me in the past.

Bookings will start in May 2021, but early bookings may be available in April depending on how long it takes to prepare the boat after her winter storage.

If you are interested in the Bang Boat for 4 hours or more please private message me.

If you have a special request please feel free to ask.  In addition to being able to provide cabin boys to take care of the cuckoldress the Bang Boat has a select number of cabin girls available as well.

This is a serious operation.  A USCG licensed Captain operates the boat, and all USCG regulations for passenger vessels are strictly followed including a zero illegal drug policy.

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New York today legalized Pot.  While federal regulations prohibit pot or other federally controlled substances on the Bang Boat rest assured any multiday cruises up the Hudson River will include stops where pot products may be consumed ashore.

Have some lovely brownies, or or cookies with the afternoon tea ashore then head back to relax while getting well plowed followed by a nice meal on board or at a nearby pub.

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