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Town's old bike


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Almost two weeks ago we went on a trip in the mountains.We rented a small house almost inside a forest,something like a cabin,as the Americans say.Greece has also very nice mountains,not to mention sea.There was a village near the house,which was very small and the majority of the population were villagers.In that area there and in other similar are a lot of single or divorced men, because the ladies here in Greece do not like being married to a farmer and live in rural areas,even if their father was a farmer.Anyway...We went to the local market to buy some things.Among them was lube,because we forgot it back home and we had to try my wife's new dildo for her strap on harness (pegging,yes!!!!!!!).

In the register the owner/cashier was looking shocked that we were buying things like that (very conservative people here).Apart from that he was checking my wife out.He is in his 30s and well built.After shopping we went to a traditional coffee shop to have a coffee and he came also there and we started chatting about our trip so far,if we are married,if we liked the place etc.He was staring my wife's boobs and underskirt,as she was letting him see her panties.I received an sms from her to go to the bathroom and stay there until she seduces him.This is what I did.

She told him to come to our place for a drink and bring a friend if he liked.He was shy and she told him not to be shy,because she knows that he likes her.Then she stroked his cock and after some seconds I returned.He told us that we are good people and that he would visit us with a friend.Perfect.I was surprised that in the village there were very few young women and almost none single.I learned from a fried of mine that men there were going to Athens,capital o Greece or the big city nearby for pleasing their needs with prostitutes.

We went home,we grilled the meat we bought,she fucked my ass with our brand new dildo,we had our lunch and we slept a bit.Early in the afternoon we wife started getting ready.She wore a pair of leggings and a gstring that was visible with her every move and a blouse with no bra.And some tall shoes,like platforms.They came and they were stunned.After talking about the lack of women.The owner of the market,John, wanted to see the house,because we said he wanted to buy it from its owner and my wife offered to "show" it,while I remained with the friend,Peter.

Peter told me that I am very lucky to have such a beautiful wife,who is also a very good housewife and hostess.I told him that she has a way to entertain guests and it is the same way that he was thinking.He was looking at me like he was lost.I explained to him that we are into the cuckold life style and that I have no problem when my wife is fucking with other people.And I added that I am getting fucked by the same people most of the times.He was astounded.He confessed that when he was in the university,he had a girlfriend that has fingering him and that since then he is anally masturbating with his fingers or a thin classic vibrator,but he wanted to have sex with a man.I told him that I would be very pleased to fuck him and he could fuck me also and later he could also have my wife.I unzipped his jeans and started sucking his cock in the patio.

Meanwhile,in the back yard of the house,John was very horny,yet shy.My wife grabbed his balls and told him that I am a cuckold and I like my wife being fucked by others.After that they started making out and my wife started giving him a blowjob.She then rimmed him and she saw that his ass was used and she fingered him.They rushed in the bedroom,where they found Peter fucking my ass.He was not surprised.My wife told him to take out his clothes and go there so I can suck his dick,as it happened.When Peter was about to come,my wife grabbed his cock and sucked his cock,until he came in her mouth.In the meanwhile John's Cock was hard.My wife saw it and told him to lie down and lift his legs up and ordered me to rim him.Yes,he was also having his ass fucked...After that my wife started riding his cock slow.

When They started fucking,Peter started licking my wife's butthole and I was behind him lubing my cock and rimming his ass.I was about to be the first cock in that ass.A very cute one too.I entered nice and slowly and he liked it.After some time he became rock hard.His cock was pretty average,like John's,but Peter's was thicker.He told me that he wanted to fuck my wife's ass as I was fucking his.So I lubed his cock and he was DP-ing my wife,as I was pounding Peter.He came in her ass and after a while I also came inside his.After some moments,John was also done.I cleaned their cocks from the cummy mess.I was hard again.Wife stated that the only one who did not have a cock that night was John and that he had to be also fucked.He winked and started sucking my cock and then he rode me,as my wife was making out with Peter.After a while they were also having sex.When we were about to be done,my wife said stop.She went to the suitcase and brought the strap on.She fucked the three of us with that.

After that good fuck,we had a drink and they left.She fuck me roughly again with her dildo and we went to sleep. The next morning we went again on the village and John had 2 of his friends waiting.He told us that they were straight and they were very gifted.They "offered to show my wife the village" and they went to the house of one of them and they were fucking her for an hour.When she returned she told me that they were amazing and they also had friends who would like to fuck her,but she would be away for an hour or two and that if was OK with that.Of course I was.

After a while,Peter came to the coffee shop and he sat with me.He told me that it was amazing the last night and he would like to have sex with me again.I told him that I have time for that and we went in our cabin.We were fucking each other for 2 hours and yet I had no news about my wife.I had some wine with Peter and my wife called me in the phone,telling me that she met someone who would like to fuck me and then get fucked by her dildo.

Peter left,as he did not want to meet with that man,because of the gossip in the town.When I saw him,he was magnificent.He was tall,thin,pale skinned and blonde,about 35 years old.He had something feminine.I welcomed him in our place and we started by having some wine.After that my wife told me to start licking his ass and cock and him to get naked.She went in the bathroom to have a shower and prepare herself.He was hairless and his cock was almost 18cm,but thick.His butthole was nice,pink and well used.He was hard he told me to assume the position and I took the doggy style position.He rimmed my ass and then he slided his cock down my ass gently.He was a very good lover and took care of my butt,as it was sore from all that sex.I came hands free and after some minutes he was also done.Then my wife clapped.She must have watching us.for some time.She was wearing a nice see through robe and her strap on harness with the new dildo.She ordered him to suck that cock and me to rim and lube his butt again.After some minutes she ordered me to go take the other dildo,a nice 24cm long and 4.5cm thick and fuck myself as long as she fucks him.She started pounding his ass and I did the same with my dildo.After two or three minutes he came and my wife made me clean his cock and I came again hands free.He then got dressed and left.We were both exhausted and we went to sleep after a shower and cunnilingus.

In the morning,while we had our coffee she told me that she had sex with 9 men and that is why she was late.Of course I did not have a problem with that,but I told her that I was a bit concerned about her safety.That morning we went to a lake nearby and in the afternoon we headed back to Athens and the coziness of our home.


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