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  1. Hotwife Hanna

    Even better if she is delivered exactly the way she is dressed. Love taking a classy lady and making her look a lot less classy when I’m finished.
  2. Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    Please let me know when. Would love to have a chat
  3. Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    Townsville here if your ever in the north, just to say hello πŸ˜‰
  4. So what has happened since your last post?
  5. Wow she really knows how to tease. Your a very lucky man.
  6. cuckold son

    Pointless without pics
  7. Hotwife Hanna

  8. Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    I think the Aussie side of this site is very quiet. It’s a shame they closed the chat area. It was great for talking to aussies.
  9. My wife

    That is a damn nice ass and your just teaseing us
  10. So what do you think of my wife?

    Love those big tits
  11. Return

    She is gorgeous
  12. My Indian Gf On Show For You

    Just amazing. So cute so pretty and just so fuckable. Would be happy for you to watch and have her in control tell you how much bigger and better I am than you. Sissy
  13. Please fake or caption my girl

    Fuck the captions I just want to fuck her
  14. Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    Wife is away at the end of the month. Who wants to lend me theirs. I promise I will return her with a smile. πŸ˜‰
  15. Showing hotwives

    She is a hottie.