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  1. aussiem40


    Rocking those curves. I love a real woman.
  2. aussiem40


    Sheer quality. Love it
  3. aussiem40

    Breed Me

    She has been a member since 2015 and this is her first post which is a year old. Interesting 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  4. aussiem40

    Girl from Nürnberg

  5. aussiem40

    Hotwife Hanna

    Even better if she is delivered exactly the way she is dressed. Love taking a classy lady and making her look a lot less classy when I’m finished.
  6. aussiem40

    Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    Please let me know when. Would love to have a chat
  7. aussiem40

    Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    Townsville here if your ever in the north, just to say hello 😉
  8. So what has happened since your last post?
  9. Wow she really knows how to tease. Your a very lucky man.
  10. aussiem40

    cuckold son

    Pointless without pics
  11. aussiem40

    Hotwife Hanna

  12. aussiem40

    Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    I think the Aussie side of this site is very quiet. It’s a shame they closed the chat area. It was great for talking to aussies.
  13. aussiem40

    My wife

    That is a damn nice ass and your just teaseing us
  14. aussiem40

    So what do you think of my wife?

    Love those big tits
  15. aussiem40


    She is gorgeous