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  1. We are both on our second marriage, and we have been in this lifestyle for nearly 16 years. Our marriages broke down for all the other reasons not affairs. My wife loves to fuck, and prefers her men young strong tall, with a good member, if she like a guy she meets she will setout to fuck him. Sometimes I'm there sometimes not, she has met guys for a morning coffee and finished up fucking them. I met her for lunch one day and she had just come from fucking a guy for two hours, not the best fuck ever but enjoys the seduction. Yes when I'm away she has a couple of guys she will visit or the stayover, messy sheets.
  2. We have been cuckolding for 15 years, ans still going strong
  3. travelenman

    Wife's anklet

    Yeah we are still a bit behind in oz, but we definitely good at fucking random meets.
  4. Calling all Aussies, we need a way of communicating so wannabes and experienced cucks can get the ladies laid. Start we sending your email address and your desire.
  5. travelenman

    Why do I love this so much?

    I just watch, or let her come home with her pussy used and full of cum. Post a pic of her cum soaked panties:)
  6. travelenman

    Why do I love this so much?

    I just watch, or let her come home with her pussy used and full of cum. Post a pic of her cum soaked panties:)
  7. travelenman

    Why do I love this so much?

    We have been in the lifestyle for 15 years, she loves fucking random guys, having her pics shared. I love talking about her adventures, and fucking her used wet pussy.
  8. travelenman

    Cuckolds in Australia

    Brisbane here, [email protected]
  9. travelenman

    Wife's panties

    Better when she come home with cum on them
  10. travelenman

    sloppy seconds

    Very exciting being her after she has had another guy cum in her, she loves It was well leaving a sticky mess on the sheets or where ever. Three of us fucked her on a balcony, and left a very nice mess in the floor. A used pussy does smell nice
  11. travelenman

    Strange Cum In Her Panties Fantasy

    I think the plan has a kinky appeal. You could count me in send them back. I say go for it
  12. travelenman

    Cuckold Survey

    done too
  13. travelenman

    My wife with a few friends

    We started 10 years ago, and this is because she feels sexy with the attention of other guys, and being is a situation with more that one set of hand and being able to have multiple orgasms. it is a common mistake to think that another guy is doing something she can't get at home. In most cases her other lovers are a bit of a flop in bed, or disappointment to say the least. My wife enjoys the flirting, chatting and send sexy photos to random guys, and is not afraid to meet and play. However it is our experience after 10 years that guys fantasize about sex with random woman but not willing to cross the line and actually meet. We have met heaps of guys, but at this stage only 1 in 15 will actually go the distance. So if you want to play the game be patient, and make sure she feels sexy all the time. Remember it is all about her have fun, don't worry about the jealously she will probably appreciate you more, and be horny thinking about if and when the other guys shows up
  14. travelenman

    My wife Eda

    very hot lady, would be happy to fuck her while you watched,,,