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  1. Had a great relationship with a Dom a while ago who would make me produce pics of my wife for him and set challenges and punishments. It felt great to share my sexy wife with a hard Dom for his pleasure. It was good to know she wouldn’t end up all over Tumblr or XHam although one or two more explicit pics might pop up somewhere if i was being punished for something. Loved that i was made to serve her as her bitch without her knowing, pleasuring her in a particular way or begging her to pose for a special pic, to pass to him. She got a lot of attention, I got to serve him online and her u
  2. She still likes to show her ring when flashing. Well worth a good load over these.
  3. No not yet, but working on her showing more of herself outdoors, and online
  4. Have you shared any more f your thoughts with her? Does she have any idea of what you want? shes a very fine looking woman and you should tell her how much other men will want her.
  5. After I let my wife spank me for half an hour with a heavy wooden ruler! Now she wants to try a cane. Worried about my balls surviving.
  6. Thanks, I would love to see her filled up and taken, thoroughly enjoyed. Would enjoy having to give to a strong dominant lover.
  7. Lucky hubby to be banging that! Shame you can't get her back under training as your slut, would be great to see more of her.
  8. Why do we get off on showing pics of our unknowing wives? Why do we want to get them serviced by a hung bull? I would love to be forced/blackmailed almost to show her pics to someone, have her perform acts not knowing someone else will see. Why do we get off so much in doing this? The alternating shame/fear and arousal we feel when we share them, and knowing we want to get it to happen for real must be the biggest turn on. To turn her into an internet whore, exchanging pics, pleasing other men. I'd love this.
  9. Would anyone care to caption these? As my wife services another cock, I have to clean up after. sitting in her underwear as she blew a stranger was so hot, but put me in my place.
  10. No but I like the idea myself! Would like to do this with my wife pics - anyone interested?
  11. She loves flashing her tits outdoors. Maybe I should take requests!
  12. She loves flashing her tits outdoors. Maybe I should take requests!
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