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  1. in Denver during August

    What days will you be here?
  2. New here

    Little game we are playing
  3. New here

    Few more pics of her
  4. New here

    Thank you! We are still looking lol
  5. New here

    Her idea or yours??
  6. New here

    Hello i have a younger fiancé. We talk about adding a third to our bed. So far only talk. She brings it up occasionally we text a guy together. She also has a coworker she is messaging. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the coworker. I want to know everything going on and be a part. I am not sure if these are jealous characteristics on my part or not? Any regrets from anyone after trying first time? id love feedback and opinions please! thank you
  7. Showing hotwives

    My beautiful wife to be
  8. My wife what you think

    Nice booty