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  1. Waiting for an update but I can take a pretty good guess at this ends.
  2. incredible story, I hope you kept the relationship going for both of yoiu
  3. A pleasure to meet you cuck.  Lets talk sometime about what I can offer


  4. just came across our post, her tits are awesome, I would love to her with my cock between them, that would be hot

  5. I loved to watch my wife take another man anally while I fucked her mouth. 

    1. bellaazz


      FANTSTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I prefer the real wife, love the physical contact, love to watch a hubs eyes as I lay his wife back and fill her pussy, previously yours and take it away. Listen to her as I push my hard cock into her, her sighs and then grunts, her cries as I fill and begin to fuck her, watch her spread her legs and let me slam into her cunt, moaning, begging. Did she orgasm, did she scream, yes she did, did Ieave her filled with cum for you to clean up, yes I did.
  7. Wow, good of him to show you how much she enjoyed his cock. Bet he came deep inside her. Make sure you thank her for sharing her experience, it was very hot.
  8. We were married young, I was her first and only. I had urged her for yrs. to let another man fuck her and while it heightened our own sex life, she did nothing. In her early 30"s she began working in an offshift. After a couple of weeks she asked me if I was serious about her fucking another man. It seemed that someone had caught her attention and was flirting with her. i said yes, I meant what I said, just keep me informed. The next morning she came home and told me how she she had sucked his cock and swallowed his cum and was I sure it was ok if she fucked him. I told her to go for it. She was late getting home the next morning and when she got home she took me into our bedroom, laid on the bed and pulled her pants down, her panties were gone and could see her pussy was gaping, full of cum and well used. She asked me if I was still ok with it and i replied by lowering my pants and mounting her, shoving my hard cock into her sloppy, wet velvet pussy and experiencing my first sloppy seconds. I came almost instantly as did she. She has been shared many times since by many men and I have never regretted setting her free.
  9. She was well used, thanks for sharing
  10. Very nice set of pics, love the anal exposure's, nice touch with the dildo, do you share her?
  11. She is a very hot looking wife, she should have a bull take her and teach her how to really enjoy herself. You can serve them both, no doubt you would enjoy that.
  12. She is outstanding, a very sexy lady. I would love to share her with as many men as u wished as long as I got to fuck her
  13. I would love to play with her, those nipples look really sexy, does she like it a bit hard?
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  15. I was thinking along the same lines. I want to bind her tits and make them stand out then play with her nipples, pinching, pulling and slapping while I see how her pussy reacts with this abuse. If she creams, she is mine, if not, oh well.