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  1. you have sexy body and i wish i there with you now lovely malene

  2. Cucks...check In

    A shame you're not getting replies DomBull, offering a couple of my wife for your amusement as we wait (again) for chat to reopen.
  3. Cucks...check In

    mine for your consideration.
  4. The Submission Of A Cuck

    master koji/cuntfucker has total control over me
  5. so do you want me to exp-ose your wife too?

    1. myslutasian69


      Not looking for total exposure. A few pics being shared by a Bull could be hot.

    2. myslutasian69


      What/where do you have in mind?

  6. Real Dom Bull

    13 another of wife sir.
  7. Real Dom Bull

    26 Wife sir.
  8. Real Dom Bull

    Interesting. 733