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  1. pull down the cups of her bustier, hike up that skirt and fuck her in her yellow cunt!
  2. nothing excites the little cucks than to see the scantily clad wife carressing her stud/bull's big fat cock! real classy and keep it up!
  3. a professional bull/dom knows that such activities are for the pleasure and benefit of keeping up a cuck/bull/hotwife lifestyle amongst the parties involved. It should be a very professional sexual relationship involving such roleplays only and trying to influence the wife to leave the husband is definitely overstepping boundaries. Should ignore and just keep away from that fella
  4. would be real interested but any time you guys will be travelling to SE Asia?
  5. i would love to take you from the pussy since you're ready!
  6. Just what i appreciate in a woman; having some meat around her body and she's 'fat' in a good way around all those areas where the lingerie can't seem to hide her intimate assets! But the next photo we expect to see is when all those assets are carefree for all to view! What a breathtaking woman!
  7. what do you mean by any takers? That crotchless panty means her pussy is free access for all bulls and studs already! Meanwhile a strap over the asshole also means that the her ass is free to fuck as we can just pull the strap aside. You know what to do next to satisfy our tit fetish in your next post...
  8. my man dombull, how can you forget those knockers? i certainly aint letting you have a go with those tits first since i asked them first. you can take that pussy though!
  9. awesome view, should have followed up with another photo with the straps down and and tits out. That would be real awesome! Would fuck that face first like dombull but i would ensure that cock meat goes between those tit valleys to form a cock meat sandwich and slide up and down til i explode all over her face and tits!
  10. too bad, i aint in europe or americas. Do look me up when youre in asia
  11. This post is getting dull and drab due to the lack of contributions. To kick things off and to carry on the legacy of the creator of this post whom have passed away less than a year ago, I hope that more cucks will step forward (pun intended) in their spouse's lingerie and swimwear and contribute to this post. In addition, I propose that bulls who would love to showcase themselves can make use of platform to garner some financial support from the cucks and wives to purchase new and masculine underwear to keep this post going. Love to get some replies and feedback soon!
  12. i can't say that i totally agree with you my friend. As a man, of course it would be silly to say that i disliked seeing my bitches wearing lingerie and underwear. However, i think this still depends on the mood, circumstances and other factors. For instance, when I come across a random beautiful female stranger unknowingly showing off her intimate parts, i think that is pretty arousing imo. However, if it was someone I know, sexy lingerie would get me excited or pretty hard as well. Regardless, with or without lingerie, the aim is to enjoy the process of stripping down the lady with both your eyes (metaphorically) and your hands (physically) til she's stark naked and enjoy every inch of that beautiful body!
  13. Seriously love to fuck your wife up and give her some training!

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  14. I love myself some Chinese meat as well. If those holes needa be filled up, let's gang bang her shall we? No pain no gain!