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  1. Is there any Dom who wants to instruct me how to ex-pose my wife on a amateur-website? Let me know what kind of account name you want me to create, and which level of exposure. I will follow your instructions.
  2. Dombull4U Sir, i herewith add my wife / your webslut to the thread.
  3. Thanks bull - reblog her elswhere please I wanna be a cuck of a real webwhore PLEASE
  4. 37 year old slut from the Netherlands
  5. If more men comment: my Dom wants me to strip her totally and uncensored
  6. On demand of my Dom GOODWOOD2506, i post more private of my wife. Comments will strip her down totally....
  7. This is my wife non-nude Has somebody found and saved pics that show more?
  8. This is my 37 year old wife. GOODWOOD2506 is my Dom, and he owns all uncensored files.
  9. wannabe cuck...again, an excellent job. Your wife has some nice big tits that would be a joy to manhandle and play with. Hope she enjoys some mild tit torture. if not, she soon will. She will learn to love it. Nothing serious...some nipple clamps, maybe some tit flogging, maybe her nipples clamped and weighted.

    Now for some ass. I want the slut either standing and bent over...showing her ass and pussy from behind. Bent over a sofa or table is ok also. On her knees with her ass up high and her head down....would be nice also.

    The slut is to be offering me her ass and pussy this time. A plus if she spreads her ass cheeks. Another plus if there is a side view that shows off her big tits hanging.

    You're welcome in advance for my help in making your wife feel like a dirty slut and making you feel like a good cuck hubby.

    I'll check back later wannabe.



    1. SUSSY1949


      If there is any reluctant attitude, her breasts must be severely punished receiving slaps and even fist-closed punches


      WOMAN IN PAIN 18 C.jpg

      WOMAN IN PAIN 533  A.jpg

      WOMAN IN PAIN 451  A.jpg

  10. That's good wannabecuck...just as I asked. I told you I wanted pics that showed your wife's face...and I wanted to see some of her cleavage too. Your response is perfect!


    Now...let's see those big tits of hers. Have your wife offer me her tits!

  11. Dear Doms: I'm looking for a Dom/Bull who will guide me online to @@@@@@ my wife here. Please pm me, and tell what you want me to post in the members gallery.
  12. Hi all

    signed up some time ago.

    After another period of thinking, i now made the decision to step up and  profile myself as the web-cuck that i am.

    YES I'm married, and YES, i do have a lot of privat images of my wife....

    Just stay tuned i guess!



    1. DomBull4U


      wannabe cuck...are you on now?

      And are you ready to take instructions from DomBull



      DomBull 4u

    2. DomBull4U


      wannabe...I will be in the chatroom. Find me...and ask me in the chat room....publicly...to please fuck your wife.



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