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  1. I desperately want her to be a naughty cock hungry slutwife
  2. She loves sucking cock and making a guy cum. Here is a pic of her sucking a young guy I got her to play with off Craigslist
  3. Anyone around us that can help make this happen?
  4. I have a sexy petite wife. We live in Des Moines Iowa. She has always been very shy and sexually conservative. I have been working on her for years to open up and play. I have been lucky enough to get her to play some and even share her a couple times. I desperately want her to embrace being a naughty hotwife! I want her to be a horny slut so bad. Anyone who can help? Some advice on how I can make this happen? Be hot if someone here would recognize her.
  5. I just need her to be a horny naughty hot wife. I want her eager to show herself off and take different cocks all the time 57CB984A-9431-4904-A91A-34EBB1F4D28B.mov
  6. I definitely want to make this happen again and often. I want her to be a horny naughty slut wife! That guy has contacted me and wants to get with her again. Everytime I fuck her now, I think about her being a slut and used by other guys to make me cum
  7. So how do I convince her to be a good slut and cuckold me?
  8. I desperately want to turn her into a horny naughty slutwife. She doesn’t seem interested in the lifestyle so it is a work in progress unfortunately
  9. Unfortunately not but i would love to see her fucked bare by some bbc!
  10. Unfortunately she did not get together with him again. He started a relationship. I am eager to get her to take the next step and meet someone alone and fuck them
  11. Here are more pics of her playing with that guy alone for you with conspiracy theories.
  12. Here are a couple of her sucking my cock that night while giving me the details
  13. Well it happened today! He stopped by around 9 am this morning after talking her into it (she was getting cold feet). They kissed, he sucked on her it’s and she got on her knees and sucked his cock until he shot his cum all over her tits. I am happy i let it happen. I have been so fucking horny all day thinking about this. He even sent me a pic.
  14. I have been texting her and getting her to talk dirty to me about him. Make her admit how much she wants to suck his big hard cock. Making her think and talk about him when I was fucking her last night
  15. I have been trying for a long time to get my hire to be a horny hotwife. We have played with other guys a few times but she never seemed enthusiastic about any of it. I was always there to watch, enjoy the fun. I have talked to her more about being shared and she always dismisses it. I set up a plan recently. I found a good looking younger guy (37, my wife is 47, I am 46) to come by our house during the day as a handyman to give an estimate on doing some work. He flirted with her and even text her after trying to get something started. He and i text trying to encourage things but nothing
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