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  1. I would be happy to share my experience. I play with many new couples, more often than not we follow these guidelines. The husband has to plant the idea in the wifes head, she has to know its okay. When you are playing one on one, you should mention the fantasy of seeing her with someone else. Let her know that it would turn you on to see a man much larger than yourself filling her with pleasure. Tell her the idea of another man cuming inside of you, while you are so close excites you to know end. Tell her the thought of eating her while she is getting fucked, then cleaning her up makes you instantly hard. To put the plan in motion... you need to invite your bull to discreetly give your wife an erotic massage. in front of you... if she gets aroused she will touch him. you will see she is getting hot. She already knows its your fantasy, now you just have to act on it! I love fucking a sexy lady while she is being eaten! Bill in Jacksonville Fl [email protected]