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  1. We are in AZ. Just saw your pics. Very nice. We are not going to be rude and just because you have not photos of your wife on here that you guys are looking for some fun by saying hit is up or something corny like that but seriously.... Hit us
  2. The tan lines are so sexy! Me and my wife live in AZ. Tempe actually! Good to see such a sexy women representing AZ! Very nice.
  3. Umm okay!! Right now right now? Because I'm ready right now!
  4. I love this pic! Soo sexy! Great ass and pussy full of cum!
  5. Azskin88


    Agreed for my own life. But what others do in there's I do have the option to find it hot and a great fantasy.... But reality no way. My wife is fixed as well and I share her as much as I can but she is my wife. I am not a cuck though either. Just s guy who loves to watch his wife get fucked.
  6. Azskin88


    Listen I love the stories but half to admit actually having another man's baby because your a cuck seems a bit over the top! Lol I love you guys for the stories though....without you guys I would not have them. For that I say thank you!
  7. Azskin88


    That's a hot story!!!!! Love it! Not there worry part though .... That sucks but the rest is hot!!!!!
  8. I love the pantie pic! Very sexy!
  9. Ummm I have been doing this awhile and this story is just that...a story. I think it's a great story if you like reading a plotted out story. I like this site for it's raw and real life story telling. Not one that is a fantasy that someone is telling about how they wish there life was..... go back and read someone's story about real life situations that they actually lived and you will see what I mean. I have nothing against this story other then it being represented as real life. So that's it for me on this topic of bigclit. All you sexy wives on this site keep up the good work as for your men..... it doesn't really matter because they have no say! If they want to eat my cum out of your pussy.......i salute you! Lol have a good day people.
  10. She is beautiful! Fuck I would loves too cum all over her titties
  11. Let there be no mistake that I like cleaning her dirty pussy because I'm fucked up in the head and I like shit that's wrong! I don't know who said it decided on what's right or what's wrong for me in my life but it doesn't matter because I decided along time ago that I don't give a fuck if I like it I'm doing it! Period! But the fact remains is that she gets her pussy full by who ever her little clitty desires because i allow her to! Period! No bullshit I am the one who owns that pussy and I can tell you she has to do one thing and I mean perfect. Tell me all about it. Every fucking dirty detail. How she sucked it how he fucked it anal big cock maybe he forced her (couple times that happened.... she fucking loved it.... that's why she is my girl) what ever she does no matter how embarrasing or shocking or dirty it is she has to tell me about it. I will lick her clean... pound that cum filled pussy and make her lick his cum off my dick! She didn't even want to do this. Thought I was fucking crazy. I told her and slowly broke her in and now she has big black cock begging me to fuck her again because there is one more rule! 1 time is all she gets and I decide the rest! I fuck her and take her to places she has never been sexually better then ant black cock or whatever. Nobody will ever out due me when it comes too maximum enjoyment in our bedroom. I love this site I don't always understand why you all due some of what you do. But I respect your lifestyle i think it's hot in so many ways. You're wives are kinky and sexy and just having sexuall deviants that I myself are very fond of. Thank you for reading my book but I believe my girl is home and I got a call from her early evening but she didn't say anything. All I could hear is her getting fucked and moaning by more then one sooo I have to go! Keep it dirty people!
  12. That is hot! I love fucking my girls cum filled pussy! One of the sexiest things I think she does is when she comes home with that little attitude after going out for a couple drinks. I'm already in bed and I hear her get undressed and she comes and sits on my face for me to clean her dirty pussy. I find that hot! Or she will rub her wet cum filled panties on my lips and face until I wake up and clean her sexy pussy. I love that!