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  1. So update on the sexting. They are planning on a meet and have sex..I am going to go and listen from the next room over....she can’t wait to suck and fuck him..
  2. I sure will if I get her phone sometime...
  3. Thanks! She doesn’t know that I know yet... Should I let her know I know or should I let them have their fun for a while and enjoy themselves..
  4. Came home to find on my wife’s phone that she has been sexting and sending nude pics to a man.. The pics and texts I read, they are having a lot of fun & getting hot for each other! It made me instantly hard. This was a exciting surprise to me and hope it continues..
  5. My wife used to come home late and I caught her making arrangements on the phone when she thought I was sleeping.. Got me hard and turned on right away.. I never let on that I heard her. I was working nights and I'm sure she was seeing someone. One time she came home late and I was horny. I went down on her and she was very reluctant..l licked her clean and she came so hard. He must have been hung because she was much looser & wetter also. I know what you mean. Her fucking behind my back is a huge turn On. Very hard to explain, but it's very much the part of it.
  6. I have at times watched porn with her & she does fantasize about bisexual orgys.. do you think she would?
  7. My wife knows I would enjoy being cucked. She roleplays with me in bed all the time & little comments she makes about cheating, but won't make the next move. Any help or advice?
  8. Oh I knew it was a creampie as soon as I tasted it. She came harder than ever before when I ate her.
  9. She knows I have this fetish now & every time I go down on her she roleplays it with me. She never admitted she fucked around but her comments most definitely confirm it. She knows I love it.
  10. It started out I was working a lot of hours and my wife was getting lonely. Our sex life was okay, but I know she always needed more than I could give her. Her first BF was very well hung and she still secretly looks him up online from time to time. One day when i was home sleeping, I hear her come in the door & Go right to the phone & start a conversation saying how she couldn't wait for tonight and she would call back as soon as I was gone to work. I hardly could believe my ears. I Soon after went to work & had a raging hard on & JO numerous times in the next few days. Then a
  11. MY wife started the same way. I was working a lot and came home & slept. Not much of a sex life. Woke up to her on the phone telling someone she couldn't wait for that night & would call as soon as I left. I was so hard when I heard her but didn't confront. She came home from work late a couple days later and gave me a BJ. We went to fuck & I went down on her. She resisted but I did it anyway. Let's just say she was so loose & slippery from someone much bigger than me..that is when I knew I was a Cuck. She came harder than ever before. Secretly feeding me her lovers cum
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