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  1. Great video. She is so HOT. Love how she was looking at her husband as she was being fucked.
  2. not2olddick

    Saturday night fever

    Someone wants to see her in his car? He's either cheap or immature. Neither sounds like something she should be involved with. Besides, may be difficult to photograph them.
  3. not2olddick

    Phat ass

    You must need to see a optometrist. She has a lovely ass.
  4. not2olddick

    Calling women slut/whore???

    I find these terms pretty juvenile really. The kind of thing you would hear from a couple of teenage boys talking about a classmate they want and can't have.
  5. not2olddick

    My sexy wife

    Nothing to disagree with there.
  6. not2olddick

    showing them tits

    Bigger is always better.
  7. not2olddick

    My sexy wife

    Nothing naughtier than black leather.
  8. not2olddick

    Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    Verify Please
  9. not2olddick

    46 hotwife needs advice about my 19 yo bull

    Like Dom I'm not certain you need to fix anything. Sounds like you have a perfect situation. One older and smaller as an appetizer and one young and large as the main course. I can only say - enjoy. Hmm. Maybe something for dessert?
  10. not2olddick

    Any wannabe cucks want to talk?

    Sounds intriguing. I'm a newbie wannabe and I'd like to chat.
  11. not2olddick

    Bareback or Condoms???

    My first sex was when I was 16 and I'm now 70 and have never put a condom on. Never will.
  12. not2olddick

    Milf wife filmed with a younger guy from tinder

    Great video. You can see her cumming at the end of it.
  13. not2olddick


    I'd leave work right away and get home.
  14. not2olddick

    Who would you rather fuck?

    The shorter one on the right. I've always been a tit fancier and she looks like she has big ones.
  15. not2olddick

    Found condoms in wife's purse

    I guess the first thing I would ask is - Why are you going through your wife's purse? You must already have some suspicions. Next, do you have a teenager at home? Maybe a male. Your wife may have found it cleaning up his room and wants to talk to him about it. Could be she just found it in the driveway. Kids are pretty messy. If none of this applies, she may be getting something on the side but I wouldn't mention what you found in her purse. Is she going out a lot? Maybe it's someone from her work. You'll have to do some detective work I guess.