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  1. not2olddick

    Who would you rather fuck?

    The shorter one on the right. I've always been a tit fancier and she looks like she has big ones.
  2. not2olddick

    Found condoms in wife's purse

    I guess the first thing I would ask is - Why are you going through your wife's purse? You must already have some suspicions. Next, do you have a teenager at home? Maybe a male. Your wife may have found it cleaning up his room and wants to talk to him about it. Could be she just found it in the driveway. Kids are pretty messy. If none of this applies, she may be getting something on the side but I wouldn't mention what you found in her purse. Is she going out a lot? Maybe it's someone from her work. You'll have to do some detective work I guess.
  3. not2olddick

    fun with these

    Lovely legs and great tits. Action will definitely find you.
  4. not2olddick

    Is she really satisfied?

    I have to agree with Ed209. I don't think she has a problem. She seems to know what she wants. You need to lighten up and just go along with her. If she's happy, you will be too.
  5. not2olddick

    Cuckold Video - seka her bull part 2 July 2018

    I remember Seka from my early days of watching porn. She was outstanding. Always my favourite jacking girl.
  6. not2olddick

    Filled with cum

    She sure knows how to take it. Seemed to enjoy multiple orgasms along the way.
  7. not2olddick

    Am I a cuck?

    Have to agree. If you make the mess, you should clean it up. Don't expect others to do it.
  8. not2olddick

    Am I a cuck?

    Does it really matter what you are called as long as all enjoy themselves
  9. Sounds like a fun time
  10. not2olddick

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    I'm an older guy. I tend to take my time once inserted. Try to prolong as long as possible. Wife cums 2 or 3 times before I do.
  11. not2olddick


    Naughty nun. Great image.
  12. not2olddick

    SEX 456

    Stimulating photos.
  13. Great video. You could tell by the look on her face, she was really enjoying him.
  14. not2olddick

    My wife

    Very pretty smile