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  1. You and your wife have shared some fabulous experiences! Your adventures have been very exciting to read.
  2. Your wife is so very sexy. Thanks for sharing the photos of her. I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Loved the videos you posted of your girlfriend with a BBC, and in the Gang Bang!

  4. I was referring to Hubby 1000. He has some serious self-esteem issues, if he's happy with his wife parading around pregnant for her bull.
  5. You really have some serious self-esteem issues!
  6. I love sucking on my wife's clit when she is be fucked doggy style, and yes, usually, the other guy's cum ends up in my mouth. What really turns me on, however, is the closeup of the other cock going in and out of her wet pussy!
  7. Roy Anduze

    my bride

    Glad to see you and the wife are among those of us who enjoy a rich and varied assortment of partners.
  8. Roy Anduze


    I'd love to see her in the Virgin Islands!
  9. Yes! She's so sexy! She needs to be photographed with a cock inside her pussy.