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  1. Did she cuckold you with him before she left you for him?
  2. I really like this picture. The look, the pose - amazing Variety is the spice of life.
  3. Reading these reminds me that I'll have to share a little update with all of you soon And regardless, you always post amazing pictures. Closeups of black dicks in white Pussies, Creampies, Cleanup Captions - your taste is impeccable.
  4. I do too, it's just so genuine. Glad you enjoyed it :)
  5. I hope I didn't repost anything that has been on here before
  6. Mhmmm...that's some supper I'd truly enjoy. Jag, these Photos you post are pure art.
  7. I really love amateur videos, as with a fetish like cuckoldry, raw and real emotions are so key to it. Staged stuff can be hot too but it's just not the same. Especially seeing first time hotwife-bull encounters...man, nothing beats that. And perhaps one day I'll be honored with seeing some of your own footage. Looking forward to it. :)
  8. I'm amazed how you manage to always find even better videos. These are so incredibly hot. I love women revealing their fresh creampies, so insanely arousing! And without seeing their faces one can easily imagine a particular one to be them Thanks, you ensured a nice evening for me. I hope yours is great as well!
  9. You're outdoing yourself again, Jag. Thank you for your content, makes the start of the week enjoyable again!
  10. Thanks for following me :)

    1. Upstart


      My pleasure bud


  11. I can only imagine how extensive Thank you, that's very kind!
  12. Good to hear! I'll continue to post her in the dedicated thread though, or would that be appreciated here as well? On a sidenote, I really like when the bull cums on the cuck's cock/Cage, but it's really hard to find those pictures. There's just so much Dominance in that, it's the essence of cuckolding I feel. If any of you have more of them, feel free to post
  13. Thank you! I'll try to contribute more. Please tell me, if anything I do/post is boring, unwanted, a repost, etc.
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