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  1. Thanks for following me :)

    1. Upstart


      My pleasure bud


  2. I can only imagine how extensive Thank you, that's very kind!
  3. Hm, that makes sense. Thank you, I will do so!
  4. Good to hear! I'll continue to post her in the dedicated thread though, or would that be appreciated here as well? On a sidenote, I really like when the bull cums on the cuck's cock/Cage, but it's really hard to find those pictures. There's just so much Dominance in that, it's the essence of cuckolding I feel. If any of you have more of them, feel free to post
  5. Thank you! I'll try to contribute more. Please tell me, if anything I do/post is boring, unwanted, a repost, etc.
  6. I very much appreciate your insight. I am basically completely open with her, I think the challenge now is to give her enough space to express what she feels and not push her. But I think we can manage that. But thanks again, as we're young and inexperienced, all input is very valuable!
  7. Well, a burn out is quite understandable with your output. Take your time Perhaps I might contribute myself if that doesn't bother anyone. I'm a bit worried that many have been posted here before but I hope someone enjoys them a bit.
  8. Thank you, I certainly agree. And of late she's actually beginning to get interested in the lifestyle so I can count myself a lucky man.
  9. I Thought I could add again Unfortunately she's not as clean shaven as usual but I just loved how wet she was. Enjoy.
  10. I think we all have to thank you for doing so then I've been enjoying your content and dedication for a while now and I just have to thank you for putting in this much time. It's truly impressive, I appreciate it!
  11. Damn, that would be amazing to watch
  12. Yes, it does! And I'd love to see that!
  13. I posted some pictures in Cuckold Talks but I figured this would be the more appropriate Board. She's not yet done anything related to the Lifestyle yet but I'm slowly introducing her. There might be excessive Blurring but better safe than sorry. Tell me what you think and what you'd do. Enjoy.