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  1. Wife Captions

    Until you have watched another man fuck your wife and then watched him pump a load into her then you have no idea how erotic it is.
  2. Fucked and Shared

    She has taken a few cocks and just loves getting men off.
  3. My Wife - Sexual History

    Want to see more of her? Heaps of pics.
  4. My Wife - Sexual History

    Sarah in various stages of dressed and undressed, happily showing of her body that has been shared with other men.
  5. Fucked and Shared

    Sarah in various stages of dress and undressed, showing off the body that has been shared with other men.
  6. My Wife - Sexual History

    SARAH - PART 2 Thank you to all for your comments. I will progressively move along a timeline detailing some things about Sarah and hopefully giving you an understanding of what she was like leading up until her late 30's when she was shared for the first time. All of the pictures shown in this topic have been taken by me except for those in this reply. The three pictures of Sarah shown here were taken prior to us becoming a couple and were taken by her first boyfriend. The reasons for showing these are two fold. Firstly, they give you an insight as to what she looked like around the time she lost her virginity and secondly, provides (maybe) one of the reasons she agreed to be shared in later life. In this first photo, Sarah is 17 and still a virgin. She had only just started going out with Jason, her first 'real' boyfriend. Aware that their relationship was going to become sexual, Sarah went on the contraceptive pill and surrendered her virginity to Jason. From the time we got together when Sarah was aged 20, she was open and happy to discuss her sexual past. She told me; amongst some of the more mundane facts like where and when; that Jason had an uncircumcised penis and that it was quick thick. I still to this day remember asking her very early on in our sexual relationship how I compared to Jason in penis size. Her reply was that his cock was thicker than mine. The second photo is of Sarah when she was 18. Her relationship with Jason was on and off until she turned 20. She told me it was more of a relationship of convenience and for sex more than anything and that she never 'loved' him. Jason had a flat and she would often stay with him having sex until well into the morning when she would get up and go home. She told me that they would occasionally watch porn and that Jason loved her giving him head. Again I specifically remember her telling me that 'he used to make me give him head for ages'. This third photo is of Sarah taken just before she turned 20 and about the time she broke off with Jason for the last time. I had been admiring her for sometime, loved her body, and desperately wanted to fuck her! To cut a long story short we finally got together one night in my apartment. Already 'cock trained' by Jason she was every bit as good as I thought she would be. She had a great body and new how to use it. By the time she left the next morning I had fucked her five times during the course of the night and early morning. Because she was on the pill, and because back then . was not the big issue that it was to become, the sex was bareback. I have never replicated the '5 times in one night' feat again but believe me having that body in my bed for the first time I was going to make sure that I enjoyed it in case it was to be a on off! So there is some brief early history. I mentioned earlier in this post that maybe her first boyfriend provides one of the reasons she was happy to be shared sexually later in life. The fact that she had told me that Jason's cock was thicker than mine, did that arouse a long held curiosity for another mans cock? More soon in Part 3. In the meantime feel free to post comments. If you have any questions or would like any elaboration on any points feel free to ask.
  7. Fucked and Shared

    Some more pics of Sarah.
  8. Fucked and Shared

    She is a great fuck and I have watched and joined in with other men fucking her.
  9. Fucked and Shared

    Thanks, yes she is very sexy and a real slut in the bedroom or outdoors. She is Bi and loves having another woman go down on her.
  10. Fucked and Shared

    Any questions about Sarah just ask.
  11. My Wife - Sexual History

    More to come.
  12. Fucked and Shared

  13. Fucked and Shared

    Here are some photos over the years of my girlfriend then wife. Her name is Sarah. Let us know what you think of her. You can follow our story in the Cuckold Stories forum.
  14. My Wife - Sexual History

    A couple more then and now photos. The first two pictures are of Sarah in her 20's and the one on the bed she is in her 30's.
  15. My Wife - Sexual History

    MY WIFE - A SEXUAL HISTORY FROM 18 YEARS OF AGE TO HER MID 40'S My wife Sarah is in her mid 40's and we have been married nearly 20 years. I have known her since her mid-teens but we got together when she was 20 years of age and it was then that I first got to fuck her. I have included two pictures of her when she was in her early 20's. A third picture of her taken earlier this year was taken in a hotel room where she was to have sex with another man while I watched. The purpose of the photos is to give you some idea as to her history and what she looked like when she was younger and what she looks like now. Sarah has always enjoyed showing off her body, whether it be by being naked or semi naked on a beach, by me photographing her or by some of the clothes she has worn. She has always been aware that men have found her and still find her attractive and it has always been a turn on for her. But it was not until her late 30's that she had sex with another man while I watched. I had fantasised for many years about watching my wife have sex with another man. The fantasy always involved a well endowed man because it was one of the justifications in my mind for it to happen. I am not overly endowed in size. My penis is average in size, maybe a bit smaller than average, so I always wondered how she would handle having sex with a man who had a big cock. What would she do, what it would be like to watch and listen. How would her firm hard body cope. I originally introduced my fantasy as role play in our bedroom. Over time Sarah warmed to it, actually instigating sex with me where she pretended she was having sex with another man while I watched. Often it was me standing at or beside the foot of the bed watching her work herself over with one of our dildoes. From there it developed into online chat with men where we would seek men out who might be interested in having sex with her. We often would send them a picture or two, no face, but enough to get their feedback. It aroused Sarah immensely to hear some of their comments. Soon she was doing webcam, masturbating for men, again no face for privacy reasons. She would watch in turn as they masturbated on cam for her. She would always have a huge orgasm and our sex that followed was always very intense. These encounters on the web broke down her inhibitions, sexually aroused her to a new level and eventually led to her being shared for the first time. There are many explicit photos of Sarah both from her younger years and more current photos from her encounters with other men. If there is interest I will continue to post pictures and the next installment in our story will commence at the beginning with Sarah at 18 years of age.