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A Night of Firsts

Guest SandL

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Guest SandL

By now, most of you know us. I’m Leslie and my husband is Steve. A lot of you might know from our status updates that Saturday night I was a lucky girl who got to play with a new man...and wow was he a MAN! :) 

It all started with the cuckold quiz post on here. Steve took the quiz. He wouldn’t share the results with me, though. So I asked him to send them to Nicole (Hotwife?cuckluvr). He did and then she sent them to me :). Silly man. 😂 (btw Steve is reading bits and pieces of this as I write). I won’t share the results of that quiz, but what I will say is that it definitely played into some of what happened.  (this is in bold because it comes into play later and I want you to remember it...see how helpful I am :)Anyway, that quiz led to many really fun talks about his growing curiosities to see me with more than just Robert. I’ll not bore you with all the details about the lead up to the new guy....instead I’ll just give you the short version of what happened from there. Keep in mind that Nicole was helping both of us through the entire lead up and was very helpful with her suggestions. VERY HELPFUL! Oh and her husband Mark helped Steve too. Thanks Mark! How could I ever repay you. Oh wait, I think I already have. 😂 wink wink nudge nudge :) Anyway, that quiz  led to Steve sharing his fantasy about me with one of his friends that he plays basketball with—which led to me changing which guy he fantasized fucking me (new guy is named Steven not to be confused with my Steve) :)—which led to me going out with Steve and his friends after their last game—which led to me shamelessly flirting with his friend (subtly at first but shamelessly after everyone else left except for Steve, me and Steven)—which led to Steve having to talk to Steven about my fetish for big black guys with big black cocks (Nicole had said Steve should have that conversation with him which made it so hot for all of us!)—which led to Steven declaring that he had always wanted me (I’ve known him for a quite a while from watching my Steve play basketball around Charlotte)—which led to lunch the next day for all three of us—which led to Saturday night!!! Whew! Did you get all that???? 😂 Now that you’re all caught up, I can share with you my night of firsts...well, not just my night of firsts. :) 

Steven got to our house at about 7:30. Which sorta irritated me because he said he’d be there at 7. But, according to him, there was an accident on I-485 which made him a bit slower (he lives about 45 minutes from where we live). Anyway, he got there at 7:30. We all sat in the living room talking about stuff that really had nothing to do with me, which was making me increasingly annoyed. 😂 

(I should say that my Steve and I had talked about what he was going to do when it started. He thought it might be best if he lets us be alone at first...to get acquainted. But after talking to Nicole, I wanted him to be there to watch everything...but we left it up in the air depending on how things were going) 

After (what seemed like) a couple of hours of “non-Leslie-getting-black-cock” talk, I decided to do what neither of them were going to man up and do. I leaned into Steve and said: 

L : I’m going to go sit with Steven now. Ok? I want you to stay but I won’t make you. But once I move from this couch to that couch, I’m his for the night. 

WS (white Steve): ok (something like that...I don’t really remember what he said :). My mind was somewhere else) 

I got up and walked over to Steven. He smiled the entire 10 steps or so that it took me to get there :). I sat down next to him on my knees and said “hi” and looked at him with my biggest fuck me eyes. I touched his face and leaned in and kissed him. I had been waiting for that kiss...not just since the other night when I was flirting with him...but for much longer than that. As I said, he plays basketball with my Steve. He’s really not a very good basketball player but he’s really big so I guess he gets lots of rebounds. Anyway I had watched him a lot! He looks soooooooo good in shorts. He’s really thick from head to toe. He’s not super tall...maybe just an inch or so taller than my Steve...but he’s sooo big. His big round butt is fun to watch...but mostly I like to see his big bulge. I don’t know if its because he’s so thick and shorts are always kinda tight on him or if he just likes people to see...but I definitely appreciated those shorts:)

So the kiss...I kissed him and kissed him and kissed him and then he pulled back and said: 

BS (black Steven): Get on my lap, baby. (I loved that!) 

L: Yes sir! 

He helped pull leg over so that I was straddling his lap and ran his hand up my leg over my ass. 

BS: mmmm nice. You’re all ready for me (I wasn’t wearing any panties :)

L: You have no idea! 

He kissed me hard with those big full lips and that big thick tongue...I was in heaven...sucking that tongue and those lips and sliding my tongue around his while he was firmly kneading my ass...I had no idea at that point if my Steve was still in the room or not...I found out later that he had gotten up but that he didn’t actually leave the room. He thought he should but before he walked out he says, he watched and just couldn’t leave...and it didn’t seem like we were having any trouble getting to know each other with him there...so he watched from the hall that leads to the kitchen (there’s not a door...just a big opening with one step up that leads to the kitchen) 

We kissed for a while and then he picked me up...holding me up in the air while I kissed him and my legs wrapped around his waist. Robert does that too...but this felt even more powerful...like I was a doll in his hands. While he held me kept squeezing my ass and inching his fingers toward my pussy...got they felt so good...I wanted him to touch me so bad. We kissed like that for a little while and then he stopped and said he had to get a taste of me. That’s when I saw my Steve in the hallway. I just stared at him while Steven told me what was next. (Nicole had mentioned doing that...staring at her husband while she’s with someone else and i wanted to do it too...thanks Nicole! Steve later said how much he loved that :)

He laid me down on the couch with my legs hanging over the edge. I had a button up blouse on...I started to undo them and he said

BS: I want to unwrap you

I just nodded and smiled and watched as his big fingers undid my buttons one by one. He helped me slide it off my arms and then reached around and undid my bra and then tossed it behind him. He nudged me to lay back and i did. I watched as his huge black hands cupped and then squeezed my breasts. I don’t have large breasts to begin with, but they looked tiny in his big hands...I loved it. There’s just something about big black hands touching me wherever he wants whenever he wants that makes me feel so feminine. My Steve makes me feel feminine too...but this is on another level. Its much the same with Robert and Robert’s hands are big and black too...and his hands go wherever he wants too...but this being the first time with Steven...and him having no hesitations about doing whatever he wanted...it was absolutely driving me crazy. He just held them and squeezed them for a while...playing with my nipples...pulling on them a little and squeezing them between his fingers...I think he was testing me to see what I liked...and then he leaned down and took on of them between his lips...omg that felt amazing...I was in a constant state of moaning at this point. He went back and forth, sucking on my nipples and then he started to kiss down my body...he lifted my legs and spread them...I grabbed under my knees and watched him as he did a long slow lick up my slit...and then he pushed that big thick tongue inside me...it had been a while since I had sex with someone other than my Steve because of my surgery....and so his tongue felt really big :). My god did it feel good...a few times, I looked right at Steve who was still in the hallway...telling him that i loved him or telling him how good this was feeling...I could tell that he was enjoying what he was seeing. Then Steven started sucking on my clit and I immediately pulled him tight with hands and clamped my legs around his head :). He kept getting me close to orgasming and then would stop and let me calm down...every time I thought I was close he’d stop. Bastard! 😂 I’m not sure how long he did this...but finally he let me. He slipped one of his big fingers inside me and turned it so he could rub my spot while he continued to suck my clit...OMG was it a good one. It wasn’t close to what I was going to feel but OMG it was good. I’m surprised I didn’t crush his skull with my legs clamped around him 😂...

After I came down he said

BS: Now for the real thing, wifey 

(He called me wifey a few times that night. I’m not sure if that was for my Steve’s benefit or not...I didn’t ask...but i liked it and so did Steve. I should say that Steven had been with a few married women before...nothing long term like me and Robert...he said he doesn’t want any problems so he moves on. He said there’s plenty of white women he can play with. Confidence or arrogance??? Hmmmmm...time will tell. 😂)

L: Yes please 

He stood up and started to undo his pants. Normally, I would have wanted to do that for him...but I liked watching him so I let him. I decided to invite my Steve over. :) 

L: Steve...since you’re watching you might as well come in here so you can see better 

WS: silence (walked over to the loveseat that was between the other two couches...he could see from there better than the one he was sitting on before) 

And here was my first of firsts. 

Steven undid his pants and slid them off. He was wearing very tight briefs! He looked massive! And then he slid them down his huge legs....when he stood up...there it was! A very long, very thick...wait for it...UNCUT cock! 

(The water well guy is here and so I have to go for a bit...I’ll finish it later...sorry) 





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Guest SandL
2 hours ago, Hotwife/cuck luvR said:

❤️❤️❤️  What A way to build up the suspense and then...........  you’re killing me smalls.  

Hey I know that movie! Sorry :) I couldn’t help it! The water well guy came and Steve’s at work and he told me to keep him updated on what he’s doing. But its all done now. Plus we have good water again!!! :) 

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Guest SandL

Where was I??? :) Oh yeah...the first of firsts: my first uncut cock! 

Steven just kind of stood there and I just kind of looked. I had never seen one before...I guess I had in pictures...but not right in front of my face! He said: 

BS: Yeah...its all there...nothing missing, baby. Uncut....(something like that) 

It was very big...he might be a little shorter than Robert but it was hard to tell at that point...but he was definitely thicker...which I was hoping for. Robert is thick too...much thicker than my Steve...but Steven was already as thick as Robert...and he wasn’t hard yet! It just hung there...black and long and thick...and uncut. When I touched it, it was weird. There was so much skin! 😂 It didn’t freak me out or anything...but it was definitely new! I looked up at him like I didn’t know what to do 😂 but started holding it and feeling it in my hands...it was definitely heavy...man sized heavy :). I looked at my Steve and kinda of shrugged with my eyes...but he was in another world and unable to respond to me 😂. So I started stroking it a little...and i could feel him getting harder, which made me happy...i was able to pull down the skin and see the head...

BS: kiss it wifey....get to know it before it gets to know you (something like that) 

I had been fantasizing about sucking this cock for so long...uncut or cut...I was going to make love to that thing with my mouth! (Later I found out that being uncut actually helps with taking a cock that is so thick :)) I kissed it...and licked the tip...looking over at my Steve while I did. 

L: Don’t touch yourself while you watch, k? (I learned that from Nicole too...I had plans for my Steve and didn’t want him losing any of his sexual gusto ;)) I might lose track of you for a while, so I just wanted to remind you. 

BS: Damn! (I don’t know if that was a “Damn you’re cuckolding him” or “Damn, she wants to fuck us both”...it was both actually :)

Anyway, I sucked his big black cock for a while and felt it become a bigger black cock in my mouth. It wasn’t getting so big I couldn’t fit my mouth around it...I actually have a pretty big mouth (no comments please :))...but I could tell that it was going to be the thickest cock I’d ever had! He started holding the back of my head...

BS: That’s it baby. Get it ready for you...yeah...suck my cock. 

This was also a first. Robert doesn’t talk a whole lot while we’re having sex. Sometimes he does but not always...and my Steve usually grunts 😂 unless I’m asking him questions which will be in the later part of the story :). But Steven did the whole time. He was never disrespectful to me or my Steve...but he definitely liked to guide me and he really liked to hear me tell him how much I was enjoying him. I also think he liked my Steve to hear him telling me what to do and I think he definitely wanted Steve to hear how good he felt to me. For some reason all of it was a huge turn on for me. 

Steven started sliding his cock in and out by moving his hips...the extra skin was helpful...he just held the back of my head and moved in and out of me...he wasn’t fucking my face hard...he was more like making love to it...i don’t think I could have taken him if he was thrusting hard. I still can’t deepthroat and i don’t know if I will ever be able to...but I really liked this. I reached down to rub my pussy...and i did for a while...i was dripping wet...my juices were all over my hand...as soon as Steven realized it, he stopped me...

BS: no no no baby. You wanna save that next orgasm for my cock

He pulled me up and leaned down to kiss me...and he kissed me really hard. After he kissed me he reached for his pants to get the condom. (I should tell you that Steven brought the results that showed he had a clean bill of health. But because this was our first time we agreed to use a condom) When he did that I walked over to my Steve and leaned over him and kissed him. 

L: You just kissed me. I just had his cock in my mouth. What else will you do? :)

I kissed him again and went back to Steven. He was sitting down and rolling the condom down his cock. Its a good thing he brought them because there was no way what we had would have even come close to fitting! 😂 

I remembered that I forgot the lube...

L: Steve, could you go get the ...its by the bed. 

Once he brought it back I put some on my hand and slid it up and down that great big, black shaft...Then I straddled his cock...leaning one knee...holding his cock with my left hand and guiding him to my pussy...he said, 

BS: Go as slow as you need to baby

L: silence 

I started to slowly work him into me...he was already stretching me...it had been a couple of weeks since I had Robert...but even if it was right after i still would have had to adjust some...but it felt so good...i was leaning up...my hands on his shoulders...and I started moving my hips side to side and front to back...moving myself down his huge cock...my god did it feel good...

BS: That’s it wifey...get used to that big cock...we’ll be dancing soon (something like that...I remember the dancing part and so did Steve) :) 

I wasn’t really in any position to be talking at that point 😂. A big black log was invading me! 😂 So I just kept sliding up and down really slow...taking a little bit more of him each time...it didn’t take too long....I mean, my pussy’s has been prepared for big black cock already :)...but once I got most of him in...he leaned forward and sucked one of my nipples really hard...that really sent chills through me...I gripped him and when i did he pushed up inside me even more....I screamed a little...and just held there...god it felt good...like hurt so good kind of good :).

(Steve had some good commentary on that...I’ll get him to tell you some of this from his perspective. The conditioning has been working great! :) Such a good cuckold now :))

Steven just kept sucking my nipple and holding me down on his cock while he slowly pushed up and down with very short movements...it was amazing...it really was. We stayed like this for quite a while...and then I started moving up and down...not all the way up and then down at first...but then Steven started helping...pulling me up his shaft with his huge hands on my hips...and then sliding me down...i felt like a doll again in his hands...that did as much as anything to excite me...that he was so strong that he could just move me wherever he wanted or however he wanted...I really started getting into it and started moving all the way up on my own and then back down...I was definitely screaming at this point...

BS: Fuck yeah wifey...fuck that big cock 

I still couldn’t speak...

and then he picked me up again and laid me down on the couch...my head toward where Steve was sitting...but I didn’t look at him. Not because I didnt’ want to...I was in another world...

BS: Now we’re gonna fuck 

L: God yes...fuck me! 

He guided himself into me...and with hardly any hesitation at all he just slid all the way into me 

BS: Like that big cock don’t you baby 

L: god yes...sooooo big...you feel soooo good...

BS: Fuck yeah wifey 

He started to really fuck me then...pulling almost all the way out and then quickly pushing forward...not slamming into me...but still hard and fast...He did this over and over again for a while and he could tell I was about to cum...

BS: cum on that black cock baby...give it to me...fuck yeah (he said “fuck yeah” a lot! 😂

between the huge black cock sliding in and out of me and the site of a huge black man hovering over me and the way he was talking to me...i couldn’t hold back...I started shaking and tensing up and screaming and grabbing him and pushing him and screaming...yup...I came all over his big black cock...I gave it to him alright! 😂...but he wasn’t even close to done. 

Once I calmed down...he pulled me up and told me to turn around...facing my Steve! He didn’t say to face my husband...just turn around, but that’s the direction I was facing...I looked at Steve for a brief minute...mouthed “I love you” and waited! 

He lined himself up behind me...

BS: Here it comes wifey 

And he slid all the way in hard...

BS: Fuck yeah 

Now he really started fucking me...hard...holding my hips...slamming into me...eventually I was pushed forward and almost leaning over the arm of the couch...he just kept fucking me really hard...I couldn’t really do much...but take it...and i loved it. He was much more aggressive than Robert was usually. Sometimes Robert fucks me that aggressively....but not all the time...

I came again...at least one more time...and when he was done he pulled out and pulled off the condom and came on my ass. He fell on top of me 

BS: that was amazing Leslie (that might have been the only time he used my name :)

We laid like that for a few minutes...his big black sweaty chest on my little white sweaty chest. He kissed me and then got up. I’m not sure what time it was but it was getting late and he had a long drive home...so he got dressed and went to the door. He said good bye to my Steve and shook his hand...which was kind of awkward...I walked over...(as best I could)...reached up and kissed him and grabbed his cock through his pants and said 

L: please stay. I want more 

He looked at Steve

BS: Are you okay with that??

WS: I am if you are. 

He just kissed me and picked me up and took me back to the couch. I won’t go through all the details of this round except for this: 

He put another condom on...I was on top of him and started fucking him again...but after a few minutes I leaned up and sat back on his legs and slid the condom off and said 

L: Fuck me without the condom. 

I didn’t give him a chance to answer and slid him back in immediately. The difference between fucking a cock with and without a condom is huge....at least for me. It feels sooooo much better. And the fact that he was uncut and had all that extra skin...made it easier to slide in and out of me for some reason....it just felt so much better...after a while he had me on my back again...fucking me really hard...I could tell by how hard he was going and by the look on his face that he was getting close...

L: Cum inside me Steven...cum inside my pussy...

BS: Fuck yeah...

after just a few strokes he started cumming...as he did he was really thrusting hard...almost growling...especially when he came...every muscle in him tensed up...his face was clinched tight...he came a lot!!!! I mean a lot!!! It felt so good...i love to feel a man cum inside me! I can’t really feel my Steve do it. I can Robert...and i certainly felt Steven! 

Well, now it was even later! So we told him that he could sleep in our spare bedroom. He kindly accepted :) 

there’s 2 more parts...I’ll try to finish them now too. :)  

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Guest SandL

So after getting Steven settled, my Steve and I went to bed. 

I led him to the bed and got in...i could feel Steven’s cum leaking out of me...I had no idea what Steve would do but cleaning me is something that I’ve been talking to him about for the past couple of weeks. And because of the cuckold quiz, I knew that he was at the very least interested in the “idea” of it...i knew it turned him on to at least fantasize about it. 

i laid on the bed...

L: Take your clothes off, Steve

WS: i don’t think I....

L: shhhhhhhhhh. Just take them off and come here. 

he did and laid on top of me...well hovered over me like I was gross or something 😂 I reached up and pulled his face to mine and kissed him...I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him down to my body...I just kept kissing him...passionately...(and I was passionate...i didn’t just want him to clean me...I wanted this time with him...for him and for us...I don’t ever want him to feel second best...because regardless of sex, he’s second to no one) So I kissed him...deep and slow and passionately. I could feel him letting go a little...and easing down onto me...I held him tight and just kissed him...then I stopped...kind of pushed my head back into the bed to look at him...without saying anything I tried to push him down my body by his shoulders. He wouldn’t budge...

L: It’s okay. I promise 

He slid inside himself inside me. I won’t say I couldn’t feel him...but it was definitely not like before...i could feel him but not very well. I didn’t mention Steven...or what had just happened at all...I just let him go...and I loved it! When he was about to cum I said

L: don’t cum inside me...cum on my stomach ( I don’t know why I said that but I did and he seemed to like it because he came almost immediately :)) (I’ll let him explain 😂)

We fell asleep for a few hours like that in each other’s arms. I got up and went and took a shower and got all cleaned up so I’d be nice and fresh :) 

I went downstairs and as I walked by the living room, I saw Steven sitting there on his phone. So I went in to talk to him. All I had on was Steve’s t-shirt. I sat down next to him and we talked a little bit about the night before. He asked me if I liked it...I told him how much I did. I asked him if this is something he’d want to do again. He said his expected “fuck yeah”... 😂. I reminded him that we had agreed that he couldn’t tell anyone on Steve’s team about this (it really is Steve’s team...without my Steve they would suck)...he smiled and said he had no intentions of doing that...and that this wasn’t his first time. We joked a little bit more...and then started talking again about the night before...he told me how good I felt...how tight i was...I told him how much I absolutely loved everything about it...and that I couldn’t wait for next time...he smiled and I smiled...and i just jumped on top of him 😂. In no time at all...i was sucking his cock and ready for it again...this time he stood up and led me by the hand around the side of the couch...he leaned me over the arm and proceeded to fuck me like he did before...hard and fast...pure animalistic fucking...we didn’t switch position...we just fucked in that one...half the time my feet weren’t even touching the ground...he had both of my hips in his hands and every once in a while he would spank me...god I loved that...the only thing he didn’t do that I wanted him to was pull my hair...but he was really slamming into me and I was screaming as loud or louder than the previous night...

BS: God damn that’s good pussy (something like that...the more he talked the hotter I got) 

He kept saying that stuff really loud...I came...not sure how many that was total...but it was a lot and maybe a record for me...no....I’ve had more with Robert in one day and night...but it was a lot...and then he came inside me again...he didn’t ask...he didn’t have to...as soon as he was done cumming I turned around and sucked his cock clean from all our juices...i loved the taste of him and me mixed together...when I was done...he backed up and I saw my Steve watching from the hallway...we all kind of laughed....and this time Steven really did go home. 

After that, I led my Steve to our room again...just before we got to the bed I turned and told him to take his clothes off like the night before...again, I could feel Steven leaking out of me...I had to be really messy down there...

Steve did just like he did before...crawled up over me and kissed me...I kissed him back...we kissed for a while...again I pulled back and just stared in his eyes...I started to push him down again but he wouldn’t go

L: You’re my cuckold, right Steve? 

WS: Silence 

L: tell me baby...you’re my cuckold. 

WS: nodded 

L: say it...i know you like it. I like it too. Just say it. You’re my cuckold. 

WS: I’m your cuckold

L: (smiling big) You know that I know you want to clean me

WS: I don’t know that I do

L: Yes you do. It was one of your answers on that quiz. And you told me you like the idea 

WS: silence 

L: it’s going to happen. You know that, right? I’m not going to stop. I want it so bad. I want you to lick me clean. 

WS: Leslie, I don’t know if i can. 

L: Yes you do...you do know. You want to clean me don’t you...you want to lick where that big black friend of yours just came inside me. Tell me. 

WS: silence 

L: just kiss down my body a little...you can stop if you want to. 

WS: silence...pause....kissed my chest...

L: that’s my good cuckold. Kiss my breasts...yesss baby...just like that 

WS: Kissing my nipples...lightly...sucking one into his mouth 

L: yes, baby...I love that...

L: did you like watching Steven fuck me? 

WS: stopping sucking...yes 

L: He was soooo big wasn’t he...he felt so good inside me...maybe better than Robert! 

WS: silence 

L: he was so strong baby...how he just picked me up and put me wherever he wanted me....

WS: silence...sucking my nipples...

L: what was your favorite part...tell me. 

WS: stopped sucking...when you were on top of him...and he was pushing you up and down

L: why? 

WS: I could see how much he was stretching you...I could see your pussy stretching around him 

L: wow...I would like to see that...

WS: back to my breasts...

Here, Steve tried to come up so that he can put his dick inside me. I stopped him...

L: not yet, baby. 

Pushing him lower...he lets me...kissing down my stomach...

L: did you like how hard he fucked me? 

WS: yes...i was kind of afraid for you at first...but I could tell you were liking it. 

L:   I did like it...i love being fucked like that by a big black man with a cock like his...it felt sooooo goooood baby...

WS: kissing...

Pushed him down a little further...not all the way...

L: Did you like it when he came in me?? 

WS: yes

L: me too...my god he came a lot...I could feel it...it was so hot and so warm...it felt so good...

WS: silence

L: did you see me clean him...just now...before he left? 

WS: yes...

L: I love the taste of him...i want him to cum in my mouth next time. 

WS: next time?

L: Yes! I already talked to him about it...you want to see it again don’t you? 

WS: silence

L: tell me

WS: yes.

L: what? 

WS: I want to see him fuck you again.

L: good...cause I won’t be able to resist him! 

Pushing him down further...

WS: I don’t think I can Leslie.

L: Yes you do...you know you do. Its okay...it doesn’ mean anything..we’re just having fun...just lick it a little...and I’ll stop. 

WS: I don’t know

L: Yes you do...be my cuckold...do it for me. 

WS: leans down and barely kisses just above my pussy...

L: lower

WS: kisses a little lower...

L: lower cuckold

WS: kisses my lips

L: mmmmmmmmm that feels so good...now lick

WS: silence...no movement

L: do it baby...just do it

WS: licks...

L: deeper...I want to feel your tongue inside me...lick me cuckold

WS: slowly sticks his tongue inside me and then pulls it out...

I pull his hid toward me just a little

L: One more time....let me feel it...slide your tongue inside me.

WS: licks deeper and then pulls out quickly...

L: omg that feels so good! Yessss baby...

He slid up my body immediately and put his dick inside me...

L: that wasn’t so bad, was it? 

WS: Silence

I kissed him...

L: I can taste him on your lips...he tastes so good baby...

He started getting really excited...sliding in and out really fast...his eyes were closed

L: are you thinking about him fucking me?? 

WS: yes

L: do you like fucking me while thinking about your friend fucking me??? 

WS: silence

L: I like it baby...I like it a lot. Think about it. Think about him fucking me hard, cuckold. 

WS: faster and harder 

L: are you thinking about it?? Are you thinking about your friend making me scream??? 

WS: harder and faster....yes 

L: i love that cuckold...thinking about it...think about him cumming inside me...think about how he came inside me twice...

WS: fuck Leslie...harder  faster...

L: think about cleaning me now....about licking me clean after he cums inside me...think about your tongue inside me cuck...

WS: fuck Leslie...harder and faster...

I could feel him about to cum..i wrapped my legs around him and my arms around him...

L: cum inside me baby....cum inside me....yessssss....I love it...I love you... so much...

and he came. Not much...but he came :) 

we fell asleep together again...holding each other...we got up...showered together and had sex in the shower...we ate...packed...and the next day we went on our trip and had the best time ever! We didn’t talk about Steven or Robert much...we did some towards the end of the trip. And we talked more about him cleaning me. He will only talk about it if he’s really horny :). But we really did have the best time ever. We are becoming so much closer...I didn’t even think that was possible. We talked and laughed the whole time. We went out to eat some...went to a bar once...but mostly stayed by the cabin or went hiking. It was incredible. I wouldnt’ have traded that time with him for the world. 

But that was night of firsts. Steve is growin to like it when I’m more dominant in regards to sex. Not in any other area of our life. Not a single one...just when it comes to sex. i don’t know why he likes it...or why I like it so much. The way i get kinda scares me sometimes 😂. But we’re really starting to figure each other out sexually...and this site as well as our new friends on here have everything to do with that! Thanks! We love you all so much :) 

So to recap my firsts: 

An uncut cock

An extra dominant and aggressive black man

A friend of my husband’s (he’s got more...I wonder how many of the black guys on his team will end up fucking me???? Kidding. Or am I??? 😂)

And my husband cleaned me just a little...

my night of firsts...but I’m pretty confident I will experience all those again...and then some! 

Leslie :) 


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Congrats, Guys.  Glad you're having fun.  

Steve, that was a big step for you and although it sounds like you were a bit nervous, I hope you enjoyed the experience.  I've had my cucks describe cleaning as an almost overwhelming mix of sights, smells, tastes, and emotions, especially at first. I always try to make that first time as comfortable of an experience for them as possible.  Before hand I try to help them understand that the vast majority of the time any reluctance on their part has more to do with the taboo than a lack of interest.  I explain that who cares what is/is not taboo, we should instead focus on what feels right and enjoyable to us.  That's what really matters.

I think if you continue to explore this, you will find that you quickly get past any nervousness.  I think the act will make you feel a deeper bond with L and her lover(s) than you have experienced yet.  You'll also find that L will never appreciate your tongue more than she does at the end of a long session with a large man.  Each lick will send waves through her.

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Guest SandL

Remember when I said I’m pretty confident I will experience all those again...and then some! 

Well, Steve said he wanted to watch me with Stephen again (apparently I spelled Steven wrong). I had two conditions: 

I’ll only explain the first condition. Steve has to text Stephen and invite him over. I also told him I wanted him to say certain things...anyway here are those texts 😊










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