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It would be tough choosing wether to start with that sweet pussy or the great tits. I would tongue her top to bottom before turning her over and fucking her from behind while she watches you watch her being fucked hard. 

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Chopper75 you might get some takers for fucking your wife from here if you post your location in your profile!

There are at least a few bulls on here that could service her if she were nearby.

Should you wish to bring her to New York City for a weekend or vacation I have a second flat that is available for B&B as in Bull and Bed.  Rental is less than local hotels and it comes with stud service.

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chopper75....well, since it's been an hour since you posted...I guess you are locked in the spare room. Guess you will be locked in there until you are told to come out. Good boy!

I guess HE is there by now...and I guess your incredibly sexy...and slutty...wife has "welcomed" him. 

Hope you have something to read in there (or have a TV in there)...and brought some snacks or something to eat....because I know if it was me stopping by for a visit...I'd be visiting for a while. I would take my sweet fucking time to use...and enjoy...your incredible hot-n-nasty fuckslut wife.

Enjoy your day, chopper. I know your slut wife and her bull will be enjoying theirs. 

Tell your slut wife that I always enjoy seeing her when you post her...and that she's going to have me thinking about fucking her all day now! Hot...nasty...filthy...and dirty! Just the way she likes it!



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