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  1. Yes in an hour a guy is coming to our house. She has told me i'm to lock myself in the spare room until im told to come out. He has ordered her to be freshly shaved.
  2. chopper75


    my wife loves the beach in the summer time
  3. Thank You Captainblck that is very kind.
  4. My wife has a crush on a certain celebrity and id like somebody to photoshop her. In return I will send some pics and video. Thanks
  5. My wife never had anal sex until her first time sex with a bull. I was very shocked especially when she told me I was still not allowed it.
  6. Depennds if im caged
  7. Do you know how to treat a submissive slut wife?
  8. Sadly not he was 45 minutes late so she left. She hasnt been fucked for weeks now.
  9. She is meeting a new bull for a "coffee" in 15 minutes
  10. Yesterday in the bar my wife told my close friend that she likes big cocks and that mine was very small.