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  1. She is meeting a new bull for a "coffee" in 15 minutes
  2. chopper75


    Yes she likes men to taste her.
  3. Yesterday in the bar my wife told my close friend that she likes big cocks and that mine was very small.
  4. She loves them played with roughly
  5. she loves comments.
  6. I cant send your messages to her only your public posts

    1. DomBull4U


      Fuck that's hot! 

      Great view of that incredible ass of hers as she rides that cock!

      Take that dick, dirtygirl!

      I can't believe he didn't slap that ass when you slowed down and started grinding on his cock. I know I would have.

      That cock feel good burried up in your cunt? Was that pussy juicing all over his cock?

      You're a dirty little slut, aren't you?

      Love that about you!

      Let's keep it kinky....keep it nasty!


  7. Dombull my wife has been reading your post bout her in bed today
  8. Thank you for your reply DomBull. She will wear whatever you tell he to wear. She is very submissive for dominant men. Being taken roughly from behind and spanked is a favourite of Hers. As you can see she loves both wholes filled in that position.
  9. Most humiliating for me was prior to my wifes lover coming round to use her she had me strip, put on my cage and bend over as she caned me. She then got a text to say he was 5 minutes away and she made me go out of the house in just my cage and sandals to open the gate and let him in. Then as he watched she had me clean the toilet on my hands and knees in case he wanted to use it later. They were both laughing at me. These are the pictures from that day
  10. You are so right Dombull on all counts and she loves reading your comments about her. Here she is waiting for a real man to give her what she needs