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Lara's First Bbc Part Ii


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When I left off in the first part Mark had been fucking Lara until she sprayed all over him. I had wanted nothing more than to walk over and lick it off her body (and possibly his if she had wanted). She then pushed him off and had him lay on his back. 


She straddles him and grabs his huge black cock. Slowly she eases him in. From the chair I can see him stretch her tight pussy out. She gasps as he slides slowly into her. Once he's fully in (how she was able to take it all is beyond me) she leans forward and begins to rock back and forth on his cock. They begin making out again and his hands go all over her body. Finally they drop back down to her juicy ass and smack one of her cheeks so hard it left an immediate hand print. She moans as she continues to bounce up and down and he spreads her ass wide open. 


Cream begins forming at the base of his cock as she rides him and her breathing becomes heavier and heavier. He then takes charge and grabs her ass and pounds from below. Her ass jiggles through his big black hands and her hand shoots up to her head as she begins her second orgasm. This one is even bigger than the first. She pushes him out and rubs her clit as she begins convulsing on top of him spraying all over his cock. When she's done, she gets down and licks it off his stomach and cleans his cock until it's to her satisfaction. 


After he's good and clean she turns around on all fours and faces her ass to him. He gets up and puts his face between her cheeks and licks from her clit to her asshole a few times. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and she let's out a moan worthy of porn. He gets up after a few good licks and winks at me. I chuckle a little bit. He grabs his huge rod and slowly slides in. Lara's eyes roll back into her head again as he thrusts into her. She moans and moans some more. As he continues to thrust she looks up at me and with a big black cock in her pussy from behind, mouths out, "I love you". A bit of cum shoots out of my cock and she smiles right before rolling her eyes back again. 


He begins to pound her harder and harder, his breathing becoming faster and more sporadic. He's about to cum soon and I want to be close when it happens. So I get off my chair and kneel by the bed. His hips slapping against her cheeks is litterally right in front of my face. I can smell her cum on the latex I'm so close.  As his thrusting becomes more and more jerky she gets off of him and turns around. She grabs the condom off his cock and begins jerking him off into hher mouth. She's going to take his load! I began touching myself even harder through my pants. He lets out a grunt and begins too shoot into her mouth. She takes what she can but there is so much it begins to come out of the sides of her lips. When he's done he falls back and she gets up and comes to me. She gives me a kiss with cum still filling her mouth and passes it to me. I swallow some and pass it back and this goes on for about thirty seconds. When our mouths are clean I lick what's left off of her body. And give her another smack on the ass. She walks back over to him and I watch them cuddle for a few minutes. 


As she drifts off I decide it's time for me to let them have some alone time and head home. I thank Mark for this experience and tell him to take care of her. "That won't be a problem" he said to me. I shake his hand as he's holding my sleeping wife and say goodbye. I head home with a raging boner and jack off seven (probably more) times. She messaged me at 3 in the morning to tell me she's going to stay there for the night and will see me after she's done working. Apparently they had went six times. When she came back she showed me her swollen red pussy and I ate it until I could no longer taste the sweat and latex. 

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