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Boss Takes Your Wife On A Weekend Trip To A Nude Beach


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Boss Takes your Wife on a Weekend Trip to a Nude Beach


by Gustav Jorgenson


You have been working at the same firm for 5 years which is a long time these days.  You were hoping to be promoted to manager when your boss moved on to another company, but they brought in a guy named Jimmy Johnson who is in his thirties, has an MBA, and who had lead a highly successful product launch at another company.  You are in your 40’s now and are despairing of ever breaking into management.  They threw a special happy hour party the first Friday after Johnson arrived and they encouraged everyone to bring their spouses.  Your wife was excited by the opportunity to dress up since you don’t take her out much any more.


“How do I look?” asks your wife spinning in place.  She is wearing a little black cocktail dress with a short hem half-way up her thigh, black stockings, and high heels.  The dress has a low-cut neckline which shows off her large breasts and she is wearing her grandmother’s pearls which are classy.


“You look great,” you say unhappily adjusting your tie in the mirror.


“Look honey, I know this is tough for you, but we can get through this,” says your wife with concern coming over to rub your shoulder.  “Why you make a good living now, we don’t really need the extra money from that promotion.”


“It’s not the money, dear,” you sigh.  “It’s really a question of my self-esteem.  I know I have the potential to be more than just a worker bee.”


“Well, you’ll always be tops in my book,” says your wife cheerfully.  “Come on, let’s just go and enjoy ourselves, ok?”


You look at you wife’s happy expression and can’t help but smile in response.  She is so happy just to be going out to a party that you make a mental note to take her out more often.




You arrive at the party and your wife goes off with some of the other women that she knows.  You grab a drink and join some coworkers from your department.


“He’s such a smug douchebag!” complains your friend Wilson.


“Who, Johnson?” you ask, joining the conversation mid-stream.


“Yeah,” says Wilson nodding to you in greeting.  “He interviewed me yesterday and he basically asked what value I was adding to the company.”


“Oh he did that with everyone,” you say shaking your head.  “He’s just trying to establish dominance and put us on our heels.  Don’t let it get to you.”


“Well it sucks that they brought in an outside person for that position,” blusters Wilson taking another drink.


A couple of the other fellows nod agreement and cast your furtive glances.  Many of them consider you the team leader and would have been happy to see you get that promotion.


Just then you hear a cackle of laughter and you look across the room.  Johnson has joined the group of women that your wife was talking with and has casually draped his arm across your wife’s shoulder.  The women in the group are all laughing at some witty comment that he made.  You grit your teeth at the sight of this young prick taking such liberties with your wife, but you are determined not to show any jealousy.  The other guys look at you with concern but you just smile wanly.


“Yeah, trying to establish dominance…” mutters your friend Wilson with annoyance.  His own wife is in that group laughing along with the other women and talking to Johnson excitedly.


“I guess our boy Johnson is a real hit with the ladies,” says Sanders ruefully.  He has a stain on his tie and his shirt needs ironing.  He hasn’t been the same since his own wife left him last year.


You just shake your head and change the subject to sports.  The night progresses and you move from group to group chatting with various folks from different departments.  You notice that Johnson is spending an inordinate amount of time talking with and touching your wife.


You manage to avoid talking to Johnson for most of the night.  But just as you were ready to leave and are about to go find your wife, Johnson approaches you with a good looking blonde on his arm.


“Smith, there you are!” he says loudly.  “Have you met my wife, Marrissa?”


Johnson’s wife nods at you coldly.  


“Hello, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that Jimmy was married,” you say.


“You wouldn’t think so from the way he’s been acting all night, would you?” she says stiffly, giving her husband a dirty look.


“I have no idea what you are talking about, darling,” says Johnson with a roguish smile.  “Here, be a dear and have the car brought around, I want to have a quick word with Smith, here.”


Marissa sniffs angrily and strides away as requested.  You take a moment to admire her slim figure as she departs.


“Hot body, huh?” asks Johnson noticing your interest.


“Uh, what?” you ask, taken by surprise.


“Never mind.   Look, I want to ask you a favor,” says Johnson, putting his arm around your shoulder and speaking quietly.  “I met your wife tonight and found her to be simply charming.”


“Yeah, she’s a great lady,” you say, restraining the urge to draw away from him.


“She’s really fun.  Anyway, I know this is really irregular, but how would you feel if I invited your wife on a weekend trip?”  Johnson smiles at you with a devilish glint in his eye.


You are completely shocked by this and it takes you a moment to gather your wits about you.  “What, just you and her?” you stammer.


“Basically, yes.  I might also invite a couple of my old college buddies along,” he says softly, looking around to make sure no one overhears.


“Yeah, that is… irregular…” you say trying to think of an appropriate response.  “I guess that would be up to her.”


“She said she was game if you were ok with it,” says Johnson wiggling his eyebrows at you suggestively.


“Where were you thinking of going?” you ask, struggling to suppress your anger.


"There is a great little nude beach up the coast a little ways," he says nonchalantly.  "My own wife is too uptight to go…"


“You’ve got to be kidding!” you cry out, pulling away from him.  A couple of people look over curious about your outburst.  Your heart is pounding and your palms are slick with sweat.


“Easy, easy.  You don’t have to answer now.  Just think it over,” says Johnson making a calming gesture with his palms down.  “Ciao!”   And with that he walks off with smirk on his face.


At first you are angry, but it quickly crosses your mind that this might be a way to unseat Johnson before he can even get situated.  You wonder if this qualifies as sexual harassment.  You go find your wife and make your final goodbyes before heading out.  Once you are both out in the car, you sit pensively thinking over the angles of the situation and waiting for your wife to spill the beans.


“So I guess Jimmy talked to you about his request?” she asks finally. She seems embarrassed and chagrined.


“He said you agreed to go off to a nude beach with him if I approved,” you say calmly looking out at the road illuminated by your headlights in the dark.


“Well I was just kidding around, dear,” says your wife hurriedly. “I guess I had a bit too much to drink… and… I don’t know…  I know you won’t want to hear this but he really is a funny young fellow in his own way.”  You glance over to see her looking over at you with concern, biting her lip apprehensively.


“He’s a prick, Martha.  A douchebag,” you say firmly.  “Christ, were you really charmed by that little scoundrel?”  You arch your brow at her.


“A bit, dear, a bit,” she admits with a rueful smile.  “He has a way about him.  Men don’t really pay as much attention to me as they used to, but he has a way of looking at a woman… That makes her feel…” she laughs nervously.  “Desirable?”


“Oh shit, Martha,” you say looking at her sadly.  “Don’t I tell you how beautiful you are often enough?”


“You do, dear, you do,” says your wife quickly.  “But other men don’t do that much anymore.  And that erodes my self-esteem.  So I hope you don’t mind if I enjoy the attention of a prickish young douchebag a bit.  Of course I wouldn’t dream of actually going along with him.”  She tries to smile bravely, but you can tell she actually feels insecure and ashamed of herself.


“It’s alright, dear,” you say, patting her on the knee.  “But actually, I think you should go with him.”


“What?!” she squawks in amazement.  “What are you talking about?”


“This might be a great opportunity for me to get Johnson fired,” you say smugly.  “The request alone probably qualifies as harassment, but if you actually go on a trip with him, that will definitely seal the deal.”


“Darling, think what you are saying!” gasps your wife.  “A nude beach?”


“Just because you go to a nude beach doesn’t mean you have to take your clothes off,” you say reasonably.  “What’s the matter, don’t you think you can handle yourself around this young upstart?  Are you afraid he will succeed in seducing you?”  You shoot her a quick teasing smile and she laughs nervously.


“You know I would never cheat on you, honey,” she says.  “And yes, I think I should be able to handle a man ten years younger than myself…  I just better swear off the liquor during this trip.”


“That’s the spirit!” you laugh.  “I’ll put an audio recording app on your smartphone and we will get all the goods we need to get this brash interloper fired and open that position up for me to take.”  And though you are laughing, it bothers you that your wife wouldn’t trust herself to drink around young Johnson.




The following day, you wife phones Johnson and makes the plans to head off to the beach.  You and she are sitting together in the living room as she places the call.


“Hello Jimmy, it’s Martha Smith,” says your wife.  “... yes, that’s what I’m calling about.  My husband has agreed to let me come along with you…” She shoots you a nervous glance.  “Oh, well… you see he’s very confident in our relationship…”  You realize that Johnson probably never  expected your wife to go through with this and are worried that he will back down.  Martha listens with furrowed brow for a moment and then breaks out laughing.  “Oh Jimmy!” she exclaims gayly.  “Don’t be naughty.  My husband is open-minded, but not that open-minded…”  You look are her in surprise and she blushes slightly as she listens to Johnson.  “Yes well next week works fine… No I certainly will not!  I expect you to be on your best behavior, young man…  Ok, I will tell him…  Yes, I am too… Bye now…”  Your wife hangs up and you are annoyed at how flushed with excitement she seems.


“What was that all about?” you ask jealously.


“I don’t think he expected you to go along with it,” says your wife with an impish smile.  “But he recovered pretty quickly.”


“What did he say?” you ask, but you aren’t sure you want to know.


You wife blushes more deeply.  “Oh just some typically cocky comments.  We agreed that he would send a car for me next weekend.”


“Ok, Ok,” you say shaking your head.  “I hope I don’t end up regretting this.”


“Oh darling,” says your wife.  “Don’t worry.”  She  come over and plops down into your lap, wrapping her arms around you.  “You’re the only man for me.  I will put that little fool in his place.”




The following week you go to work as usual but Johnson makes no reference to his planned tryst with your wife.  When Saturday rolls around, you and she go over the plan one final time as she waits for the car to arrive.


“Ok Martha,” you tell her.  “I put that recording app on your phone.  It does both audio and video, but I assume that you will only be able to grab audio.”


“Right, I played with it and I understand how it works,” says your wife confidently.


“So you should make sure to tell him how you felt forced to come along since he was my boss and that you were afraid my position at the company would be jeopardized if you refused,” you say, rubbing your hands together in anticipation.  “Are you sure you can go through with this?” you ask her.


“Yes, I’ll be fine,” she assures you breezily.  “If he makes any untoward advances, I will simply call a cab and head to a hotel.  I’m not worried in the least.  In fact, this might be a fun weekend.”


“Uh, yeah,” you say looking at your lovely wife with trepidation.  But before you can reconsider this crazy plan, a horn honks outside and your wife snatches up her overnight bag, pecks you on the cheek, and rushes out of the house.


You spend an awkward weekend by yourself.  The house feels big and empty without your wife to keep you company.  You putter about and wonder if you are doing the right thing.  If all goes to plan, you will get Johnson fired and be in a perfect position to take his place, at least temporarily.  On the other hand, what if things don’t go according to plan.  Your wife seems to genuinely like Johnson.  She laughs readily at his jokes and she seemed quite excited and eager to be heading off with him.  But then you shake your head at your worries.  You know your wife is faithful and that she never went for that really prickish sort of guy.  Besides, he’s ten years younger.  He’s not a mature man like yourself.


Late on Sunday night your wife finally returns.  She is tanned and glowing with health, but she has a worried look on her face.


“Welcome home, I missed you,” you say giving her a kiss.  “How did it go?  Did you get the goods?”


“Oh boy, did I…” she says returning your kiss.  She drops her bag on the floor and flops down into the couch.


“Let me hear the recording,” you say eagerly, reaching for her phone.


“Uh, maybe later,” she says not letting you have the phone.


“What’s the matter?” you ask, looking at her strangely.  


“I want to… edit the recording before you listen to it…” she says not meeting your gaze.


“But we can’t heavily edit this thing, it will take away from the credibility,” you say squinting your eyes.  “Did you say something incriminating?”


Your wife sighs deeply and pats the couch next to her, “Sit down honey, we need to talk,” she says nervously.


“I don’t like the sound of this,” you say joining her on the couch.


“No, you won’t,” she admits.  “You know how we just assumed you could go to a nude beach and not get nude?  Well, it doesn’t work that way.  If you are at this particular beach, you need to be disrobed.”


“Uh, ok,” you say with a gulp.  “So you just went back to the hotel then?”


“Not exactly,” she says delicately.


‘Wait, what?” you say, jumping to your feet.  “Don’t tell me you got naked in front of him!”


“Him and his friends,” she admits in a small voice.


“What the hell, Martha?  I thought we went over this!” you say pulling your hair and pacing around the room.  “How could you?”  The thought of your wife stripping naked in front of your douchebag boss is wrenching your gut.


“I just… I don’t know…” she says holding her hands up helplessly.  “I guess I shouldn’t have caved in and started drinking.  By the time we got to the beach, I was feeling pretty loose.  All the boys jumped out and pulled their shorts off without missing a beat.  They all just stood there with their stiff willies pointing at me, waiting for me to get naked with them.  So I thought, well, I will just take my top off.  But when my boobs came out, Jimmy was so complimentary about them that I got a little carried away and pulled my bottom off to show him my bush as well.  I mean, you should have seen how stiff he got when he saw me naked for the first time.”  You wife scrunches up her face and grimaces at you guiltily.


“Martha, I can’t believe you are talking to me about how hard you made my boss’ prick,” you say in shock.  You feel nauseous with jealousy.


“Well yes, I know.  But I do think we got some good footage for you to take to HR.  Like I said, I just need to edit it a little,” she says trying to smile and lighten up the situation.


“But why do we need to edit it?” you ask in frustration.


“Well, I am not… I don’t act very appropriate for a married lady.  His friends took some video of Jimmy and I on the beach together that I don’t want anyone to see,” she says with chagrin.


“Oh my god,” you say as the blood drains from your face.  “Give me that phone right now, Martha.”  You hold out your hand, and you see that it is shaking slightly.  


“You don’t want to see this, darling, trust me,” she pleads, gripping her phone tightly.


“Are you going to tell me everything that happened this weekend, or am I going to watch it on the phone?” you ask, surprised at how calm you sound.


“I was very naughty, dear.  Terribly naughty…” says your wife, tears welling up in her eyes.  “I never meant to hurt you.  I just don’t know what came over me.  I should have never agreed to do this.”


“Just give me the phone, dear,” you say, your voice softened by your wife’s tears.  “I can’t forgive you until I know what I am forgiving.”


Your wife hands over the phone reluctantly with her head bowed and you start skimming through the video.  There is a scene with your wife standing nude on a sunny beach surrounded by Johnson and two other guys in their 30’s.  You press play on the clip and see Johnson slapping his erection against your wife’s bare bottom while she laughs hysterically.  Your blood runs cold and you stop the video.


“Christ, Martha!  I don’t think I can watch this,” you say, hands trembling.  “You let that young jerk slap his wang against your bottom!”


“It gets worse, dear, please let me just delete all the video,” begs your wife with a sniffle.


You skip the rest of that video and click on the next one.  You watch as Johnson gestures at his stiff penis and tells your wife to get down on her knees to suck it.  A group of other nude men and women have gathered around and are laughing.  Your wife resists at first, but various people from the crowd are shouting encouragement and finally she grabs hold of your young boss’s dick and starts yanking on it.  He puts his hand on her shoulders and pushes her down onto her knees in the sand before him, then slaps her playfully across the cheek with his erection.  The crowd breaks out in a cheer and then your wife has his thing in her mouth and is sucking lustily on it, looking up at Jimmy with adoration in her eyes.  You stab the phone to pause it and glare angrily at your wife.  Your pulse is racing and your own cock is unaccountably hard at the sight of your wife going down on another man.


“I can’t believe you!” you sputter.  “If you told me you got drunk and carried away by the peer pressure, I could believe that. But the way you look up at him with his cock in your mouth.  You are practically worshipping that little prick.”


“Honey, it’s actually a pretty good sized prick…” says your wife, trying to smile.  She quickly hold up her hands when she sees the look of horror on your face.  “I’m kidding dear, I’m kidding.”


“How can you joke about this?” you demand.


“I admit, he just pushes my buttons sexually,” she says soberly.  “I have no excuse for it.  It’s just been a long time since I’ve been with another man.  And lord knows our own sex life hasn’t been stellar for a long time…”


“Ok, Ok!” you say.  “I know, I could forgive you anything.  Anything, with another man.  But not with this asshole.  I mean, he took my promotion away and now he’s taken my wife!”  You pace around the room anxiously waving your arms.


“Darling, he never meant to take anything from you, he just took a job that was offered to him,” argues your wife, jumping to her feet to console you.  “And he certainly hasn’t taken your wife.  That was a purely physical act.  You are the man I love and I will stick by you forever.  I just need you to forgive me!”


“Oh Martha,” you say looking at her sadly.  “Have I neglected you so much?”  You look down at the phone.  “What else will I see here?” you ask.


“You haven’t seen the worst of it yet,” she admits, bowing her head.


You rub your face and click on the next video.  You wife in laying spread out on the sand, with Johnson on top of her, thrusting himself between her legs.  His ass is pistoning up and down as she groans with pleasure and calls his name loudly.  A group of nude men stand in a circle around the fornicating couple watching with interest.  Some of them are stroking themselves lewdly.  You toss the phone aside and walk out the back door into the yard, running your hands through your hair.


It’s a cool clear night out here and the stars are twinkling above.  Martha comes and stands in the doorway.  


“How many of those other guys did you fuck?” you ask numbly.


“Several,” she admits quietly.  


“And I assume they shot their loads all over you?” you ask in disgust.


“On me and some inside me,” she admits.  Oddly your cock stiffens at the thought but you are disgusted with yourself for feeling aroused.


“Ok, you need to get the fuck out of here for a couple of days while I mull this over,” you say coldly.


“Yes, dear,” agrees your wife meekly.  “I will go stay with my sister.”


“Leave the phone, I am taking that to HR tomorrow and I’m at least getting that fucker fired!” you say.




The next day at work, you march right into Sarah, the HR director’s office with your wife’s phone. You had located a couple of conversations in which your wife described how threatened you felt by your boss inviting her on this trip and him just laughing about it.


“Hello, John, come in, I was expecting you,” says Sarah as you enter her office.


“Really?” you ask, taken aback.


“Yes, Johnson came to me last week about this trip your wife invited him on,” says Sarah squinting at you suspiciously.  “He wanted to know what out policy was regarding sexual relationships between spouses of coworkers.”


“Wait a minute, he invited my wife, not the other way around,” you say, taken completely by surprise.  


“And what did you hope to accomplish by agreeing to that little arrangement?” demands Sarah in a harsh tone.


“What are you suggesting, Sarah, that I would pimp my wife to garner favors with Johnson?” you respond hotly.


“You said that, not me,” sniffs Sarah.  “Policy is very murky in this area.  If Johnson propositioned a female employee working under him, then that would be very clearly harassment.  If a woman propositions a manager for career advancement… well there’s no rule against it, but there ought to be.”


“I can’t believe this, Johnson takes my wife on a weekend trip and you are accusing US of foul play,” you sputter angrily.


“Please control your tone,” says Sarah.  “I don’t want to have to call security.”


“Sarah, can’t you see what is happening here?” you say, struggling to keep your voice down.


“It’s clearly some of sort of torrid menage a trois,” says Sarah with disgust.  “I think you probably  agreed to it just because you thought you could use it against Johnson.  While I personally find the entire situation on both sides reprehensible, neither you nor he appears to have actually violated any company policy.  But I will talk to him about how appropriate it is to start immediately sleeping with the spouses of his direct reports if you want me to.”  Sarah is looking at you coldly and you just deflate beneath her piercing gaze.  You had no idea that this plan was so transparent. You shake you head sadly and leave without saying a word.


Out in the hallway you run into Johnson.  He sees whose office you are leaving and puts a conspiratory arm around your shoulder.  “I swear your wife could suck a golfball through a garden hose, my man,” he says lecherously.  “I assume you saw the phone video? That’s low res stuff, you should see the HD footage we got using my buddy’s camera.  The way she sucked my pal’s nuts while I banged her doggystyle back at the beach house was epic.”


“Get the fuck off me,” you snap pushing his arm away.


“Ok, Ok, take it easy, bro,” he laughs easily.  “We posted it all online.  I will send you the URL.”  Then he strides away whistling, but then pauses as he thinks of something else.  “Oh but we are still editing the stuff we shot last night with her and her sister, so give us some time to edit that.”


You just stare slack jawed at him as he backs away down the hall laughing.



Read the "Wives Cheating, Husband Watching" series of cuckold stories: Vol.5, Vol.4, Vol.3, Vol.2, Vol.1


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