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My More Realistic Vision Of Cuckoldry Part 1


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         My more realistic vision of cuckoldry. Part one


This is just a fantasy and did not happen. Feedback very welcome email [email protected]


 There comes a point in your life when you look back at your mistakes and look to the future and what you want to make you happy. After a failed marriage and many failed relationships. I was doing just that, looking seriously at how I could make my future happier.


 For a few years I had been interested in cuckoldry, after reading about it as a lifestyle in the old Forum magazines. To be quite honest I was never convinced that I was good enough as a lover and so the idea of cuckoldry grew in my mind.


 The reason was simple really, I enjoyed the company of women and wanted them to be happy and content. I truly believe that my partner should be fulfilled in bed for a relationship to be strong.


 However fantasy, want and need are two different things. I had made the classic mistake of expecting the porn version of cuckoldry to be like real life. You know the thing the hot looking Milf from videos and stories who always appear to be from a higher standing in society than the cuckold.


 I had chosen women like this and to my credit had pulled a few. But once the relationship had progressed enough to feel safe to sound them out about bringing others into the mix it was soon made clear that they only wanted one man in the relationship, and my fantasies were not on the menu.


 I took time out and left all the groups that I had joined to find a cuckoldress and began to think about the way to make my fantasy real. It was making me depressed and I got used to the idea of living the last years of my life single.


 And then on a cold winters morning I saw her! I was having a cigarette through my window when she walked down my street obviously taking her dog to the local park. What made her stand out even from this distance was how she looked.


 She looked to be about my age, late forties. But looked older, like life had not been kind to her. She had long dirty blonde hair which was piled on top of her head. She was slim, and she was dressed sexily for such a cold, damp day.


What do I mean by dressed sexily? Well for a start, what stood out to me was her tight bright red spandex trousers! She also had a black shiny puffer jacket and some black suede boots which looked like they had seen better times.


 Now I know that I was trying to get away from the porno version of a cuckoldress and I was. But there was something different about her. She was giving off the aura of a woman who had been around the block a few times, and what’s more she looked like she was still looking for cock.


 It was the next day that sealed things for me. Again she was out walking her dog and was dressed similar to the previous day. This time though she had a grey nylon jacket on. And the same suede boots and today Black shiny spandex trousers. This was the sign to me that she was looking for sex, as it was not the type of clothing you would expect to see on the street during day time. It was the sort of clothing you may expect to see in one of the trashier night clubs.


 The next day I decided to take a walk about the time she would be walking her dog hoping to bump into her. And just as I thought she was going to be a no show, there she was. Just as I walked around the corner she appeared. Catching me quite uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I just mumbled a hello as I made sure I gave her a good look over.


 Yes, I wanted her to know that I was interested, but also wanted to make sure she was what I was expecting. And she was.  She was haggered but still with an aura of sexiness. I walked past her with a smile and after a five second count turned around for a final look, just as she did the same. Perfection she had caught me looking.


 I walked back to my place, and began to plan the second phase of my seduction. There are two pubs near me one is a family pub where they do food. The second is a rundown estate pub the kind of pub with a dart board, pool table etc. It is not the kind of pub that I would usually use. But I figured looking at her, it would, out of the two be the one she would use.


 Luckily it was Christmas so there would be a good chance that she would be in the pub with friends, as most women don’t go in a pub by themselves around here! Especially a pub like this one. I dressed myself up a bit and put my best aftershave on and made my way to the boozer in question.


 I got myself a pint and stood at the bar taking a look around hoping that she would be in. At first I did not spot her but then I heard some loud female laughing coming from one of the booths. I noticed that if I went to the juke box I would be able to see who was in there.


 I was in luck, she was there and still in the red spandex trousers she was in earlier in the day which probably meant they had not been washed in days. They looked great with a nice tight black spandex t shirt. I felt my cock stir as I took a long look at her. She had obviously had a few and was with two friends giggling and drinking.


 Just to be near her and in her eye sight, I set up the pool table and began to pot a few balls. I kept sneaking a look at her every now and then, and spotted that her friends had noticed me looking, and were nudging her and whispering in her ear.


 She grabbed her cigarettes and vodka and I followed her to the outside shelter. It was cold so there was no one else there. I watched as she lit up a long cigarette and exhaled smoothly as she leant back on the wall with one leg up.

 Just to get close, I asked her for a light. Her spandex covered knee brushed against my hard cock as I leant in for the light, and our eyes met. As I said thank you, I put my hand on her knee and squeezed. She smiled and our lips met in a hot passionate embrace.


 Jenna and I dated for about six months in a hot and steamy sex fuelled relationship. I just loved how trashy she could be and look. Soon it was time to find out whether she could become the woman I craved, one that would cuckold me! I cooked a meal and plied her with plenty of wine which I had laced with vodka.


 Once I was sure she was feeling merry but not completely out of it, I slid my hand up her skirt as she lay back on the sofa. As I ran my finger over her satin pantied pussy, I took a deep breath and asked her if she ever still thought about other guys and missed the variety.


 It was make or break time and I was sure she was going to answer in the negative. But I was shocked when she admitted she did miss her one night stands, as she loved to feel a new cock every now and then. This was the perfect answer for me, as it meant that she wanted different cocks but not get rid of me.


 I told her that I would love to see her fuck other guys and that it would make me hot. As I spoke I felt her pussy moisten, and I rubbed harder on her pussy her hips moving up to meet me. “Yes, yes I want a new cock now” she cried clapping her hands . I asked if she felt like going to a local place known for dogging. Without much persuasion she panted, “fuck yes, let’s go”.


  She went to shower and I looked in her wardrobe for something suitable for her to wear. I chose a short pvc skirt which was tight and only just long enough to cover her pussy. For a top it had to be an old t shirt which I ripped in strategic places to show off her nipples and bits of her tits. With a marker pen I wrote in big letters slut for cock.


 When she came out of the shower she said she liked what I had done and found some old stockings which she ripped too before putting them on. She put the rest of the outfit on with some sexy ankle boots, as it would be soft under foot there.


 I showed her a chastity device I had bought ages ago, and told her I would like her to lock me into it so I couldn’t intrude on her fun. She giggled but agreed forcing my cock into the device. I felt the spikes on the inside, and knew they would hurt if I got to excited. She kept the key putting it in her handbag, she grabbed the rest of the vodka and a short leather jacket she had, and we were on our way.


 She made me stop at a garage to get her some more cigarettes and she asked if she should buy some condoms while we were there. I answered no, and was rewarded with a kiss and her saying “that’s completely the right answer”. I watched as she walked into the shop. I noticed a lot of guys watching her every move, one guy spilling petrol down his car!


 Soon we were off again, and I could almost smell her arousal. It did not take long before the wooded car park came in to view. Jenna took a swig of vodka, and took two of her long cigarettes. She wiped the filtered ends in the juices coming from her pussy and gave one to me and one for herself.


 We smoked them as I parked up in a discrete place, passing two cars on the way.  “My god I cannot wait for some big cocks you naughty boy. You have put some filthy ideas into my mind, things I have always wanted to do, but never had the courage to do. Thank you for letting me do this and I have not said it yet, but I love you I have never had a boyfriend that has let me be myself”.


 I told Jenna I loved her too and we kissed, touching each other up as we did and getting really horny. I felt the time was right, plus I needed a break, as my cock was getting painful in its cage. From my pocket I took a bottle of poppers which we both took a good long sniff from. I really wanted Jenna to fly and lose any inhibitions.


 We heard a third car pull in not far from us and could see it was a guy about our age and big built. Jenna put on the interior light and refreshed her lipstick and lip gloss.


 Taking another big hit of the poppers she told me to put on the headlights and some music. She took off her jacket and stepped out of the car and stood in the glare of the headlights. Jenna began to sway her hips to the music as I turned the interior light on, signalling to the other car owners that it was ok to approach.


 The guy that had just pulled in opened his door and got out. From my wing mirror I could see he was bulging in his lycra shorts. I watched Jenna beckon him over blowing him a kiss.


 He stood behind her as she danced grinding her sexy ass into his cock. I heard the other two car doors open and close and saw a middle aged guy who was slightly chubby, and a very young guy in a nylon track suit who could only just have passed his driving test approach. They stood by my car and glanced in to see me in my cage squirming.


 I felt so humiliated seeing these guys watch me but so turned on. Jenna now turned, grinding her front into the buff stranger, and began to kiss him. She took another hit of poppers and beckoned me over to watch closer, as she slid down his body and took out his cock.


 When I got there I could see he was large and very erect “look hunni isn’t his cock big, should I put it in my mouth”? I knew there was no going back. “Yes please, suck his cock for me like the dirty slut you are”. Jenna licked around the guys cock head showing me the pre cum on her tongue.


 Jenna had a wonderful way of starting a blow job, by sticking her long tongue out and sliding it down the cock as she took the first mouthful. This she did letting out an “Mmmmm” of approval.  As I and the other two guys watched she began to suck the stranger hard. The guy putting his hand on the back of her head.


 I took the poppers from Jenna, and took another hit. My head swam as I turned to the young lad in the track suit and asked him to finger Jenna’s cunt for me. The older guy I asked to go and play with her tits and not be to gentle, as she does like a bit of roughness with her tits.


 Jenna was going crazy with lust as she was manhandled. The guy who was being sucked suddenly spoke “. I am going to fuck this slut”. I nodded my assent to him and now knew he was taking control. He almost dragged my girlfriend to my car pushing her face up onto the bonnet.


 I cursed my cock cage as I got to hard watching, his cock slide into Jenna’s pussy. Her face was a sight to behold as his cock stretched her pussy. The older guy put his cock in Jenna’s mouth and the young guy started to twist and pull on her nipples.


 In between sucking the old guy she gave off mewls of contentment. Soon the first guy began to buck harder “I am going to cum” he shouted. Jenna locked her legs around the guy’s waist “Fill me with your hot cum, big boy”.


 The guy grunted as he fired his cum deep into my girlfriends pussy And I saw Jenna’s eyes glaze over as her pussy was flooded by his baby making juice. He pulled off, and Jenna grabbed the old guy and forced his cock into her pussy. I think we all knew he wouldn’t last long.


 Soon the old guy added his cream to Jenna’s pussy just as the young guy came in her mouth. As soon as they could they got back into their cars and left.


 Jenna embraced me and gave me a hug. She then opened her lips slightly showing me that her mouth was full of the young guys cum. She leant in to kiss and soon we were swapping the cum between us and we both swallowed it all.


 Jenna pushed me down onto my knees and I soon understood why, as she straddled my face. “Open your mouth lover and drink from my hole”. I did as asked and was soon rewarded with two loads of cum dripping into my mouth.


 God this was all too much, it had been such a sexy evening, I was so turned on. Jenna bent her legs forcing her pussy onto my lips, and I began to lick every bit of the mixed cum from her.  She came on my mouth as she rode my face.


 Eventually she got off my face letting me breathe. As I started to recover I knew there was something else I just had to do. Still on my knees with cum all over my face I asked Jenna to become my wife.


 She Picked me up from the floor, and as she kissed the cum from my face whispered that she accepted my proposal. As we drove home still high she told me of some ideas she had for the wedding!  But that is another story.


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My story is very similar.  I had the fantasy of marrying a proper lady with hotwife desires but didnt know how to find one.  First marriage was boring enough that I swore I would take my time looking and testing before falling in love.

Only place I could find sluts was in sleezy bars and areas of town.  I actually found her at night school.  I needed to take some basic accounting and killed two birds with one stone.  So similar to you she dressed slutty and would appear multiple days with same clothing.  Hair cheap color and mistreated but she was full of fun.  Over the course of 6 weeks I saw her leave with 5 other guys in the class before I approached her.  This confirmed she was easy but also danger she might blow me off.   Short story I had my day .  I also brought up the subject of being open to her freedom and she was smart enough to see I was THE ONE for her.

Now it was time for me to decide if I could bring this slut into the fold of reality of my real life.   I made a choice and went of my social grid for 7 years.  Thats how long it took to groom her and educate her.   I finally presented her to society; very nervous that my Harvard educated friends would sneer at my choice.  She played the perfect wife.  Well.. almost oerfect.  The twinkle in her eye gave her away... and my friends ADORED her.   The very first night of social gathering she had given her number to three of my friends.  And I thought they were educated and polite and respectful.

Apparently everyone is a pig under the skin. Short story: she has already laid at least half a dozen of my own friends. not to mention her own stable.  Now she dresses MK and Neiman Marcus but still manages to show ample cleavage and leg and have everyone drool.  Oh and she asked me for a tit and ass job which makes her look like a white woman in a black womans body. 

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      She surprised me, "It's 9 inches long and 3 inches thick."
      "How do you know that?"
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      I didn't understand it either.
      "She showed me her photo album; it looked very beautiful to see her cute, white body alongside his dark body."
      That night, Beth was sucking me, and I felt she was thinking about something else.
      "What is it? Where are your thoughts?"
      "It's nothing," she shyly smiled.
      "Honey, you know we are open to talk about anything."
      "I just thought Kim and I have about the same mouth size, so how could she suck a cock 9 inches long and 3 inches thick? My mouth is about to be filled with your 5-inch cock."
      "Maybe they were not sucking."
      "She said she sucks him."
      "When did she tell you this?" I was surprised at the intimate details they had obviously shared.
      "She said it when she showed me the photo."
      "You said she loves to fuck him."
      "I think she said both."
      "Enough about them, now focus on us and give me your sweet pussy." We made love and I got excited with the sexiness of my hot wife. She also enjoyed it more than our usual nights.
      The next day was Friday and I went shopping for some groceries and beer. When I returned, I found that Beth wasn’t home, so I opened a beer and cooled off. Then I got a call from Beth's phone; it was Kim.
      She said, "Beth said you were working in the evenings and, as a result, you two are not going out together regularly. She would like to come to a party with me and Gayle, are you okay with that?"
      I said, "It's her decision, and I likely will be working in the evening. She can have all the fun she wants, but it’s her choice.” I said it without thinking, probably because of the effect off the beers I’d had.
      I heard Kim say to Beth, "What did I tell you? He seems to be totally okay with it," and then she hung up the phone. A few minutes later, Beth stopped at home, dressed casually in jeans and shirt, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Are you sure you’re okay with me going out with Kim and Gayle?"
      Trying to remember what was going on beyond our home, I said, "You can have all the fun you want. Just remember, you’re my wife."
      “What does that mean?” Beth asked.
      “It means you’re my wife, first. In the same way, I’m your husband first.”
      She looked perplexed, then said, "Okay. Love you," And she left. I didn’t understand her apparent confusion; I expected that, whatever she did would pass the husband test. I would always behave in a way to pass the wife test.
      At 11 pm she came back. I could barely believe it. She looked very hot in a one-piece party dress. Her perfect body shape was entirely showcased for anyone to see.
      "What happened to you?"
      "I am very tired, I danced a lot and I am really dragging, so can we talk about it in the morning? Goodnight, honey." She gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.
      In the morning I looked at her questioningly. She shyly smiled and I asked about the evening.
      "When I came back from giving my afternoon lecture, you weren’t home, and Kim called me to come over. She said it was important. I went to her home and I saw Gayle and his friend. Kim introduced the friend as Fernando. Kim had called me to ask for a favor. Fernando is divorced and they were all going to a party. Fernando's ex would be there on a date with some other man. He wanted to show his ex that he was with someone hotter than her. Fernando asked me, would I do him the favor of going with him. I said I am a married woman and I can't date him."
      "Is he black?"
      "Yes, he is. Kim insisted that Fernando is a good friend, and I don't have to actually date him, just pretend.”
      I said, "You didn't like the idea?"
      "She asked me to call you and ask. After I dialed, she took the phone from me. I didn't hear what she said to you, but she said you agreed."
      "What? I didn't say that! She said you wanted to go out with her and Gayle. She didn't mention Fernando – or anything about you going as his date for the evening!"
      Beth looked shocked. She tried to cover, "I … I … I was uh, uh, just pretending!" She could see I wasn’t at all happy about this.
      She was very moody and in a sad voice said, "I thought you would let me have a date ... pretending!" She went quiet for a bit. Eventually, she looked at me and saw I was truly angry about what had happened. I asked her to tell me about what went on during this pretend date.
      Wringing her hands, Beth said, "I thought I had no reason not to go along with Kimberly’s idea, because you had already given permission – at least, that’s what I thought.”
      “Why would you ever think that, Beth? Why would you want to do what she asked?”
      “I … I don’t know. She’s my friend and I wanted to make her happy.”
      “You mean you wanted to make you happy!”
      She looked ashamed at that point, and very uncertain.
      “Go on,” I told her.
      “I … I came here to change from my work dress and put on the jeans you saw. Kim and Gayle mocked me about the way I dressed to go to the party. 'We’re not going to a cookout,' Kim said. She was wearing a one-piece sleeveless dress, five inches above her knees. She looked hot, so she took me into her wardrobe in her bedroom. She asked me which dress I liked. Every one of them was as short or even much shorter, than what she wore. 
      “I said I always wore bigger, longer ones, but she insisted on me trying them on. I wore one and she said I looked hot and beautiful. I said I couldn’t go out in it, especially without my husband. I tried to call you and she asked me if I was so dependent that I needed to ask your permission for everything I do, trying to embarrass me.
      “She took my phone and pulled me out of the room, forcefully. Gayle and Fernando gave me eager applause, which raised my confidence and distracted me.”
      “Beth, I can’t believe you were that naive.”
      “I’m sorry!” She cried.
      “Sometimes you can act like such a stupid girl. Go on.”
      “We went to a party and we drank. After a while, we saw Fernando's ex. She was hotter than hell. Fernando asked me to pretend I was his girlfriend and he hugged me and kissed me deeply and passionately. I think it was the drinking which made me want to do it. He was very gentle after all…”
      “I can’t believe you were that stupid, Beth.”
      “I … I’m trying to tell you … Oh, it is stupid!"
      "Go on, Beth."
      "We eventually drove back to Kim's home and Fernando left. When I was alone with Kim, I asked about how she sucks Gayle since he has such a big cock. She asked, ‘Would I be wanting to know?' I said yes, and then what she replied made me angry, so I left.”
      "Honey, what did she tell you?"
      "You will get angry also, so leave it. I am going to go make a coffee."
      "Why wouldn’t I be an angry guy after you had a real date?"
      "It was just pretending."
      "Well, I won't get angry with you for what Kim said to you, but you better tell me."
      "It makes me nervous that If I wanted to know how she does it, she would show me, but won't tell me."
      That day I thought about Beth seeing Kim and Gayle fucking. Somehow, the idea made me hot in bed, so I asked, "Are you interested in seeing Kim suck Gayle's cock?" She said no. I fucked her again and in between I asked her to go give it some thought.
      Saturday evening Beth got a phone call, and I could hear her say 'no' and cut the phone.
      I asked, "Was it Kim?"
      "Was it about watching them?"
      "Yes - and I said no."
      "You can watch if you want."
      "You want me to watch?"
      "What if they tried to do something with me?"
      "Go along with it, if you want."
      "Do you want me to be a slut?"
      "No, I don't want it, I just want you to be free. If you like something, do it, don't ask my permission, but later you must tell me what it was. You’ve already gone so far with Fernando that I’m re-thinking our relationship."
       She seemed truly hurt. Too bad, I thought. If there’s something in all this that gets me aroused, I won’t question it. I’ll let it play out.
      "Is that your fetish, me doing it with someone else?"
      "It’s not a fetish. I want you all to myself. But you’ve already crossed that line, in my opinion. At this point, I don’t give a shit. You initiated this situation. You want to do it, then do it. I have loved you since our college days. I know you are a beautiful woman. Since I write in the evening, I’m sure that makes me very boring, but I don't want you to sit around and be bored with me. Go enjoy yourself. I’d rather have some of you than none of you."
      "You are not boring."
      "You certainly are acting like I am. Go and see, then tell me everything when you come back." And I gave her a peck on the cheek, letting her go with very mixed feelings.
      Chapter 2 
      It was now eight in the evening. Beth had left home an hour ago. I was thinking about what might be happening when I got a call from Beth.
      "Can I suck a big black cock?"
      "I will not play games with you, Beth. It is your decision. Either this will be good for us or destroy us. I cannot decide that – only judge it when it happens. The ball is in your court. You no longer need my permission to go along with it."
      After I hung up, I thought to myself, what am I telling her? I was off-guard. When did Fernando arrive at Kimberly’s house? Will he fuck Beth? Oh shit, I thought.
      She came home an hour later and went to bed.
      In the morning, when I woke up, I saw she was reading the newspaper. She got up and prepared a coffee for me.
      While I was drinking it, I looked at her and she said, "Do you want me to tell you what happened yesterday?"
      "Yes. That was our agreement. Tell me everything."
      "Okay, when I got to her house, only Kim was there. She said, ‘I thought you said no.’
      "I did, but Robert and I discussed it and he gave me the go-ahead."
      "What else did he say?" She asked me.
      "Robert said if I wanted, I could suck it too, but if I did, I might have to face the consequences."
      "Gayle’s cock is my cock - and only mine. I won't give it to anyone, even you."
      "I don't want his cock either, I’m just was telling you what Robert said."
      "Okay. Then you can have Fernando's cock."
      "No, I don't want any cock but Robert’s!"
      "You said your husband will let you have a black cock and you don't want it? Are you crazy? Do you know how amazing it is? Haven’t you heard the proverb, 'Once you go black you never go back?’ "
      "That's not what he said. He agreed that I can watch you two and if you persuade me, I can go along with it if I like it and want the experience."
      "Either way, your husband wants you to fuck a black cock."
      "Yes! Let me ask you something. How long is Robert’s cock?”
      "5 inches and ... a half!"
      "Do you take it all?"
      "Listen to me. If you have sucked a black cock once in your life, you can suck your hubby's cock, at any time! In a different way than you ever did before. And he is going to love it and it will change your sex life forever."
      "I don't know … When he told me it was okay, he made it clear that it could damage or destroy our relationship."
      "I don't like to share Gayle, and I won’t. Fernando would like to get it on with you. He mentioned to us that he thought you were very beautiful, and he wants to date you again. I mean a real date, not pretending."
      "We both smiled at that comment, and suddenly she was calling someone. I asked if it were Fernando. She said, yes and I replied that I wanted to confirm the whole idea with you and she got angry like the first time I said I wanted to check with you. She said this was the last time she would let me get any confirmation from you in these situations."
      I got hot from that comment. Knowing my wife, Beth, could end up involved in something that I'm not even aware of. I knew the actual truth only when Beth told me later. She asked me if it was okay. I said, "Yes, I suppose. But I’d always hoped you could be fulfilled with only me."
      She gave me a little peck on the cheek and said, “You do satisfy me and make me feel loved. But I think it’s very nice of you to give me this level of freedom.” I asked her to continue her dialog.
      "After I called you, she heard what you said, 'You can go along with it."
      "That wasn’t exactly what I said. In addition, I didn't know it was Fernando's cock."
      "Either way, you knew then I was going to have a big black cock."
      She was right. I’d lost the high ground here. It was my own fault for being so wishy-washy. "Tell me more."
      "She called Fernando. I didn't hear what she said, but I could tell she was very happy. Afterward, she called Gayle and she became sad and told me that Gayle was going to be late, real late, today."
      "I asked her what we should do and when Fernando would come."
      "He will be here soon, within minutes."
      "I pointed out to her, ‘I said earlier that if you and Gayle suck and if it persuades me, I will do it to Fernando. Please call him and tell him, we can do it later, since Gayle isn’t here.’ "
      "Beth, I gave Fernando an offer on your behalf, so we can't take it back, especially now that he’s on his way."
      “’Okay,’ I said. ‘Kim, will you do Fernando today?’ "
      "I’m sorry Beth. I can't do anything like that! I can't cheat on Gayle!"
      "What about me?"
      "It's not like that, Beth. I already have a big black cock and I want you to have one for your pleasure. Your hubby is willing to let you do this. I said I would show you how I fuck a big black cock, so I will do it tomorrow. Honey, today you are on your own. You’re about to have an experience which will change you forever."
      "That’s when we heard Fernando's car. Kim said, ‘Don't make him sad, or disappointed, please.’ And she kissed me on the cheek."
      “Then Beth went to get some water and I realized was still horny. No, I was even hornier.”
      “Beth returned and continued where she’d left off, until Fernando was at the door.”
      "Fernando came in and gave me a very passionate kiss before I could do anything. After that he took out his cock and I could see it was six inches. He made me do a hand job and his manhood swelled up to become a nine-inch hard cock which is much thicker than yours. He put it in front of my mouth, but I couldn't even take it. He helped me make my mouth stretch. I almost took half of it and couldn't believe it. After a few minutes, he came. He made me drink all of it and it was heavy. Then he took my dress off and played with my titties.
      "He tried to put that huge cock into my pussy, but It was painful at first. Kim said regular practice makes it better and better. He came a lot again, this time he took it out of my pussy, put it in my mouth and made me swallow all of it. After that fucking, it was hard to walk."
      She then cried that she did this for me.
      I said, "It’s okay honey, I love you. You can have Fernando's big black cock anytime you want."
      After receiving my permission, over the next few weeks she visited Kim's home every day until Gayle got back. I was working on my new book, so I didn't have sex with her.
      The next week I noticed she was very desperate for sex and I knew Gayle was back so she couldn’t fuck Fernando in his house. Fernando asked her out so she started dating him, two or three times a week. 
      This is the first two chapters of 'Wife Customized by Black Lovers and New Bosses', A Novel I wrote, which has more than a hundred pages. It is available on Amazon and it is free for kindle unlimited. More chapters will be coming to cuckoldfart based on readers' reactions. Meanwhile, read it on Amazon.
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