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Best experience I've had is a birdlocked, no pain from extended wear, secure, and can get one in a small size version for us tiny dicks out there. Expensive...but very worth it. 

I'm a little bit bigger (7.5 inches, not huge but not tiny) So if they make them in bigger sizes as well I'm interested in trying it out. 

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Hi - my Domme locks me in a CB 3000 - it can be a bit tight if im aroused - she uses a handfull of crushed ice to fix that.  I normally have it on for a week at a time - she takes it off and inspects me - shaves me and if im lucky blows me.  If not it goes straight back on.  She handcuffs me to the bed for these inspections.  Its not too uncomfortable unless she also forces me to take a cialis tablet - which happens once a month or so.  She pegs me most nights with a Feelbuck dildo - says she needs the exercise.

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