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  1. lockedup4her

    Is there a time limit on cheating?

    This is very interesting. Seems like a bit of a dilemma. I could see both sides. My kik is lockedup4her if you’d like to chat.
  2. lockedup4her

    Cucks, show off your cages

    You’re so right Julie. We are all slaves to our women
  3. lockedup4her

    Cucks, show off your cages

    I’m sorry to disappoint...but she only dressed up so we could take some pictures. Kik me at lockedup4her if you’d like to chat more about her 😉
  4. lockedup4her

    Cucks, show off your cages

    Literally just took these not 10mins ago
  5. lockedup4her

    Cucks, show off your cages

    Holy Trainer V3, small
  6. lockedup4her

    need captions?

    Caption please
  7. lockedup4her

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I recently started sucking. Definitely don’t mind it, lol kik: lockedup4her
  8. lockedup4her

    mom is a fucking whore >:(

    Did you take those pictures with a toaster? Lol
  9. lockedup4her

    Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    I had started a new job. Met a very attractive older woman there. We started dating. I found out after a while she also had previously dated one of our other co-workers. No big deal, we all got along fine and it never was an issue. Fast forward about a year. We are in the middle of a fight. We aren’t talking for a few days. I wake up one morning horny as hell. Text her asking her to come over, that I really want to eat her out. She comes over, strips off her clothes, and gets in bed with me. I procede to bury my face between her legs and eat her. She was always a great squirter. So before long, I was a mess. Clean up. Go about our day, etc. Months later she admits something about that morning. Turns out she was with her ex the previous night. He fucked her all night, cumming in her pussy multiple times. She stayed the night there. And in the morning they fucked again. That was when I texted her. She left his house to come to mine. And I ate her pussy with my co-workers cum still inside her. When I asked her about it, she said it was so hot knowing I was eating her with his cum still inside her. Really got her off.
  10. lockedup4her

    Wife's anklet

    Me and my ex
  11. lockedup4her

    Making captions

    Wow! I think I just fell in love! Someone please caption her!!
  12. lockedup4her

    Chastity Cages

    My current cage