Wife getting closer. Last Saturday

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Well were to meet with a guy last Saturday at a bar.  Wife was supper excited and they had exchanged a lot of pics. She said she was going to let him play with her titts as they danced, and most likely give him a blowjobin our car as he e fingered her.  More would depend on how things went.  She was excited and tipsy before we got there.   He no showed.  said he forgot as had a long day at work.  She was disappointed.  It sucked as she was verry horny and looking forward to first time playing.  She was so horny as soon as we got in the car to leave I convinced her to strip and play with herself.  I did get a great blowjob on the way home. Several cars got a great show in the hour it took to get home.  So fun bet disappointing night

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