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my Wife wants to be shared


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4 hours ago, naruwilliams said:

Thanks for all the awesome comments.  Here's more of her. 


Sharing is the neighborly thing to do, so if she desires to be shared, by all means please share her with any man she so desires to to be used by. Then after she has been shred, I would be the first in line to clean up her paradise of love. I promise I will properly clean her pussy and make her body quiver in orgasmic pleasure at the same time. So, please make her happy by making her pussy a community meeting place. In the old ancient days, men met at the gates of the cities to discuss the important news of the day, I can tell that she would be topic one for all the men who were blessed enough to swim in her pool of erotic juices..

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Maybe his wife changed her mind.  I got a message that they were very interested in me after I sent them a message describing myself and my experience.  They asked if I wanted to know anything about them, and I had a few questions I sent back, and since then no communication even though he has logged on. 

I suspect he wanted to share her and she wanted no part of it.

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