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  1. Lil_Hubby

    My lusty loving wife

    The love of my life, who is shy and retiring in public but when properly seduced is a wildcat in the bedroom.
  2. Lil_Hubby


    She also likes stretchy lacy things like tonight....
  3. Lil_Hubby


    She loves wearing sexy things but she loves making clothes disappear as she enjoys good erotic play!
  4. No limit as long as the body and spirit are willing and able!
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  6. We are an older couple married over 20 years. Recently in our sexual discussion and play the thought of her enjoying another man while I watch has raised her interest. She is shy about it but is enjoying the thought of it in bed. she would like this to be a chance encounter but, I believe that chance favors those who plan and prepare. I am seeking a straight man between 21-40 interested in mature women. Must be ddf, non smoking, discreet, respectful, well endowed, and willing to be patient as we prepare for the chance encounter that will bring my wife both the pleasure and ego boost she deserves. Short answers and rude comments will be ignored. Well thought out and intelligent responses will get moved to the top of the list.
  7. Cowgirl or doggy with her looking right into my eyes as he takes her to the heights of ecstasy.