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just curious showing friends your wife


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The Voice of Experience is really talking now, isn't it Pat, randy Teacher Slut...you had many opportunities to get turned on this way, didn't you Whore...

By the way,Randy greatly enjoyed the photos of you I just sent to him...

now your cunt is getting wet again...


I must admit to it all having the effect you describe but what photos are you talking about and who is Randy?

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Its very sexy being shown pics of a husbands wife i love it . A friend showed his wife in her stockings and suspenders looking up her skirt at her shaven pussy. Im m pleased to say at a later stage  i was sable to enjoy his wife while he watched the action.

Any Uk Cucks want to show me your wife pictured in stockings and suspenders please do .

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YesSome of the pictures I show are her tits or just her pussy What I'll do is just get a random bunch of photos together then start scrolling through them while my buddies are checking them out i'll ask what do you think of those tits big ass nipples they know my saying Ithose are fucking hot


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