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  1. steptoe

    My wife for you

    Wow nice
  2. steptoe

    just curious showing friends your wife

    Loved showing gf off to mates, always good fun.
  3. steptoe


    What about a grope box at clubs, thee is a very well known club local who has one and know a few wives been in it
  4. steptoe

    Looking To Initiate A New Hotwife

    If she's is taken to clubs and events will be be used there too, if so how to you envisage and what.
  5. steptoe

    My big tits wife

    Lovely, where is she from
  6. steptoe

    How Would You Use Her

    Love to see some new pics of wifeisaflirt :-)
  7. steptoe

    How Would You Use Her

    Post some more Id love to see her spread
  8. steptoe

    How Would You Use Her

    Like to see more of her
  9. steptoe

    Bull Loves The Idea Of Gf Fucked By Another!

    Just means the dom likes to share his wife or GF, perfectly normal Id say.
  10. steptoe

    My Indian Gf On Show For You

    Fantastic Breasts, love her pussy.
  11. Lovely ass, is she or you wanting a group to service her.
  12. steptoe

    Greatest difference in age

    Great story and fantastic wife
  13. steptoe

    Bull Is Much Older Than My Wife

    Part of the atraction be cuck or dom is seeing her fucked by a much older guy. All consensual of course. Enjoying the depths of her and emptying their balls deep inside. The age gap helps add to the naughyness she said. I dont know if any one has had a bull share their wife with his friends adds a real thrill to it all too fo all parties.
  14. steptoe

    Bull Is Much Older Than My Wife

    Could eaily be so. Same thing here had a few drinks, stripped her, then was up her like a rat up a drain pipe. Fucked her hard and came in her. Sort of conquest. Got her in to real dirty sex and her always wanting more. Did he share yours too ?
  15. steptoe

    Real Dom Bull