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  1. So who likes watching their wife humiliated or is than and S&M thing more than a cuck thing ?
  2. steptoe

    Who knows?

    Interesting you mention genetic disposition, one partner of mine certainly had that handed down from her parents. As soon as she was able and legal she was up for it.
  3. Stunning hairy asshole and cunt
  4. PlayMate, I agree watch out for the drop as pflash and SandL say. Can you handle watching another man, friend or stranger push his cock right in to your wifes vagina up to his balls fuck her and come hard inside her ? or even just hear her tell you about it or watch the vid or photos ? You need to be sure as does your wife. If you can its then its the start of a fantastic lifestyle. I an not sure getting your wifes friend to spill the beans is a good idea. What does your wife think about all of this so far, have you asked her about any of it to her ? And have you got a photo we can see ?
  5. steptoe

    Who knows?

    Three or four close male friends although she is not aware of them knowing. They invariably say they fancy the hell out of her, in the past one previous freind has taken it much further.
  6. Lovely how many are using her
  7. Youd split her open !
  8. So do you think this is more what youd love to see as its a really strong fetish for you ? or do you think its something that would be a really big turn on for her and encouraging her to do it ot letting her do it would it bring you closer together ?
  9. Its a balance of risk but it also comes with some of the best rewards you will ever have in your life.
  10. Well said I agree. When that moment comes that you think you want to see, In our case there was an older, rougher man with his big rock hard cock buried deep in her tight vagina ejaculating his sperm in to her, How will she feel then ? and how will you feel ? Will if be a loving experience ? or will the humiliation for her or you be part of it ? I remember the first time when he called her a slut, his balls tightening, shooting his sperm inside as he was ejaculating inside her vagina was just the best thing Ive ever seen. How will she feel and how will you react ? Is it just a fuck or is it something much more than that. You need to speak to her and decide.
  11. Id agree, mine was very reluctant at fist, and found the whole thing humiliating for her. But that was a turn on in itself for me which I was really surprised about. He was much older and pushed her to do things she wouldnt have dreamt about before but it became a huge turn on for her as well as me as things progressed. She certainly didnt want to give it up nor those that had the pleasure to enjoyed her. I loved her doing it. But be careful what you wish for.
  12. Love her nipples and tits. Is she ever shared ? love to see more
  13. steptoe


    I particularly like the pic of her anus and pussy
  14. Im dom but my ex always went with out condom's just so long as she knew bill of health was good and she like the feeling of them coming inside her. Even when she had the courage to take a group she went with out, after those sessions there was a hell of a mess in and around her pussy and ass which was always welcome by every one.