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  1. Looks like an ass
  2. How much more would you like her to go? Group? Bi? Have you discussed it with her? I found with mine, by talking about it and each time she does a tiny bit more, (revealing clothing, flirting, etc) I lavish her with compliments, saying how hot it got me and how sexy she looks. It got her to get there sooner.
  3. Simplest way is to watch some MFM porn, or leave a porn mag or story about MFM. Then just mention that it sounds a bit exciting.
  4. I am one of those who are not into humiliation. I enjoy sharing and enjoy seeing my partner pleasured. I enjoy her telling me how good it is. I enjoy him telling me what a good slut I have. But to be humiliated is NOT a turn on at all.
  5. Have you taken her to a dance club/bar? Maybe someone may ask her to dance. After a few times of this happening with you encouraging saying things like how sexy she looked in his arms or grinding on him and so on, she might just take that step.
  6. I wouldn't say HAIRY, but anywhere from bald to somewhat trimmed is just fine with me as long as there's good hygiene
  7. I do it but I don't pretend it's an internet pic. Depending on the friend I may "forget" the pic is there and play it off as an accident.
  8. Where are you?
  9. Excited!!!
  10. I would get her tipsy, then take her dogging where I can watch her sucking several strangers as their hands roam all over and finger fuck her pussy and ass, before laying her on the hood of the car where I would fuck her while the strangers squirt their cum all over her.
  11. Sounds easy enough for the bar fantasy. Just go online to any swingers site and find someone willing to take a shot. I did it when we went on vacation. I pretended to be a girlfriend of my wife's. I said that I know she has a fantasy and is always excited it may happen, but afraid of acting it out locally. This protects your 'innocence'. Good luck.
  12. Any couples looking for a 3rd to enhance your cuckold lifestyle/fantasy? As a switch, it doesn't matter what type of Cuck you are (Voyeur, Generous, Giving, Dominant, or Competitive), I can fulfill any/all of your desires . Mike
  13. I would classify myself as a Dominant, Giving, and Voyeur Cuckold. Then there are the submissive cuckolds that still are not into verbal humiliation, they are straight but desire to be "persuaded" by the woman to join in to perform oral on the guy about to fuck her.