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  1. mikefmBklyn

    Calling women slut/whore???

    SMH! Really? In my experience (it's different for everyone) it's all about the tone you use when using that word and calling someone a slut. Most women that I have been with, while having sex, enjoy being called a slut, especially when they are acting like one. But to be out and to just call someone a slut, can be disrespectful.
  2. mikefmBklyn

    Advice needed

    Keep it as a fantasy UNTIL she agrees not to do your friend OR you are secure enough to invite him. Reason is once you do it with a friend, then many will expect that it's okay to be with her even when you're not there. She may say THAT will never happen, but once she's been with someone, it's kinda hard to say no again, especially if she enjoyed him &/or likes him. Maybe go to a club/bar with music, get her a bit drunk again. She might be willing as she's checking out the men there, especially if any flirted &/or danced with her.
  3. mikefmBklyn

    Yes? No? Maybe so?

  4. mikefmBklyn

    Question for all cucks.

    This maybe off topic since I'm not a cuck or stag, but... Being 100% hetero, the last few years I have been FASCINATED with "forced" bi. I love reading erotica and hotwives and forced bi are a real turn-on. Now when I say forced, actually mean strongly persuaded. That means by being coaxed and maybe gently (ok, not so gentle, but not totally forced) persuaded to assist the woman in pleasing the guy orally. Then after a bit, have her back off and hear them talk about me saying how good of a cock-sucker I am & how I must really like it. Here are two I wrote (posted on eroticstories.com & Literotica) about being "persuaded" into sucking and one where I lost a bet with my Navy Buddies. ALL ARE FANTASIES but written as if they happened. Used by a married couple (3).docx USN Bowling Team (2).docx Unexpected Cuckold (2).docx
  5. mikefmBklyn

    wife wants to try sex with other guys

    If you're thinking about a swingers club, no need to skip your town. Almost all swingers are VERY respectful and won't seek you out and if they see you publicly, will totally act as if they don't know you. just ensure your first time is a couples only night. Sometimes young single guys can be real assholes.
  6. Hmmm. Question: You say you need advice on how "to make HER dream" of your fantasy come true? If it's her dream, there should be no issues. BUT, if you mistype, when you're out seeing guys checking her out, point it out to her and tell her how exciting you find it. NOT HOW EXCITED YOU ARE. That comes after a couple of more outings, unless she's receptive and likes hearing how exciting you find it. It's a small step from there.
  7. mikefmBklyn

    Coping with rejection and denial

    Wow! Really? I read all the responses and am just SMFH! To me it's really simple-This lifestyle AIN'T for you & your wife!! Maybe as playtime, but NOT a lifestyle.
  8. mikefmBklyn

    Wife is proud and brave enough to show face

    also, ... LOVE that bar pic. AWESOME!!!
  9. mikefmBklyn

    Wife is proud and brave enough to show face

    I think those not showing their faces take away from the post and the photos. I LOVE seeing that smile or sultry look in a photo. I also think that some, NOT ALL, but some are fake. Pics from the web where the person posting hides the face in fear of plagiarism.
  10. mikefmBklyn

    What do you guys think?

    Looks like an ass
  11. mikefmBklyn

    My shy housewife

    How much more would you like her to go? Group? Bi? Have you discussed it with her? I found with mine, by talking about it and each time she does a tiny bit more, (revealing clothing, flirting, etc) I lavish her with compliments, saying how hot it got me and how sexy she looks. It got her to get there sooner.
  12. mikefmBklyn

    How Do I Tell My Wife I Want Her To Fuck Other Men

    Simplest way is to watch some MFM porn, or leave a porn mag or story about MFM. Then just mention that it sounds a bit exciting.
  13. mikefmBklyn

    ☝When the Cuckold Is Not Into Humiliation

    I am one of those who are not into humiliation. I enjoy sharing and enjoy seeing my partner pleasured. I enjoy her telling me how good it is. I enjoy him telling me what a good slut I have. But to be humiliated is NOT a turn on at all.
  14. mikefmBklyn

    How To Make It Happen!

    Have you taken her to a dance club/bar? Maybe someone may ask her to dance. After a few times of this happening with you encouraging saying things like how sexy she looked in his arms or grinding on him and so on, she might just take that step.