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just curious showing friends your wife


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On 7/14/2019 at 5:40 AM, patbateman said:

I love to show pics of my wife to a few guys I know. I have purposely left my lap top open a couple of times with her pics open when my mates have been there and spied them looking. 


 I'm not surprised they were looking... she is absolutely delicious 😍🍆

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I used to work with a guy who fancied my wife and I once plucked up the courage to show him a picture or two of her on my phone. He was very impressed and asked me to print off the photos for him on my computer.

I didn't feel threatened by him in any way, seeing him as just a slightly lonely, divorced older guy who liked pussy but wasn't getting any, so I agreed to his request. The next night at work, my hands were shaking as I handed him an envelope containing 12 A4 size photos of my wife Debbie. With no-one else around he couldn't wait to open the envelope and in front of me started perusing the pictures. 

I had deliberately placed them in a particular order, starting with her posing fully clothed but showing of her legs, then in various nude poses that started with her bare ass, then with her tits out until he got to the ones with her legs open to show him her hairy ginger pussy. All the photos were greeted with approval, with him commenting on how good her body was, how much he liked her tits and how he'd love to fuck her. He knew Debbie well and always chatted to her if she met me from work, but now he said he would see her in a whole new light when she came down and would be picturing her stark naked in future now he knew what was under her clothes.

He took the photos home to keep with me suggesting he could perhaps make them into a Debbie calendar for his wall, though no doubt he wanked himself silly thinking about how good it would be to actually fuck Pete's wife.





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