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My hotwife Elaine

robert smith

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   The problem with having a great, sexy and willing wife like Elaine is that I was never satisfied.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed what we were doing, but I always wanted to expand the horizons.  Elaine really liked the sex but had to be pushed a little to get her to the next step.  The next thing I wanted was to see Elaine do two other guys and me.  We had gone to a couple of swinger type parties and group settings, but she wasn't real comfortable with them.  Our friend Todd continued to stop by hoping for another shot at Elaine.  She liked Todd and we had been together a couple of times since our first encounter.

  One summer afternoon Todd came by the house with a friend.  We were at the pool in the backyard.   They brought some beer and we all  enjoyed the sun and suds.  The guys had to leave and as they were walking away Todd asked me if he could come back later in the evening.  I told him to bring his friend and maybe we could all fuck Elaine.  I said it could also backfire and none of us would get any pussy.  I told him she had never done 3 guys and had turned down my requests in the past.   He said he wouldn't push the issue but sure hoped she went along and let the three of us screw the hell out of her.   I said we would just have to play it by ear.
   After they left we cleaned up and fixed something to eat.  Elaine wanted to know if Todd was coming over and I said I wasn't sure, but he was going to try.  While enjoying a glass of wine the bell rang and Elaine went to open it expecting Todd.  She seemed a little disappointed when his friend was standing next to Todd, but she cordially invited them inside.  She was wearing a polka dot crop top and shorts. post-5233-0-50924000-1432729880_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-80931600-1432729895_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-15470500-1432729915_thumb.jpgpost-5233-0-48964500-1432729931_thumb.jpg  They both complimented her attire and she just laughed.  She had no bra or panties and the tops was tight with her nipples obvious to all.  After some idle chit chat I think Elaine expected them to leave.  I decided it was now or never and asked Elaine if she would finally fulfill my fantasy.  She just looked at me trying to figure out exactly what I meant.  I pleaded "We all want to have sex with you tonight"   She said "Are you crazy?".    We all nervously laughed.  Todd smiled, walked over to where Elaine was sitting, put his arm around her and said very sweetly "I have been telling Mike what a great piece of ass you are and he needs to experience you just once"  That broke the ice and Elaine seemed to actually be considering doing all of us. 
   I suggested she change into some lingerie.  She just looked and me and stared.  I thought the fun had just ended.  I said nothing.  She stood up, put her hands on her hips and said earlier the guys liked her outfit and she was going to end up naked anyway.  I am sure we all smiled as we headed to the basement.  We have a large sectional couch and I guess Elaine thought 4 on a bed might be too many.
   I think Elaine was a little bit mad at me, but was going to do it anyway.  When we got downstairs she looked at me and said "Well, what now?  How do you want me to have sex with the three of you?".  I said I would like to watch her with Todd and Mike.  Since she had been with Todd before she walked over to him, put her arms around him and kissed him passionately.  Mike walked up behind them and started playing with her ass.  He reached down the back of her shorts to get to her smooth ass.  She was not wearing underwear so Mike had easy access to her cheeks and pussy.  Todd was still kissing her and slid her top up over her boobs.  It was quite a sight, Elaine's top up and shorts partially down standing between to young guys still dressed.  She slowly disengaged herself from them, sat down on the couch and told them they needed to get naked. 
   When they were undressed she had them stand in front of her while she was sitting on the couch.  She leaned forward and alternated sucking them.  She asked me if I liked watching her suck their young cocks and I just smiled and nodded yes.  She was definitely giving me a show.  Soon she stretched out on the couch and told Todd to lick her pussy and Mike to suck her titties.  I thought she was going to give me whatever I wanted to see so I sat back and let her entertain me.  After lots of foreplay she had Todd sit on the couch facing front and she crawled on top of him with her knees bent and eased her pussy onto his dick.  The couch had room behind it to walk and she told Mike to stand behind Todd who was sitting there fucking her.  She leaned forward and sucked Mike's cock while Todd was sucking her tits and screwing her.  She glanced at me to make sure I was watching her getting fucked by two guys in their 20s.  They switched places a couple of times before Mike let out a grunt, and pounded her hard as he climaxed. Todd moved into her pussy when Mike pulled out and quickly dumped a second load in her cunt.  I had not touched her yet but knew I would eventually have my fun.
  Elaine went to the bathroom and came back with her top and shorts back on.  We went up to the kitchen to relax and refresh.  I asked Mike if he like old married pussy and we all had a good laugh. Elaine actually got up and made us munchies.   After several minutes of talking about how much fun we were having Elaine winked at me and said anyone who wanted seconds should head to the bedroom and the kitchen quickly emptied.
   She spread herself open for all of us to try and find some part of her to fondle, kiss, lick or probe.  It was hard for her to take care of all of us at the same time, but she tried.  She usually had a cock in her and was using her hands and mouth at the same time.  She told us to lay on our backs next to each other and then proceeded to mount one of us and fuck for a bit, then get up and jump on the next dick.  We all got to watch and play with her boobs while waiting for our chance at her pussy.  On the second trip around Mike could not take it any more and emptied his balls in her while she was riding him.  She rolled off of Mike and was on her side next to me in a spooning position.  I slipped my cock into her wet pussy.  Her pussy and ass were very slippery and I slowly started to slide my dick in her ass, halfway expecting her to push me away or just say no.  Instead she pushed her ass against me lodging my cock deep in her butt.  I was letting her control the action and soon I was fucking her ass hard and she seemed to be really getting into it.  After a minute or so she rolled on top of me with me on my back and my dick still firmly planted in her ass.  She looked over at Todd and said "Get over here and fuck my pussy".  He crawled in between her legs trying to get into a position to put his dick in her.  As he entered her I could feel his cock moving in her pussy while I was in her ass.  We were all experiencing our first double penetration.  I slowed down the intensity of my movement as I did not want Elaine to get hurt or not enjoy it.  I could feel Todd ramming her cunt.   I could not believe Elaine was getting her pussy and ass fucked at the same time.  In a couple of minutes he shot off in her and slid backwards off the bed.  I could not take it any longer and buried my cum deep in her ass.  It was Heaven
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