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  1. We were on a business trip and it was our last night. We decided to go to dinner at a nice place we found on our last time here . After dinner we went to a piano bar. We found seats and ordered drinks. We were enjoying the music and each other. You had to go to the bathroom. While you were gone a tall black man asked me to dance. I said yes and he led me to the floor. We danced close. He held one hand behind my neck and one just barely above my ass. I could see you watching from the bar, I knew your cock was getting hard. I could feel his getting hard as our bodies moved with the music. When the song ended, we all sat together, me between you both. You each had a hand on my thigh. I was feeling tingly. We had more drinks and danced a bit more. We decided to go back to the hotel. In our room you watch as he undresses me. He lays me down and I take his massive cock in my mouth. My pussy is getting wet. You come over a put your tounhe on my wet pussy, licking me all over. I can barely control the large cock in my mouth as I orgasm from your mouth on my pussy. He pulls me up and lays over me and slides his huge cock into my wet pussy. I moan as he thrusts into me. I'm watching you watch me and I see your hard cock in your hand. We turn over and now I'm riding him. I cum uncontrollably. You come from behind and slide your hard dick into my ass. You're both pumping into me and I have orgasm over and over. I can feel his dick get even harder and he starts to cum. So much. Dripping out my pussy and running down my legs. We lye in a heap. He gets up and leaves. You hold me close and slide your still hard cock into my cum covered pussy and take your baby back
  2. tsio360


    We will be visiting Aruba in February. Would like to arrange our first cuckold experience with a black man.
  3. We are looking for a black man for our first cuckold experience together.
  4. Wow! She has amazing tits.
  5. She lifted her head and took his cock into her mouth tasting her juices mixed with his cum. She held onto his ass as she sucked the head of his huge cock. He moaned as she worked her magic and magic it is as she gives an amazing blow job. She makes love to his cock with her mouth. He grabs her by her hair and starts to take control as he thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth. She moans on his cock enjoying his domination. Unbelievably his cock swells and starts to erupt in her mouth. She swallows as best she can but the amount of cum is overwhelming and runs down her lips dripping on her tits. At this point I have my cock out and approach her from behind. Without her expecting it I shove my cock in her pussy. She is stretched out from his huge cock. I pull out, my cock covered in his cum. I push my cock into her tight ass and start pumping in and out. He smiles at me and pushes her back so she is sitting on my cock. I lay back and he spreads her legs and pushes his still hard cock all the way in in one thrust. I can feel his cock pumping into her. I can't hold back and start cumming in her ass. She screams out as another orgasm takes her over the edge, he yells loudly as his cock pumps yet another load of cum in my wife's pussy. We all fall into a heap on the floor. She is covered in cum, cum leaking out of her ass and pussy. Cum running down her chin. I look at my amazing wife and she looks back at me with that smile that just melts my heart. I am so happy to have found my soul mate.
  6. tsio360


    My wife and I went on a cruise over the Christmas holiday. On the last night we went to one of the clubs. She was dancing with a fit muscular black man. After a while they were holding each other close and appeared to be grinding against him. At one point she moved away from him a bit and I noticed he had a substantial bulge in his pants. The next song was a faster song and he started to grind his bulge against her. I watched as her legs got weak and he put his hand under her ass to hold her up and at the same time pull her tighter against him. He knew he had her under his spell when her body shuddered her eyes rolled back and she came uncontrollably. The sight of this made my cock harden and my heart beat faster. He picked her up and carried her to a dark corner in the back of the club. I hung back to allow her to compose herself before I approached. I made my way to the back of the club but could not find her. My heart was beating faster and my cock twitched in my pants when I noticed a door. I slowly opened the door not knowing where it led. When I slipped out into the cool evening air I heard her screaming oh my God, oh my God. I peeked around the corner and saw him with his back against the ships railing holding her up with his huge arms and pumping his cock deep inside her. As he lifted her up I could see his huge cock slide out covered in her juices before he pulled her back down again impaling himself deeper and deeper into her pussy with each thrust. Her body was shaking uncontrollably in what must have been a continuous orgasm. I hid in a dark corner as I watched the two of them. After what seemed like an eternity I watched in disbelief as his body stiffened and he held her tight as his cock start filling her with his cum. He bellered loudly while she screamed out in pleasure. I could actually see his cock pulsing with each stream of cum it delivered to her. It seemed to go on forever. He held her tight until he caught his breath at which time he slowly slide his massive member from inside of my baby. He must have been 12" long and as big around as..... It was just monstrous. When the last inch of him slid out massive amounts of his cum started running down her leg. He carefully set her down, her knees so weak she couldn't stand. She was now on her knees holding his legs to keep herself from falling over. I thought they were done and he would go on his way so I could have my baby girl back, but......
  7. He pulled out and emptied himself on her ass. It was hot.
  8. You and I are in bed together naked, I put the mask on you so you can't see. I put the straps on your arms and legs. I place you face down with your ass up. I reach under you and play with your clit making you moan and shake. Your pussy is dripping wet as I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy. You are sooo wet. You beg me to fuck you. You feel me move around on the bed anticipating the feeling of my cock inside you. You arch your back exposing your dripping pussy. You feel my hands rubbing your ass and then you feel my cock sliding inside you. But something feels different, you feel your pussy getting stretched as this cock keeps going deeper and deeper. You know that the cock inside you is not mine but you push back forcing him deeper inside you. It feels so good, as he pulls back and slides in even deeper, pulling on the straps to force himself deeper and deeper. You feel my hands on your pussy rubbing your clit as this mysterious man continues to pump his cock in and out of your pussy. You can't think as you experience an orgasm like nothing you have had before. You can't stop cumming. You are screaming but you don't even realize it as your mind is lost in continuous bliss. It feels like his cock is getting bigger and starts twitching inside you. The you feel warmth inside you as he forces his cock deeper and holds you tight. You can feel his cock pulsing as his cum squirts inside you. You don't think it's ever going to stop as his cum leaking out from around his cock. I use his cum as lube to rub your clit to another mind blowing orgasm. He slowly slides his cock out of your pussy. Your pussy feels so empty. After he slides his cock out of you, you want to see that huge cock that was inside you so you pull off your mask and turn around to see this huge muscular black man and his cock is still hard. How could that be after all that cum he pumped into your pussy. You wrap your hands around it. It's absolutely huge! You put the tip in your mouth and taste him. You try to take his cock in your mouth but it's just too big. You ask him to lay on his back and you climb on top and hold his huge cock and guide it back inside your pussy. You lower yourself down taking all of his cock inside you. It feels so good as you rock back and forth. Your eyes roll back as you moan and shake uncontrollably. You feel my hands on your sides as I come up behind you pushing you forward. You are confused until you feel my cock against your ass. You lay down feeling his massive muscles against your body. He takes a nipple in your mouth making you cum while I slide my cum soaked cock into your ass. You are shaking uncontrollably as we start pumping our cocks in and out of your body. Your orgasm is milking our cocks. I feel him swell up in your pussy and start cumming in your pussy again. I can't hold back and my cock explodes filling your ass with my cum. I keep cumming and cumming, not knowing how I could cum so much but enjoying filling your ass with my cum. You are still shaking and moaning as you come down from your orgasm. We all roll on our sides and fall asleep, our cocks still inside you. I wake up later to the feeling of you moving your ass back and forth making our cocks grow inside you. You are insatiable. You roll on top of him as my cock slides out of your ass. I watch as you bounce up and down like a crazy woman. Your head is flopping back and forth as you scream obviously having a mind blowing orgasm. You motion for me to come over. You reach for my cock and guide it into your mouth. You take my cock deep in your mouth as you reach around and hold my ass. My cock is pumping in and out of your mouth as you rock back and forth on that huge cock. You stop moving as he groans loudly obviously cumming inside you again. The thought of it pushes me over the edge and I start cuming in your mouth. You take my cock down your throat as I empty my balls inside you. We are all exhausted and drift off to sleep. When we wake up that amazing man is gone.
  9. Keene New Hampshire here.
  10. Hello what do you prefer

  11. That pussy of hers has seen a lot of action, yet it's still tight as ever.