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  1. How did it feel the first time?
  2. Our first time with a BBC went well for her and not so great for me. Before we met him in the hotel we talked about what we were going to do and what time we would wrap it up and call it a night. Well nothing went as planned. Once she felt his cock in her pussy she forgot about me and just kept fucking him, cumming continuously. They would have gone all night if I hadn't stopped them. That was a few weeks ago and now I can't get that night out of my mind. When we have sex she tells me that she wants his big hard black cock. When we are done she tells me how awesome I am. Apparently not that awesome if she wants him. I have been having anxiety attacks when I think about them together and can't seem to get hard or get off. Is this normal? Looking for advice as to what to do now? I feel I should have kept that a fantasy and not followed through with it.
  3. My wife and I have been discussing a fantasy where I blindfold and tie her up on her knees with her ass up. I then surprise her by having a BBC fuck her when she is expecting me. We have done this just the two of us, so she wouldn't expect it even though we have talked about it. Do you think there are men out there that would be interested in anonymously fucking my wife?
  4. Yes sir. My wife cums like crazy with nipple play.
  5. tsio360


    We will be visiting Aruba in February. Would like to arrange our first cuckold experience with a black man.
  6. Keene New Hampshire here.
  7. Hello what do you prefer

  8. That pussy of hers has seen a lot of action, yet it's still tight as ever.
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