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  1. Denalius Slutlover

    Need Gf And I Our Situation

    Go ahead and send me some please! I would love to see her! [email protected]
  2. Denalius Slutlover

    Love To Hear Your Comments About My Slut Wife

    What an awesomely sexy woman! And fantastic yummy nips!!! You know, I am just finishing up my novel and the main babe is named Laura, but maybe I will rename her Laurel!! Thank you for sharing! Denalius Slutlover ([email protected])
  3. Denalius Slutlover

    Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    For all you out there who are having trouble getting "verified"! Keep trying! There are apparently some quirks in the system! I couldn't find anyway to add a pic into a post or attach it to a note. I tried and tried! I had LOTS of people give me suggestions, but the problem was.... the attach or add-in options were not appearing on my screen! ??? But then today they were with with reply options!! So I played with it and voila! Here we are! I should mention that after I attached my pic and clicked on everything that seemed to do with uploading my jpg pic, I could not find a "send", "done", "post" or any other "button" to complete the process! VERY frustrating! But after hitting "enter", and every other button that wasn't greyed out...... it seems to have worked! So good luck to all! And BTW, I used to teach programming and also Computers & Technology Applications. So to the techs who run this site; "Try having "dummies" test your processes and you will discover most of the rough spots...or things that just don't work right! Then you can fix them, add step-by-step instructions or automate difficult things.... and end up with fewer upset & frustrated users! Honest! It works!
  4. Denalius Slutlover

    Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    Okay! After many tries...the "attach files" option is finally showing up on my screen! Here goes!
  5. Denalius Slutlover

    Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    I can't get my jpg to attach! Where is the "attach thumbnail option? Tried cut & paste...drag & drop....copy even sending via email..... What's the secret? (Is this where I mention I used to teach Computers & Technology at the U?)
  6. Denalius Slutlover

    Told Wife My Fantasy, Hoping She Follows Thru This Weekend (Picture)

    LoL! Uhhh.....YES! Music is the 2nd best thing I do! ;-) Ah, how soon you forget my friend!! We talked a year or so ago. I'm the trumpet guy...the ex-professional studio musician from Motown! Classically trained but professionally play/write mostly jazz, big-band jazz, rock, blues...... Also.... I am a former national winner of the old Tactical War Gamers Assoction's WWII competition. (I won as the Germans in the D-day scenario) Kinda sound familiar?? ;-) Anyway, hope you are doing well. I always enjoy your comments! ...and hope everybody takes your great suggestions to heart! I don't think there's anything more exciting and rewarding than to be part of a wife sharing/cuckold relationship! It's a win-win-win game! Hopefully the thoughts shared here will help everyone find their own! Den
  7. Denalius Slutlover

    Told Wife My Fantasy, Hoping She Follows Thru This Weekend (Picture)

    I've been following this thread and really enjoyed your well as the great suggestions the other members have given you. I've not made any suggestions before because Major always beats me to it! LoL! (Maybe we think alike because of the "strategic-tactical" and musical background we share?) :-) Anyway, I have a rather unique situation in that I have been both a Bull and a cuck! I know both the thrill of watching or hearing about your sweetheart getting serviced by another cock, of giving the tender or sometimes impassioned cleaning up after it and all the rest. But I also know the Bull's thrill of taking a hot wife in front of her hubby...or behind his back at a secret meeting....or sharing her with him, another woman or a couple. AND....I also know the fear of being caught up in something dangerous, a situation where you've been lied to and where a jealous bf or husband might come after you or she might later accuse you of r********. Very scary stuff! So... if you aren't getting follow through from your contacts make sure the guys believe you are for real! Give them something in writing about what you expect and let them know you want to talk to them on the phone before the meeting...and try to get your sweetheart to talk to them, too! They need to KNOW they aren't being set up for something other than a good fuck with your wife! Also, here's a thought on pix. They can excite not only the hubby, but the hot wife and Bull as well. Before I met her, my 1st "conquest" emailed me a note with 3 pics: her picture with tits out and nips perked, another with legs spread...mostly to show she had a rather large clit which my profile said I liked...and another of cum dripping from her slit! Her note said that hubby's ED went into "remission" when she told him she was going to meet and fuck me! Then she had role played with him that it was MY cock that was in her and filling her. He had quickly given her a nice big load, taken the picture (proudly no doubt!) and then eagerly licked her until she told him she was done cumming! I found it to be a VERY hot email and another reason to meet with her....and later them. The "after picture" of her well-used pussy with my cum seeping out became a tradition with us so that they, especially hubby, could always recall the event! We had a great run for several years. Hopefully that will give you some ideas! Oh and BTW speaking for myself and ALL the members here...we LOVE her pix! How about some more? Denalius
  8. Denalius Slutlover

    Slutwife Ece

    I would love to have those beautiful legs wrapped around me while I pushed deep into her! And those sexy pointy nips against my chest while I filled her with cum! She is a super fine slut! Only wish you lived nearby so I could sample her!
  9. Denalius Slutlover

    My slut wife janice

    I'm lovin' her pix! A very hot little slut!
  10. Denalius Slutlover

    my slutty wife need some big cocks

    Nice looking wife! Wish I was closer so I could help you bring out her slut! ;-)
  11. Denalius Slutlover

    Help me get wife fucked

    Good luck on this. Hope you have your lady figured out enough so it can happen! Some women really do want to have a fling, swap, be involved in some other sexual activity beyond what they have been taught is "normal" and acceptable. But they need to be "relaxed".. feel more uninhibited... before they can let out their "crazed slut" to do it! And some women feel more comfortable about their "seduction" if they can excuse it on intoxication or hubby allowing it to happen! Funny thing is that they so often do it again! ...and again! ;-) And of course you need to have a good idea on the type of bull you need to close the deal! A BBC? A guy who looks a lot like you? Totally different? Somebody younger? Older? Taller? Smaller? Educated? Rough? It is amazing how one type of bull can immediately seduce some women to the idea of cuckolding... While other women won't be interested in him or the idea at all... Who can figure?! :-)
  12. Denalius Slutlover

    How do bulls like to be met by their cuckold couple

    I want the woman to be clean and fresh...bra-less and panti-less when we meet. I like it when the man says how he helped prep her for our "date" and sits her close to me and smiles, but is quiet as we begin our flirting, touching and kissing..... Then gives her hand to me....pushes her towards me... in a gesture of "she is yours".
  13. Denalius Slutlover

    Bareback or Condoms???

    Bareback! Who wants to fuck latex?
  14. Denalius Slutlover

    tanned hotwife

    Very hot lady! I especially like how erect her nips beautiful her cunt lips are! And how tight she looks! That cock looks like it can barely get inside her! Send her over to me, anytime! :-)
  15. Denalius Slutlover

    my slutwife cucking me again

    Very nice! And thanks for the glimpse of your lovely one, too Bellaazz! Very Nice!