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  1. Stick55

    Ex-Wifes Stained Knickers

    That's a sure sign she was getting pumped full of cum
  2. Stick55

    Ex-Wifes Stained Knickers

    This is a hot topic anymore
  3. Stick55

    Wife's First Extramarital Experience

    Agree great story
  4. Stick55

    A Question for Cucks

    Great topic
  5. Stick55

    Amateur Mature Blonde MILF 14

  6. Stick55

    I Think My Gf Is Cheating On Me! Here's Why!

    Start checking her panties for abnormal amount of discharge
  7. Stick55

    Cheating Gf

    Any update
  8. Stick55

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Any update
  9. Stick55

    Cheating Wife Doesn't Know I Know

    Caughther Do you know what days she gets service from her Coworker. Does she act differnt when you or her get home from work. I would definitely be checking her panties and trying to get into that used pussy. Or is she just trying to avoid you getting to her pussy by giving you blow jobs If you can snap a couple pics of her filled panties and post them here
  10. Stick55

    Ex-Wifes Stained Knickers

    Please post more pic
  11. Stick55

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Caughther How are thing going ?
  12. Stick55

    My Wife Is Cheating

    Caughther I can relate to everything you have said as well as how you feel about what your wife is doing and hiding from you . Been there myself. We should chat
  13. Stick55

    Cheating Wife Doesn't Know I Know

    Any update caughther
  14. Stick55

    Cheating Wife Doesn't Know I Know

    I know my wife has cheated on me also on a few occasions. I have never found pics or videos, but have found her panties in the laundry basket full of cum, even bought a psa semen test kit that was positive. My wife know and has my blessing to have an occasional strange cock and all she has to do is tell me. but says no I am all she wants and needs and has no interest ir desire for anyone else. she has asked me and accused me many times of fucking around on her and I could never figure out why I would be accused of cheating on her and I never made the connection I realized she was accusing me because she is/was cheating on me so in her mind I also had to be cheating, My wife will never admit it no matter what evidences a I bet most women are the same