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  1. Cuckold Advice & Comments

    That's impressive!
  2. Anyone want to chat about cuckold online?

    She is very sexy
  3. My hotwife

    Very nice!
  4. Mariana - do you want more? comment pls

    Very nice!
  5. Hot or Not?? What you think??

    Very nice
  6. Would you consider this small?

    Mine likes to tell me how big her ex was.
  7. How many cocks?

    Mine claims 6 before me. But I can think of ten. So what's the real number 20?
  8. Anyone in or close by western Massachusetts?

    Southern NH
  9. If your writing on here. Must be a turn for you!
  10. Question is did it turn you on?
  11. Would you consider this small?

    That's from my little guy!
  12. Would you consider this small?

    She has told me it's small more then once
  13. Would you consider this small?

    No I cum a lot . Some times . Lol
  14. How I Got Hooked Into The Idea Of Seeing My Wife Fucked

    Hot story so she just laid the motionless well he fucked her?
  15. Would you consider this small?