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  1. Im having an outdoor fuck tomorrow! Dressing sexy and going around town, may even stop by a convenience store and ask the guy there to fuck me before heading to a great location out of town to get fucked outdoors! WISH ME LUCK!
  2. Both! My bulls have said they always enjoy his mouth
  3. Love my cucky! He's so sexy!
  4. MMMM Yes would love to feel some BBC right here
  5. Since were all participating 🤪
  6. Big sausage is this hw’s favorite breakfast 🤤😋
  7. I’m not a cuck, rather a hw here to show off my very sexy cuck on his first time dressing in skirt and heels.. I fear I may have some competition with bulls soon as to who’s sexier! 😂😂 enjoy his sexy sexy legs 😍😍🔥
  8. Gorgeous woman! Omg I’m not bi but would probably eat her pussy out while you fuck me just cause she’s such a hottie!
  9. thank hun will check that place out!
  10. Me and the hubby are visiting Vegas in September and wanted some advice as to what is the best swingers club in Vegas for couples? Looking for a non-pushy atmosphere where we can calmly choose our partner for the night, not the kind where people can't take no for an answer.
  11. thanks to my wonderful cuck hubby i live my fantasy of making him watch while others fuck me all the time :)))
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