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  1. I just want to spread those beautiful ass ckeeks and bury my face in that crack
  2. I also have that kink. Every week end,on friday night when she watching business news channel or reading a magazine, I clean her foot, with warm water and cold water, remove the nail polish and before I paint them again, It is my pleasure to suck each one of her toes, but I concentrate on the big toe sucking them and licking them when inside my mouth. I get grate satisfaction when I am doing that. I go on doing that alternatively on each foot , until she says 'ENOUGH' . Only then I will stop and wife iher foot clean and apply the nail polish, which of course is chosen for her
  3. Now she insists that I wear her cum stained/soaked panties next day and then wash it. It is a long time since I have worn fresh panties, It is only her soiled panties that I am wearing,, with or without cum
  4. collections of panties with Bull's cum stains
  5. Who has impregnated her? or is she carrying your baby?
  6. Now she doesnot even allow me to try to put my cock in there. She wants me directly put my mouth there and eat and lick her clean. she says that gives her a big orgasm
  7. your guess is right. If u can assure her that your love for her wont comedown if she fucks a black cock, she might come out with her fantasies
  8. Have u shared your dreams with her. Might be she will like that
  9. I dont know what you mean by I never found out. There are clear signs of cum on her panties. That is proof enough that she was fucking around
  10. She knows that i have had homo experiences before marriage. I was a bottom. Once she came to know about iy, she has started using me to get her lover boy ready by suking his cock and make it wet with my saliva. She also expects me to lick him clean before I go down on her
  11. The arrabfenebt is as soon as she concieves, without telling him anything, wife will stop seeing hom and hewont even know that he has impregnated her. Hence he wont be aware that he is spreading his genes. Bull here is a circus Animal whose show we enjoy
  12. I dont approve of the word "pathetic Husbands". In our case, even though thesuggestion was a playful one from my wife, I liked that Idea and want to use her lover boy as a "BREEDING BULL' . I am using him for my selfish motive of having a child who will be intelligent healthy and successful in life in whatever fieldhe/she chooses
  13. There is nothing hilarious about Oy is a serious subject
  14. Her first lover was very much older, almost twice her age, who introduced her to sex outside marriage. Afterwords it is always a younger man she has chosen
  15. It is always she cooses her lover and so far it is only with either related or known to us, Bulls never allowed to choose her