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  1. My wife must be her twin. Has no interest at all. So i share my fantasy with role play. I love the role playing. Have done it in chat rooms and e mail. If the person has any skills in writing, it can be very hot and exciting. I have even copied stories and changed them to reflect body style and what I like to happen. Of course I change the names. Dave
  2. dap1


    This lady is so hot. My cock get hard every time I see it.
  3. dap1


    Get her snipped. then if it does happen. she is safe.
  4. dap1

    Creampie Vids

    This video is so hot. Very few words. Just them looking at each other and him there to do what his wife wants. So hot!
  5. dap1

    Check up our Secure Telegram channel

    Tried using Telegram and the link did not work. I am using Firefox. Takes to to an window. I click the link and it is a dead link. The address wasn’t understood Firefox doesn’t know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (tg) isn’t associated with any program or is not allowed in this context. You might need to install other software to open this address.
  6. I like to chat and role play about my wife with other guys. She is a mature wife and mother. contact me.
  7. dap1

    A text message I received from her lover

    I agree. If my wife played, I would enjoy the Stag/Vixen cuckold relationship much more. Must have respect for wife and hubby. sharing and some role play with reclaiming is way hotter.
  8. dap1

    1st time wife meeting guy alone

    Is this the end, or does she want to see him again?
  9. dap1

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    I cam reading this. Does that count?
  10. dap1

    Picture sent by my wife

    ManOfWife You pictures are so hot. As soon as I saw them, my cock jumped. She is not only very attractive, but very sexy. yes, I would eat her pussy, full and used and fresh too.. Please keep sharing. dave
  11. dap1

    Cuckold Advice & Comments

    Nice video with Eye contact. https://xhamster.com/movies/7701425/cuckold_good_moments_and_eye_contact.html