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  1. She must have really enjoyed the feeling of a much larger "dick" deep inside her

  2. Ok, so I had kind of given up all hopes of ever being cuckolded by my lovely and beautiful wife. She is a blonde, cute and shy girl for first impressions I guess, but she is first and foremost intelligent, funny and basicly my queen. She has known about my fantasies for about 10 years now (we are both 36). She was never appalled by my fantasies, but always laughed about it, and in more serious conversations she said she was not build for it (explaining to me that she was a romantic, and more traditional when it comes to sex, also that if she would fuck someone else, that would mean that she had feelings for him). I never pushed her about this, and respected her feelings. Pushing your girlfriend into cuckolding is for me the opposite of what I want from the cuckolding. I want her to be the boss of me sexually, not the other way around. So, how have I spent the last 10 years? I kept jerking off to cuckold porn, always looking for amateur videos where I could imagine my wife being the girl. We have sex only about once a month, probably due to me not being man enough to seduce her, and instead I jerk off to porn. We have had periods where she plays along with my fantasies and doesnt allow me to cum. In those weeks (3 months is the record), she gets a lot of orgasms by me eating her pussy. But not much talk about cuckolding.But last night, I felt some progress! Not sure how much, and I would love your view on this. I had saved myself from cumming for some days (making me feel more submissive), and started caressing her while we were watching Love Island. She looked at me, and told me sternly (she going into the role of my superior) that she was not in the mood for getting her pussy eaten, since she had 3 glasses of wine and it would take to much time to get her to orgasm. She told me I could penetrate her. We hit silence for a moment, before I asked her if we could use the cock sleeve (hollow dildo) on my penis. She always rejected this suggestion every time I tried, but this time she said yes. I fucked her carefull with it (its 21 cm, and VERY thick, picture attatched), and the view wwas amazing. Her innocent pussy wrapped so much tighter around it than around my fairly thin penis, and I told her it looked fantastic. She laughed, and for the first time she had an orgasm from penetrative sex with me (...ok from the cock sleeve then.). Her face looked fantastic, and her legs wrangled to boh sides like never before. I was careful, but after a while she took it all, and pretty hard to. She told me afterwards that she was surprised that she could take it all, and that it was very good. She also laughed when whe saw that I had cum inside the very thick sleeve. (I was dissapointed with myself, as I promised her not to cum). Dont know how I managed that, since its no way you can feel pussy from inside one of those things.Afterwards, we talked a bit about cuckolding, since she had "just fucked a much bigger man" (my words, but she gladly agreed). She wasnt that reluctant, but I didnt want to persue her with direct questions about her cuckolding me soon. She sighed about "all the drama" with inviting another man, but I reassured her I would not be all weird, and it would be a "normal threesome". She didnt reject it! But I chose to not ask more direct questions. I really felt as if she was more on board than ever, and I am not sure how to go from here.Anyway, sorry for the long story, but for me this felt like BIG steps, even though it might not seem like it was. What is your opinon? What should I do now?
  3. Pm me for codes. I will be a good boy and let you do what you want, eother to my pc or my wifes photos
  4. Would still love to get tips on this. Any other suggestion than Jamaica?
  5. Fantastic cartoon type post, very erotic!

    You should check out the erotic works of artist Tim Richards he produces  of artwork for lots of BDSM & Domination comics,


  6. salvaa_fr, send me a message in my inbox What do you take from my idea? age, location?
  7. Hi. I am a normal and kind/polite guy with a cute and shy wife. I'm looking for fun and interesting/risky ways to stimulate my cuckold fantasies. I would love to find someone to play with remote control (teamviewer or anydesk?). I was thinking that maybe the first time at least, you are supposed to help me with a pc-related problem, like Tech support or something. ....if we become regular contacts online (however the dynamics), thats just great
  8. Just saw a pic of your wife's ass and she made me rock hard!

  9. hi id love to help u you fuck her. pls get back to me and we can meet soon . I'm in london but can travel and have fucked over 40 couples


    samiuk69 kik


  10. Thank you. Was looking for travel advice though
  11. Hi. This is a serious and honest question (I know its fun to fantasize, roleplay etc, especially if you are like me and have a wife that is not easy to get onboard with cuckolding). I have a very pretty, shy and sweet, blonde wife. We are from Scandinavia. My wife knows about my cuckold fantasies, she think they are "funny", but still says she is not ready. She is a typical good girl, and I guess so I am. This evening though, while she was scrolling through virtual jogging maps for her threadmill, she found Hawaii, and commented that she would love to go to the Caribbean some day (I know, right). We have our 10 years anniversery comming up in August (we are both 36), and off course my dirty mind went to the thoughts of her sweet little self being sorrounded by Caribbean men. So, the question is, and I hope someone might actually help; Do you have any tips for where we should be going? And dont suggest Hedonism or something, because she would never agree to going once she finds out what I am trying to make happen. Where could we go that is not obviously a swingers resort, but where my chances og seeing her seduced would be big? Oh, and I know all this is very cliche in the cuckold community (innocent blonde wife- BBC), and my fantasies are normally more sophisticated, but this is for real, not fantasy! And that trumps it all, for an unexperienced cuckold with a vanilla wife. As a thank u for your help, I have attatched a photo of my innocent wife
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