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  1. salvaa_fr, send me a message in my inbox What do you take from my idea? age, location?
  2. Hi. I am a normal and kind/polite guy with a cute and shy wife. I'm looking for fun and interesting/risky ways to stimulate my cuckold fantasies. I would love to find someone to play with remote control (teamviewer or anydesk?). I was thinking that maybe the first time at least, you are supposed to help me with a pc-related problem, like Tech support or something. ....if we become regular contacts online (however the dynamics), thats just great
  3. Just saw a pic of your wife's ass and she made me rock hard!

  4. hi id love to help u you fuck her. pls get back to me and we can meet soon . I'm in london but can travel and have fucked over 40 couples


    samiuk69 kik


  5. Thank you. Was looking for travel advice though
  6. Hi. This is a serious and honest question (I know its fun to fantasize, roleplay etc, especially if you are like me and have a wife that is not easy to get onboard with cuckolding). I have a very pretty, shy and sweet, blonde wife. We are from Scandinavia. My wife knows about my cuckold fantasies, she think they are "funny", but still says she is not ready. She is a typical good girl, and I guess so I am. This evening though, while she was scrolling through virtual jogging maps for her threadmill, she found Hawaii, and commented that she would love to go to the Caribbean some day (I know, right). We have our 10 years anniversery comming up in August (we are both 36), and off course my dirty mind went to the thoughts of her sweet little self being sorrounded by Caribbean men. So, the question is, and I hope someone might actually help; Do you have any tips for where we should be going? And dont suggest Hedonism or something, because she would never agree to going once she finds out what I am trying to make happen. Where could we go that is not obviously a swingers resort, but where my chances og seeing her seduced would be big? Oh, and I know all this is very cliche in the cuckold community (innocent blonde wife- BBC), and my fantasies are normally more sophisticated, but this is for real, not fantasy! And that trumps it all, for an unexperienced cuckold with a vanilla wife. As a thank u for your help, I have attatched a photo of my innocent wife
  7. "Played" this once now with a man. It was very scary and made me stoff most og the days 😳 Anyone else want to try?
  8. both wife and hubby are apropriate to spank
  9. Hi Sorry for the late reply. Are you still ready to do it? How do u suggest to do it?