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    kik messenger

    I'm nickrrr86 on kik
  2. Nickrrr86

    Cleo full exposure

    Great body and gorgeous lingerie!
  3. Nickrrr86

    Cucks...check In

    Come on you British cucks... time to check in!
  4. Nickrrr86

    Shy Uk Wife Clare

    Did you ever get your wife filled, Scot? If not, maybe it's time for another go...
  5. Nickrrr86

    Fantasize about wife being taken

    she could feast on my cock while she is bent over the picnic table if she likes. She'd like that!
  6. Hi guys

    How are you both? Tell me a bit more about what you are looking for...

    1. essexcouple



      I convinced my wife to play with another guy some years ago. She met him online and agreed to meet him in person. They spent the whole day together, fucking in every room of the house, before he dropped her off to me when I finished work. I had a constant hard-on all day! Unfortunately, my wife never managed to cum...not even once.

      undeterred, she arranged to meet a different guy. This was supposed to be a 3-sum at a hotel on the night of her 40th birthday. We arrived at the room feeling horny (and sick!), then a text came through saying that the guy wanted my wife on his own. As a cuckold wannabe, I was still thrilled and made my way to the hotel bar, where Isat alone with my thoughts (and a persistent hard-on)for over four hours, while they fucked. They did take a few pics for me, and it was by far the horniest I had ever felt.

      My wife then tried to hook up with another guy, after spending quite some time chatting and emailing, only to keep getting the run-around. This totally ruined any further fun. She hasn’t bothered since...ten years now.

      I would love to get her interested again and find a guy to meet with regularly, long term. I remember how horny she was during the initial ‘chase’ with the other guys, and I am sure she would enjoy it if she got with the right guy. The question is, how do I get her interested again without seeming obvious and pissing her off? We are going on holiday to the Canaries for a week in May, so maybe some fantasy talk away from home might help.

    2. Nickrrr86


      Holidays always spice things up and you can get away with saying a few inappropriate things by just putting them down as holiday talk... So is she even off the idea of a threesome now? Does she ever share with you what fantasies she has?

  7. Nickrrr86

    Anydesk control

    Now closed
  8. Nickrrr86

    my mature wife posing nude in bed

    she'd get it good and hard in both holes, no questions asked!
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    Voyeur Fans?

    come on you wannabe cucks, let's see some more voyeur pics of those sexy wives
  10. Nickrrr86

    A Slightly Chubby British Wife

    She has a great arse. Be great to make those fantasies real. I'd love to get my cock inside her!
  11. Nickrrr86

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    Mmm upskirt with thong would still turn me on!
  12. Nickrrr86

    Cukckie's-Wives And Girlfriends On Display

    Some hungry looking sluts here...
  13. Nickrrr86

    How would your wife look as a whore?

    She's looking hot... I bet she looks even better out of the leather!
  14. Nickrrr86

    Hotwife Hanna

    Oh yes, buddy... I like the look of that! I could keep her occupied for hours!!! mmmm
  15. Nickrrr86

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    what a great body. I'd love to see an upskirt with no panties