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  1. The most amazing body wow.

  2. arrowheadwaterj

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    shoot, sorry guys, just saw the post. i never got the email sayingg someone responded. let me know what kind u want to see next ;)
  3. heyy. so my wife is aware of my fantasy to have her with other guys and all that but i dont know the best way for a slow start. she told me for my birthday i can do a 'turn on checklist' and she will see what she can do for thatt. i suggested pictures kissing other guys, flirting with other guys and that and she also added making videos and more special pictures. anyone have any advice on what i can ask for as she is very new and doesnt go out much.
  4. arrowheadwaterj

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    not yet, getting more and more open tho.
  5. arrowheadwaterj

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    heyy everyone. first, ssome of the pics that others put on here arent her, dont know why they are doing that. second, i am thinking of starting a kik group to do more pic and video updates and live video stuff too of my little hot wife. would anyone be interested in joining?
  6.  I consider myself a connoisseur of great asses. categories: spanking slapping and probing. 

    she successfully passed 3 of the 4 catagories.  I forgot to mention the fourth category. 

    I'll give her a sound fucking just to make sure.

  7. arrowheadwaterj

    Cuckold Quiz

    97, so i guess im in between? ;P
  8. arrowheadwaterj

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    luv to see u do that ;)
  9. arrowheadwaterj

    List Your Location

    california here.
  10. arrowheadwaterj

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    i know these arent the definintion of 'upskirt' but here r a few up her skirts and a few other. i'll work on upskirt for u
  11. arrowheadwaterj

    Advice for new plz

    i have learned a lot from u guys. thank u. it makes a lot more sense. now just have to start applying that strategy
  12. arrowheadwaterj

    Advice for new plz

    this is great. thannk u for the help. i have been buying panties and clothes. just have to sit back more and let it happenn like u said. thankks
  13. arrowheadwaterj

    Advice for new plz

    heyy guys, we r a fairly young couple, late 20's. i have expressed for a couple years now how much i want her to be open and flirt, dance, etc with other guys. she doesnt have the most confidence and doesnt think other guys are interested in her. what r some of the best ways to get her interested in doing stuff with other guys? also, shes been approached while we have been out but then they get scared away because i am there. i wanted to try to drop a hint that i wanted them to stay but didnt know how to say it without her knowingg.