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  1. Dice and dare

    Anyone looking to play? New, harder version available...
  2. Dice and dare

    You have a room set up?
  3. Dice and dare

    I will.
  4. Where do you live Cuck?

    1. hushmail


      Australia. Not a cuck though - just enjoy a little fun.

  5. How would your wife look as a whore?

    Tried when we were there, but didn't work out good - too dark and didn't want to use flash.
  6. How would your wife look as a whore?

    So, just for a little fun, we went out in full "hooker" dress last week. It was mild but very wet so we figured we would be safe from any legitimate approach for business. Despite the weather, Sue was wearing a satin kimono style gown with a blue-grey basque underneath. Her legs were sheathed in stockings. As agreed, Sue wore nothing else but a pair of shiny high heels. Before we left, Sue consumed a good half bottle of wine - dutch courage - but I was driving to the wharf area so abstained. We don't have much of a red-light area - there are plenty of legalised brothels in town - but the wharf area is known for a little street girl action. Not in this intermittent rain though. As we drove around there were no working girls in evidence at all. No obvious punters driving around either. We were giggling like Beavis & Butthead as we patrolled the streets, Sue getting braver and braver as it became obvious that this would just be a quick bit of silly fun for us. During a lull in the rain, I pulled over in an industrial lane with a fair bit of tree coverage between the road and the units. Suddenly nervous, Sue climbed out of the car and walked away from me. As we had agreed, I was to circle around behind her and use the poor lighting and trees as cover for my car. I parked up and disappeared into the shadows - waiting to try and listen in on anything that might eventuate. For almost an hour, nothing did. The rain fell a few times and we both sheltered under a tree to keep from getting wet. Then, just after I had slunk back into the shadows, the twin beams of a car appeared. Sue slowly stepped in front of the tree, the car lights hitting and illuminating her satiny coat. The car, actually a utility I could see now, slowed and then passed. Now my heart was thumping in my chest - I can't imagine how Sue was feeling, but neither of us dared to say or do anything. And then it came back. As Sue stepped out from the cover of the tree, towards the road, the pick-up slowed down and then pulled over towards her. I watched as the passenger window slid down. And then came the mumbled sound of an introductory conversation. Without breaking my cover I just couldn't quite hear but they spoke backwards and forwards for a minute or two. The cabin shook a little, my heart almost stopping as I feared the driver was getting out. However he had merely moved across to the passenger seat. I then watched in amazement as Sue opened her gown, revealing her basque to this strangers eyes. I knew her big tits were covered but also that her cunt was not. Sue pulled the gown from her shoulders, the soft fabric bundling in a heap at her feet, soaking up the muddy puddle there. Sue's big, white ass shone like a moon, framed at the top by her basque and below by the dark stockings, but then parted as his fingers groped underneath her. I clearly heard the stranger refer to her big, wet cunt, Sue groaning in agreement with him. Then Sue was reaching into the cab and in no time very obviously wanking the driver's cock. Awkwardly, they masturbated each other through the window. I wanted to wank too but before I could even get my cock out, the driver grunted and very obviously ejaculated. He said something to Sue and then, with no more conversation needed, returned to the driver's seat and drove off. Sue bend down, retrieving the obviously ruined negligee and came back towards me. She looked stunned at what had just happened. I reassured that everything was okay and that I needed to get my little whore home to fuck her. Sue discarded the gown as we made our way back to my car. Before she even had her seatbelt on Sue was hungrily fingering her pussy. She was desperate for confirmation that everything was okay, insisting it was just a one-time thing. As we headed for home and what would become a hot and sweaty sex session, Sue handed me the $20.00 she had been paid for the handjob.
  7. How would your wife look as a whore?

    Hi my friend. Pleased that you enjoyed yourself with Suzie. I think I can speak for us both when I say we had fun too. She certainly immersed herself into the street whore fantasy as she masturbated for us. All of that dirty talk helped too. Loved seeing her big tits bouncing around as that massive orgasm hit. Like your costume for her street walking adventure. Think I'll encourage her to go out sans panties - as I mentioned, helps to show the merchandise before the deal is struck and we both know how horny it makes her. Real turn-on wondering how many clients she will get to see that night and just what they will pay for. Time will tell!
  8. How would your wife look as a whore?

    Great pic mate - love the idea :-)
  9. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    Thanks for the comments - here's two more.
  10. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    Oh yes they are. A few years apart - pink top very recent, laid down less so - but both of my wife.
  11. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    You mean these?
  12. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    Not sure how to take that.
  13. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    There you's that?
  14. My wife, her photos and chat...why bother?

    Hey mate, how are you? Yes, I always enjoyed the photo fun - especially at the old CF. We did have a good time with her, didn't we? :-) Later I'll dig out a photo or two - jog your memory a bit. Glad you still think fondly of her tits and ass though. I still enjoy them :-)
  15. I was asked the other day, why I post pics of my wife. I'm not a cuckold and don't share her, so why the play with her photos? Got me to thinking. When we first hooked up, we enjoyed a lot of sexy talk during sex. I loved hearing about her earlier escapades (she didn't like hearing about mine) and would regale me with stories of her past. Suzie was renowned as a being a bit easy when she was younger, so there was lots to tell and it always got me really fired up. After we married, her second, my first, I came into contact with a couple of her earlier conquests (although Sue's a little older than me, we came from the same area and moved in similar circles as kids - in fact, I did know her by reputation, if not that well personally) through work. We enjoyed a bit of [private] banter about her which eventually led to a broadening of our kinky, little group. The guys enjoyed the memories and it all turned me on. Inevitably, I shared a couple of recent photos of Sue. which I again found pretty erotic. Unfortunately, one of the guys decided he would involve Suzie in our fun, which equally inevitably, led to the shit hitting the fan. Obviously I cooled off from the online thing. Suzie, however, decided not to. She used an old email account to create a fff account (using her name from that earlier, teenage, marriage) and continued flirting and chatting with a group of the old flames. What Suzie didn't realise (I think) was that the email account was originally mine and I could still access it and so was soon monitoring her private fff too. So we started this duplicitous and secretive game, where she privately toyed with her exes and I secretly observed. Again, I had to push the envelope a little and posted a few photos on imagefap and then the chatroom there. The pics went down well and soon I was being encouraged to use [the brilliant, older, yellow] Cuckold Fart. I posted more and more pics - editing them for anonymity but, on occasion, being more daring. I posted a screen shot once which included an [unnoticed by me] tab showing her fff page, sending shit back in the direction of the fan as Sue was soon contacted by a Cuckold Fart poster. What followed was brilliant as Sue started to chat with a couple of total strangers, discussing on more than one occasion the fact that I posted naked pics of her online. To this date, we have never spoken about either indiscretions. I'm not sure what finally happened, but suddenly Sue closed the fff page. In response to her backing off, so have I, posting less and less - in truth, I don't find the chat rooms as much fun anymore, too much porn being passed off as real wives, but it was fun while it lasted.