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  1. I want to lick cum out of your wife , and have her piss on me

  2. We were made for each other, are you a Cuck? x

  3. I arranged to meet a guy to have my wife , we turned up , he didn't ! But being the place we arranged is a place were theres plenty of willing guys we didn't go home disappointed one bit !!
  4. Hi

    Im in Sydney tonight - got any plans?

  5. Nice to meet you. Can I have your kik id please? 

    Kik ~ zesttsez

  6. Keep us posted on how you get on here , I can tell you it is possible as I've proved it , that you can introduce a guy as a friend , who is armed with the knowledge you want him to fuck her and it actually happens ...Good Luck !!
  7. I'd like to know members thoughts on this , is there a difference between a pussy and a cunt ? And in what context is each word used ?
  8. The last 2 sentences you wrote made complete sense and I agree with those ...
  9. you added me? got a wife to share?

    1. slutwifeshare


      Yes I do and I love your name

    2. cuntfucker


      very well. Do PM me about what you would like to do and we'll see

  10. Marks out of 10 for sluttiness please
  11. She is the perfect wife ,no one would ever guess what she's done and willing to do in her search for orgasms .It isnt a Master / slut relationship we have though , we kind of take turns of who's in charge , I work away from home for weeks at a time and either of us can decide what day we will go down to the pornshop , I tend to let her say when as its such a turn on for me knowing she's been thinking of it while I'm away working . On my return home ,usually horny as hell , I dont get to enter her in anyway untill the guys have had her first , I suppose there's a little bit of cuck thing going
  12. Be prepared to see your wife forget youre even in the same room and the black guy to rough fuck her good in a way that it affects your sex life with her for the rest of your married lives !!!
  13. I am in the enviable position of having a choice of all types of guys having the chance to get between my wifes legs and more , , I take my wife to videorooms in the basement of a pornshop , where , after watching the porn of our choice I blindfold her and see who's outside waiting to use her , its totally my choice who I invite in , after many many beers whilst being in there my choice is usually constant and its as follows 1st. The Black Guy ..goes without saying , only happened once But the 4 year wait was worth it and affected me for a long long time , 2nd Packistani or Indian guys just
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