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  1. SATXBull27

    Texas bulls

    San Antonio Bull here, no current couple, ready to play.
  2. Checking to see if you're on or not.

  3. SATXBull27

    Paola P Italians Do It Better Showing Face

    What a perfect little breeding slut on display, willingly shared with the world. Very beautiful, I would love to use those sweet holes and pound a load in deep
  4. SATXBull27


    San Antonio on this side
  5. SATXBull27

    My beautiful wife

    Adoring the first picture,: slightly bent over with a beautiful smile.
  6. SATXBull27


    Would love to drain my balls into her and flood that sweet little pussy
  7. SATXBull27

    My Wife Say Happy Valentine S Day

    The sexiest little Valentine's card I've ever seen. Would love to open her up and shove in balls deep to take a good taste if her. Too lovely!
  8. SATXBull27

    New little slut

    Happily, she looks built to breed.
  9. SATXBull27

    My beautiful wife

    Goddamn, she is lovely. Would adore shoving is deep just to watch her face contorts with pleasure and hear the sounds that escape her lips. Very nice!
  10. SATXBull27

    List Your Location

    San Antonio, Texas
  11. Glad you like my wife.

  12. My wife is an excellent rider, either facing you which give you access to her titties or reversed. Her pussy is tight but kinda shallow. Hung men can bruise her cervix. We're familiar with the SA area but haven't used any of the clubs. Had luck meeting up with guys in Bandera and Luckenbach, bikers both times. Well known clubs there if you didn't know it.


    riprap69 0003 (1).jpg

    1. SATXBull27


      She is such a lovely woman, I could tease that ass for hours. Such a very good girl. Being able to enjoy a pounding like that must have her sing wonderfully. And I did not know about the places in Bandera and Luckenbach . Color me very curious.

    2. riprap69


      We've met guys at the bar in Luckenbach and the 11st Street Cowboy bar in Bandera -I think that's what it's called (one of her bras in hanging in there). We were there for the Frogs for Freedom run. She was really popular.