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The Perverted Bridge Club


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The Perverted Bridge Club
by Gustav Jorgenson
You and your wife are relaxing at home one Saturday afternoon when two fellows, Matt and Chad from your bridge club stop by unannounced.
“Why, Hello there, boys,” says your wife brightly as she invites them in. “To what do we owe this unexpected pleasure of your company?”
“Hello, Heidi, Hello Clay,” they say greeting your wife and you and taking a seat in the livingroom.
“We are sort of at loose ends this afternoon, so we thought we would drop by and pay a visit,” says Chad with a smile.
“Well it's nice to see you. Let me get you two a beverage. Clay and I were having soft drinks, but maybe we should switch to something harder,” she gives you a questioning glance.
“By all means," you agree, and you join your wife at the bar to mix up some cocktails.
“So where are Gracie and Paige?” asks your wife referring to Chad and Matt's wives, as she hands Matt a gin and tonic.
“Well, they are out with some... friends today,” says Matt with a strange smile.
“I'm hearing scare quotes around the word 'friends' there," you laugh, handing Chad his standard martini and returning to your chair. Your wife casually deposits herself between Matt and Chad on the couch and crosses her legs jauntily, exposing a bit of thigh, as she hikes the hem of her dress up a bit.
“They are doing sort of an... experiment today," says Chad. “But we aren't supposed to talk about it," he continues, giving Matt a significant look.
You wife looks back and forth between Matt and Chad sitting to either side of her with a gaze of bemused curiosity. “What are you too playing at?” she asks with a twinkle in her eye.
“You two should know you can't reveal that you have a secret around Heidi," you tell them with a chuckle. “Now she won't rest until she has pried it out of you.”
“It's true, gentlemen. vee haff vays of making you taulk," says your wife, assuming a stern expression and trotting out her mock German accent.
Everyone has a good laugh at her impression of a Gestapo interrogator. Matt holds up his hands in surrender. “Ok, Ok, we capitulate, Frau Heidi. We will spill the beans." He tries to suppress a smile and nods to Chad  who just wriggles uncomfortably.
“You tell them!” he says excitedly. “I fear the wrath of Gracie more than Heidi.”
You all chuckle at this and your wife turns her attention back to Matt. She is twirling her foot with anticipation which you know is a sign that her interest is truly piqued.
“I just can't imagine what's gotten into you two," she says, gazing raptly at Matt.
Matt takes a deep breath and says, “Gracie and Paige are out on a double date this afternoon.”
You and Heidi exchange confused glances.
“Uh, wait, what?” you say with a crooked smile. “How is that possible with you two sitting here?”
Your wife turns to Chad with a furrowed brow waiting for an explanation.
He sighs and says, “They met some construction workers at a biker bar who asked them out.”
You and Heidi break out laughing at that and it takes you a few minutes to gain composure. But you notice that Chad and Matt are just exchanging smug smiles.
“Oh, that's rich,” gasps your wife. “The very idea. You two had us going for a minute there," she says slapping Chad's shoulder playfully.
“Heidi, we are perfectly serious," says Matt with a straight face. “Our wives are out on a double date with two strange men they picked up in a bar.”
You and Heidi both gaze at Matt in frank disbelief. You've know these two couples for years and they are perfectly normal, upper-middle class suburbanites like yourselves.
Chad clears his throat, and Heidi turns her attention to him. “Maybe we should give some background to this.”
“Oh, yes, please do," says your wife, lightly, still not taking them seriously.
“Do you recall that Caribbean trip, that Gracie and I took with Paige and Matt a couple of years ago?” he asks.
You and your wife exchange a look of surprise that this abrupt turn.
“Of course," you say. “You all talked quite a bit about that when you got back. What does that have to do with anything?”
“Well we didn't tell the whole story," says Chad, looking at Matt for help.
Matt leans forward and steeples his fingers. “We did a fair amount of drinking on this trip.”
“What ELSE is new?” snorts your wife playfully.
Matt shoots her a quick grin and resumes, “Right, no news there. Anyway, one night we were all drinking by the hotel pool. It was very late and all the other guests had returned to their rooms. But we were having a wonderful time, so we stayed up. My memory is a bit fuzzy since we were quite drunk, but basically the girls dared each other to take off their bikini tops to give Chad and I a thrill.”
“No!” says your wife, her eyes bright with excitement.  “Scandalous!”
“It's the sort of thing that made sense at the time," chimes in Chad. “Did we mention that we were drinking?”
“But I mean, right there in the open?” asks your wife, wriggling with pleasure at the juiciness of this story.
“No one was around," says Matt with a smile. “So they did it, both Gracie and Paige took off their tops and set their lovely boobs free to enjoy the mild night air.”
“And believe me, Matt and I both took notice," says Chad, clearly warming up to the story.
“I'll bet," you put in with a smile.
“And of course, I was gazing at Gracie's pert, pink nipples, while Chad examined Paige's gorgeous orbs," says Matt, looking at your wife with a devilish smile.
“Oh my god, you are terrible," says your wife with delight. “Each of you looking at another woman right in front of your wives!" Heidi is obviously titillated by the story and motions for them to go on.
“Yes,” says Chad rubbing his hands gleefully, “It was a surreal moment for all of us, I am sure. I mean, we have all known each other for years...”
“My god, it must be twelve years by now," you add thoughtfully.
“Right," says Chad, acknowledging your point. “So it was oddly comfortable, and yet...”
“Perverted!” laughs your wife, slapping his knee playfully. Her foot is really twirling now and her excitement is palpable.
“It was pretty twisted," admits Matt. “But then the girls notice the reaction they were getting.”
Heidi glances down at Matt's crotch significantly. “You mean... down there?" she asks.
“Yep, we were both pitching tents at that point," says Chad proudly.
“I guess you weren't TOO drunk yet then," you say with a chuckle, shifting in your seat to hide your own growing hard-on. “Whiskey dick hadn't set in yet.”
“Oh, Clay!" chides your wife, wrinkling her nose at your off-color remark.
“So Paige points out our erections to Gracie and says something like 'Haven't seen one of those in a while.'” says Chad ruefully.
“Oh boy," says Heidi, gulping with anticipation.
“And then Matt jumps up and well, he just pulls his thing right out and says something about having some juice left in him or something," says Chad giving Matt a teasing smile.
“I was pretty drunk, and I sort of felt like my manhood was being challenged," admits Matt and he actually seems to be blushing slightly.
“You didn't!” exclaims your wife, cackling with delight.
“Oh he did! I was sitting right there," laughs Chad. “He pulled his johnson right out, standing at attention for the world to see. I wasn't too impressed," he adds mildly with a modest tilt of the head.
Everyone laughs at that, but it's a jittery, over-stimulated sort of laugh.
“No I guess you weren't impressed, but your wife sure was," returns Matt with a good natured smile.
“True," admits Chad. “The girls broke out laughing and whistling when Matt pulled his shorts down but Gracie couldn't take her eyes off of Matt's manhood. Paige noticed Gracie's fascination and impulsively encouraged her to grab it if she wanted. Matt eagerly thrust it into Gracie's face, but I objected.”
Matt cut in at this point, sweating and aroused to recount the tale. “So Paige just reached over and yanked Chad's thing out.”
“I... I just can't picture meek little Paige doing that..," says your wife with amazement.
Matt smiled knowingly in return. “Oh you don't know that side of Paige. She is quiet in company, but she's a hellcat between the sheets.”
“I'll say," agrees Chad.  “She went right to work on my stiffy. Once Matt saw that, he practically slapped Gracie in the face with his wang, and to my surprise, Gracie just open her mouth and took it right in.”
“Let me get this straight," you say holding up your hands. “You guys are saying that you basically swapped wives during that Caribbean trip." You find this almost impossible to believe. You've spent a lot of time with both couples and you never suspected.
“And most amazingly, bossy Gracie, submitted to having Matt's cock thrust in her mouth while retiring Paige practically tore Chad's shorts off," she is so thrilled by the story that she claps her hands gleefully.
Chad surreptitiously rearranges the tent in his own trousers and says. “Pretty much. That's when we started swinging.”
“Started?” you ask with a raised eyebrow.
Matt leans back and takes a sip of his drink. “Come on Clay, you know how it is... A married couple together for years and years... Pretty soon the spark starts to dim a bit.”
“Of course, we still love our wives deeply," asserts Chad. “And they are completely committed to us.”
Heidi wags her finger and squints at Chad. “You know a lot of little weird comments over the years are starting to make sense now." She turns to you with a smile. “Think back to all the times those four rode together to various events even though they don't live very close to each other, Clay.”
“That's true,” you admit thoughtfully. “But I never suspected something like... this was going on." You add making a face of disgust.
“Don't be so judgmental," chirps Matt defensively. “How often do you and Heidi have sex these days?”
“Well, that's... that's beside the point," you sputter, caught off-guard by the question.
Chad takes Heidi's hand gently. “Well, Heidi?” he asks tenderly.
Your wife looks wistfully into Chad's eyes for a moment and then averts her gaze. “Once a month maybe?” she says softly. She sounds a little choked up and it breaks your heart a little to hear how upset she is suddenly. Of course you had discussed it over the years, and you tried to reignite things once the kids moved out. But there always seemed to be something else to do each evening.
“Ugh," you say, perplexed at this turn in the conversation.
“The fact is that swinging a little bit has really fired up our sex lives. Seeing Matt get all excited by my wife's body reminds me what a sexy woman Gracie is," says Chad blushing slightly. “And frankly, when they have sex, it really stirs me up inside. I feel... challenged. It's been a long time since I've had to compete with another man for Gracie's attention. So even when it's just her and I together, the sex is amazing.”
“It’s the same for Paige and I," gushes Matt. “I just think about how eagerly she goes down on Chad, and it burns me up. I feel that I have to top him and show her that I am a better lover.”
Your wife is staring at Matt with her mouth hanging open in amazement. “So how often do you two... do it?” she asks him with interest.
“Oh every day," he says with a boastful smile, casually patting her on the thigh.
“Whoa," responds your wife, and you notice her glancing at the bulge in Matt's trousers.
He sees her looking and rudely reaches down to adjust his erection right in front of her.
“Hey, do your wives know you are telling us this now?” you interject, uncomfortable with that little exchange.
“Yes, Paige insisted that we try to recruit you two today," says Matt glancing at you shyly.
When you realize what he is suggesting, you feel your face heating up.
“Hey!” shouts your wife laughing happily. “Is your slut wife trying to get with my husband or something?” she teases.
“Yes, actually," he answers matter-of-factly, letting his eyes linger on Heidi's bosom for a moment longer than necessary.
Heidi cackles with hysterical laughter at the idea and slaps his leg.
He reaches over in turn and grasps her thigh familiarly. “What do you think of that idea?” he asks her lustily.
“Why, it's just outrageous," gasps your wife with a smile. “I mean I don't know what to say. We've known you all these years... Honey, help me out here!” she says turning to you as she gestures awkwardly.
“I am as taken aback by this as you dear, believe me," you stammer, but then you think of something they said earlier and decide to change the subject. “But what's this business with the construction workers all about?” you ask.
“It's an experiment that Paige and Gracie cooked up. We've all enjoyed pushing past the boundaries of propriety with the swinging. Now they want to see how far they can take this," says Chad with a lewd smile.
“And?” asks your wife, hanging on his every word.
“And, some stranger construction workers are probably fucking our wives right as we speak," he says spreading his hands and giving her a little wink.
“You've got to be kidding," she says, aghast. “Isn't that... dangerous?”
“Well, we bought the girls pepper spray," says Matt judiciously. “Also, they agreed to stay together the whole time. And don't forget that Gracie is a black belt. I just hope they don't hurt the construction workers.”
“Wow," you say and your mind is truly blown. “You think you know people and then all of a sudden, there is this wild revelation.”
“Shocking, isn't it?" says Matt smiling at your wife as he continues to squeeze and rub her thigh.
“Whoa, there Matt," says your wife, putting her hand on his. “That's a little fresh, mister.”
“Don't you like it?” he asks her, shifting in his chair so that his erection is more obvious. Heidi's eyes widen at his overture. She gazes at his crotch and the glances over at you guiltily.
“Well, the attention is very flattering, I'm sure," she stammers, looking at you pleadingly.
“You are a very beautiful woman, have I ever told you that?” he hurries on before you can interrupt.
Your wife sees the frank lust in Matt's eyes and her look softens. “Oh, Matt. No of course you never told me that.”
“Why do I feel as though we've all fallen down the rabbit hole here," you laugh awkwardly. Your stomach is churning and your palms are sweating at the sight of your old friend Matt hitting on your wife.
“I've had that feeling for years now," chuckles Chad. “You'll grow to love it.”
“I'm not so sure, I mean, we are pretty conservative... sexually that is," you say looking on skeptically as your wife allows Matt to slide his hand a little further up her thigh. “Don't get me wrong, I am open-minded. You folks will always remain our close friends, and we will respect your choices, but...”
“You you prefer to remain indefinitely in the sexual doldrums?” asks Matt somewhat snappishly. You see that he still hasn't removed his hands from your wife's thigh and has slid it up practically to her crotch at this point.
“Uh, we are happy enough, aren't we dear?” you ask your wife half-heartedly. In fact, the question has bothered both of you for some time. Your wife is obviously thinking the same thing. The salacious story that Chad and Matt told obviously got her blood flowing, and now she is in a state of high arousal. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are bright with excitement.
“Frankly, Matt, our sex life needs some work. I admit it. But this..," she gestures toward his hand on her leg, and gulps as he gives her inner thigh another squeeze. “Uh, I mean. Wow, it's going pretty far isn't it. I mean, this is crazy! I can't just sleep with another man," She looks at Matt searchingly.
“Well, I'm not just any man off the street," he says with a suggestive smile. “We've known each other for years. Besides, Paige and Gracie are both interested in... trying Clay out as it were. So while you are with another man, you husband can be with another woman. Could you handle that?”
Heidi looks over at you thoughtfully. “I don't know, I never seriously considered that. Would you want to have sex with Gracie and Paige, dear?”
You snort with embarrassment. “That's a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of question, isn't it," you say shakily. “Of course, they are both attractive women in their own ways. They are both certainly fit..." You laugh nervously. “But can you honestly picture watching me having sex with Paige while I watch you having sex with Matt?” Oddly, the idea doesn't seem that ridiculous as you say it and your erection actually grows stiffer at the thought.
You wife notices the bulge in your pants and says “Frankly, the idea of that actually does turn me on a little, but I don't think I could live with the consequences." She puts her hand on Matt's again as he pushes up toward her crotch, but doesn't pull it away. Then she turns to Chad. “Don't you all get terribly jealous?” she asks meekly.
“Of course," he answers with a relaxed smile. “That actually fuels our sex life. We try to keep it in balance. Gracie has sex with Matt and I have sex with Paige. We both 'cheated' on the other as it were, so the acts cancel themselves out mostly. Not entirely.   There are little things, an extra orgasm here or there that cause pangs, but that's the fun of it.”
“Also, we established rules up front," said Matt as he massages your wife's crotch. “We normally only have sex all together. No little trysts on the side...”
“Matt, can you stop... touching my wife like that?” you interrupt. “We haven't agreed to go along with this stuff yet. Honey, isn't that making you nervous?” you ask petulantly.
“It's making me very hot," she admits. He cheeks are flushed bright red now and she looks more beautiful to you now in this stirred up state than she has in years.
“Let's make a deal, Chad," says Matt. “If you wife tells me to stop, I will. If she doesn't, then I think you need to reconsider your position."  Then he hikes your wife's dress up around her waist, revealing her panties which are clearly soaked. Chad looks over with interest as Matt hooks his fingers into the top of her panties and starts to pull them down.
Heidi puts her hands on Matt's lightly. “Oh Matt!” she says in exasperation. Then she looks at you pleadingly.
Your blood is running cold, but your erection is fully engorged at the sight of this. You are frozen by the sight and can say nothing.
“What are you saying?” asks Matt, looking at her with concern. “Are you asking me to stop?”
You wife looks you questioningly in the eye and you gulp.  She is clearly aroused and would go through with this if you don’t stop her.  Your torn by conflicting emotions of jealousy and arousal.  Part of you wants your wife to show her pussy to these two good friends and you unconsciously touch your erection as you realize that.   Your wife notices you touching yourself and takes that as a signal.  She sighs with resignation. “No," she says in a tiny voice. “We’re not trying to stop you.”
You let out a huge pent up sigh as Matt looks at you and pulls your wife's panties down. “You will thank me for this, Clay," he says apologetically.
Chad gazes at your wife's @@@@@@@ bush for a moment before she pulls her dress down in embarrassment.
“Don't look, Chad," she says coyly as she kicks her panties away.
“Well that's the first time I saw your vagina, so it was pretty exciting," he says gripping the bulge in his pants.
“Chad!” says your wife in surprise. Then she turns to you. “It feels so strange to be the center of so much... sexual attention," she says to you with an air of confidentiality.
“It's alright, dear. Keep your dress down. We don't have to show nasty Chad your privates while we do this," says Matt softly as he reaches his hand back up your wife's dress. After a moment your wife gives a start and you assume that Matt is touching her labia or clitoris.
“Oh Matt," she says lustily, taking his cheek in her hand and gazing into his eyes. “This is so... dirty.”
“Yes it is," he says in a deep voice. “What do you say now, Clay? You wife is letting me explore her nether regions with my finger right now.”
“Yes, I see that. I kind of wish Paige were here to seal the deal," you say with a gulp as you look on in fascination your heart racing in your chest.
“Yeah, sorry about that, old man. We are breaking the rules a bit here. Paige owes you one," says Matt contritely. He must have thrust a finger into you wife as he said this because she gasps with pleasure.
“Christ!” you say helplessly as you watch your wife about to have an orgasm.
“Oh boy,” she says, noticing your discomfort. She is panting with excitement but pushes Matt's hand away gently. “We better stop, Matt. Clay is upset.”
Matt leans back in his seat and heaves a sigh of frustration. “I've got blue balls now, Clay!” he complains to you.
“Is that my fault?” you laugh nervously. “I didn't tell you to finger my wife," But you feel weird about this. It's a bit ridiculous to let him feel her up and then make them stop.
Matt just pouts and rubs his boner through his pants, while Heidi looks on in interest.
“Jesus!” you say. “What do you want to do, Heidi?” you ask.
“Whatever you say," she says meekly, not taking her eyes off of Matt's cock.
“Well I guess you already let him touch you in a completely inappropriate way," you admit thoughtfully.
“True," she agrees, looking at you curiously. “Didn't you enjoy... watching?” she asks quietly.
“Well, I don't know... in some ways yes, but it's hard to take. I guess it really would bother me less if Paige were doing the same to me," you say.
“That's true," interjects Chad. “It's not fair to make him watch without Paige here to service him, Matt.”
“Yeah, I know. Sorry," admits Matt. Then his expression brightens. “Can I take Heidi into the other room for a minute?”
“Uh, what?” you ask, taken by surprise.
“Well you wouldn't have to watch then," he says, spreading his hands reasonably.
“That sounds... kinky," says your wife with a mischievous smile.
“Really?” you ask. “You want to do that, Heidi?”
“He's piqued my curiosity now dear. As you said, we've crossed the Rubicon already in some ways. I promise to let you and Paige do whatever you like," she says standing up and leading Matt toward the bedroom.
“I… well, alright," you stammer as they depart.
Chad looks at you quizzically for a minute. “You know, I think you are missing a great opportunity. You should have just whipped it out and started masturbating.”
“Come on, Chad," you object with embarrassment.
“Well he's probably going to really fuck your wife now," says Chad knowingly. “He won't hold back at all.”
“No, I don't think Heidi would let him," you say uncertainly.
“Oh? She let him finger her didn't she?" he says with a smirk.
“Yes, but that's... You know, foreplay," you counter lamely.
“Would you put money on it?” he asks. “I'll bet you $100 that if we wait 5 minutes and then checked in on them, Matt will be fucking the shit out of your wife and she will be begging for more.”
“Jesus, Chad!” you say.
He just shrugs and looks at his watch.
“Doesn't it bother you that your own wife is getting fucked by some strange guy right now?” you ask him. “I mean, even if Heidi does let Matt... go all the way. Just knowing that it's only Matt, well makes it somewhat easier to handle," you say, trying to rationalize your feelings.
“I just hope they bring back pictures," says Chad with an evil grin. “I mean, I know what you are saying, it's just that we have been doing this a while, and I am ready for the more twisted stuff now.”
You sit drinking in silence for a few minutes and then Chad checks his watch. “Well, let's go check in on the love birds.”
You and he walk down the hall and stand outside your bedroom door. Your stomach drops when you hear the distinctive creaking of the bed and Heidi's muffled groans of pleasure.
“Ok, you win," you say retreating, not wanting to see.
“Don't you want to see?” he asks.
“No, I can't," you admit.
“Mind if I join them?” he asks casually.
“Wait, what?” you ask.
“Well, you know," he says. “I'm feeling a bit randy myself.”
“But," you say, at a loss for words.
“Don't worry, I will be gentle with her," he assures you and then slips into the room, closing the door softly behind him.
You stand and stare at the bedroom door for minute. The creaking stops and you hear a muffled conversation going on. Soon you hear Heidi cackling with laughter and presently the creaking resumes. You feel truly nauseous now and head back to the living room to wait. They are in there a long time and you struggle with conflicting emotions of jealousy, excitement, arousal, anger and disgust.
Eventually Matt and Chad emerge, both glowing with satisfaction.
“Heidi's getting cleaned up," says Matt. “We both shot a lot of cum on her," he adds with a raunchy squint.
“She was a good sport," agrees Chad with a chuckle. “She didn't mind doing us both at once. I was afraid I would have to wait my turn, or worse yet, just jerk off while I watched. But no, she agreed to let me stick my cock right in her mouth while Matt ploughed her from behind.”
“Please stop," you say, stunned. “I can't take this.”
“Oh, you'll be fine. We will send Paige and Gracie over tonight to even the score," says Matt good-naturedly.
“We will clean them up first from their construction worker party. Don't worry," says Chad patting you on the shoulder.
And with that, they are gone. Heidi comes back into the living room blushing furiously.
“So... what would you like for dinner?” she asks meekly.
And you know that you have truly gone down the rabbit hole.


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